Single Fin Surf Charters

Costa Rica: Guanacaste

Enjoy the flexibility of boat life aboard this luxury surf charter in the beautiful northern Pacific region of Guanacaste.

The Surf Charters

Nicaragua and Costa Rica Signature Charter

Join us for the surf adventure of a lifetime spanning the best waves of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. This signature charter starts by heading north from Playa Del Coco, Costa Rica to the world famous surf breaks Ollie’s Point and Witch’s Rock in Guanacaste.

We continue north and stop in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua for customs and immigration. Spend several days surfing the best variety of waves Nicaragua has to offer including: Manzillo, Colorado’s, Santana, Popoyo, Outer Reef, Astillero and more. From reef breaks to point breaks and sandy bottom beach breaks, Nicaragua has something for everyone of every skill level.
With two days left, the charter heads south returning to Costa Rica, anchoring again at Ollie’s Point and Witch’s Rock. Depending on the swell, these breaks as well as Isla Colorado and Labyrinth are the surfer’s choice. The final morning is a farewell, crowd-free surf session at Ollie’s Point or Witches before the final sail back to Playa Del Coco.

This all inclusive charter allows the surfers to concentrate on getting the best waves while avoiding the hassle of crowds and car rides. Anchor each night directly by the breaks, enjoy the luxury accommodations and feast on gourmet meals; surfers can relax and have a beer while the crew takes care of everything. Climb aboard the “Witch’s Brew”, set sail on the Pacific Ocean and explore the waves of Costa Rica and Nicaragua like you never have before.

Witch's Rock and Ollies Point

Surf the world famous Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s point! We are the only company operating live aboard charters and anchoring overnight in the Santa Rosa National park next to the surf breaks. We offer what no other company can: hours of crowd-free surf before the pangas arrive and well after the pangas have gone for the day. Choose as many nights as you would like, bounce between the two break as you please, enjoy the luxury accommodations, gourmet food and epic waves.

Single Fin Surf Photography

We can photograph your charter! With our Canon Rebel T5 DSLR camera and 300mm zoom lens, we will set up on the beach and capture the waves of your entire group. We can photograph a single day or your entire trip. At the end of your charter, we will provide you with a USB thumb drive of all the photos of everyone in your group. This way everyone on the trip can share all the pictures!

PP/Night from US$ 240