Six Senses Laamu


Ultimate luxury and tranquility offered at this stylish, eco-friendly 5++ star resort with world known Yin Yang close by.

Amenities & Activities

Guest Services and Facilities

Service is second to none, with Six Senses GEMs (Guest Experience Makers) overseeing every need from arrival to departure.


Six Senses Spa

Sitting on the beach, the Six Senses Spa offers five secluded treatment rooms plus two single and two double treatments nests within the island’s natural vegetation. Highly skilled Six Senses Spa therapists use fresh natural products to provide a comprehensive range of award-winning signature treatments plus rejuvenation specialties of the region. Visiting practitioners offer our guests lifestyle consultations and specialized holistic treatments some which include acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, acupressure, Reiki and shiatsu. Our spa facilities also include a juice bar, herbal steam, outdoor experience showers, breathtaking Yoga Pavilion, Gym, and a Six Senses Spa shop to enable our guests to prolong their enjoyment of our spa products after their treatment.


Leisure activities

  • Discover the virgin beach and un- swum waters – a large section of the beach at Laamu has been left totally untouched
  • Dive centre offering snorkelling, diving excursions and certification courses, in one of the most beautiful and untouched reefs in the world
  • The water sports centre offers a wide range of activities including windsurfing, canoeing, catamaran sailing, wakeboarding and water skiing
  • Local island excursions by private speed boat perhaps with a sunrise breakfast or a sunset dinner
  • Private picnics to a tropical paradise with a packed lunch and
  • privacy, or a party and butler service
  • Snorkelling with the in house marine biologist
  • Go fishing and have your catch cooked for supper
  • Private breakfast, dinner or sunset cocktails on the sandbank
  • Watch the breathtakingly beautiful sunset over the Laamu Atoll from a private boat while dolphins cavort around you and you sip a cold cocktail



  • Library offering access to the internet along with a comprehensive reading list and the latest in music and movies - to watch and listen anywhere, anytime on handheld individual units
  • Jungle Cinema is the open-air cinema. Movies, popcorn and cold champagne – what’s not to like!
  • Luxury boat transfers to and from Kadhdhoo domestic airport
  • Well stocked medical clinic with doctor on call 24 hrs
  • Six Senses Gallery full of gorgeous Six Senses products, to carry your memories home
  • International newspapers to be connected to the rest of the world
  • The Den, kid’s club from 3 to 11 years old and babysitting (with charge)


Excursions & Experiences


Be whisked away to a secluded spot as you start this adventure where we will leave you on your own deserted island for an afternoon of sun, sea and sand. On land, take in the sun on your private beach, or explore the surrounding jungle. In the sea, swim in the pristine turquoise waters or bring along your snorkeling equipment to explore the reef and meet some new local friends. Finally, feast on a delicious picnic lunch of chef specialties accompanied by a bottle of wine selected by our sommelier under the shade of the palms. This is an experience like no other.


Private Picnic on a Deserted Island

 We will take you to your very own deserted island, where you can soak up the sun or relax in the shade of a palm tree. The turquoise-coloured waters are all yours as well, so that you can enjoy swimming and, if you bring along your snorkelling equipment, take time to explore the fascinating underwater world. Feast upon a delicious picnic lunch including a bottle of wine from a menu selected by our sommelier. Sun, sea, food and wine – the perfect ingredients for a romantic day away.


Sunset Dolphin Safari

 Beautiful, intelligent animals that have held the fascination of people for centuries, dolphins often make their way through Laamu atoll at sunrise and sunset and sightings are almost guaranteed. Our most popular excursion has you boarding a Dhoni (a traditional Maldivian boat) for a ninety minute tour of Laamu atoll as the sun descends below the horizon. Along the way the boat is flanked by dozens of playful dolphins swimming and jumping as they migrate through our waters. On the return voyage, sit back and watch the vibrant colors change in the sky as you enjoy our specialty canapés and a glass of prosecco.


Private Morning Fishing

Whether you are a fishing enthusiast or this is your first time, this is an exciting experience. One of our traditional Maldivian fishing dhonis will take you out into the deeper waters of Laamu atoll just before sunrise. This wooden boat was specifically designed to support the local fishing economy and you are almost guaranteed to catch something interesting. The most common catches include jackfish, barracuda, grouper, wahoo and tuna. Enjoy the slow cruise back to the resort where we will prepare your freshly caught fish for your evening meal.


Speedboat Excursions

The best way to discover Laamu is through a private excursion by speedboat. Tell us what you would like to do and see and we will tailor an excursion for you.


Full-day Island Hopping by Speedboat

Soak up some sun, culture & desert island serenity hopping from island to island on the turquoise lagoons of the Laamu atoll. For those who are interested in seeing the real culture and lifestyle of the Maldives, as well as its amazing natural landscapes, this activity shouldn’t be missed. Starting in the late morning, you will board a speedboat and embark upon this exciting Maldivian adventure. First you will be taken to two local islands where you will visit three of the most important places in a Maldivian community; the mosque, the school and the boat-building area. You will also have the opportunity to chat with some of the locals and get to know more about their daily lives. Later, you will be dropped off on a deserted tropical island. With the island to yourself for the afternoon, feel free to explore the natural environment of the land and sea at your leisure. Enjoy a delicious picnic lunch on the beach and snorkel along the reef to see some of the most beautiful aquatic life in the atoll. Five hours after departing, you will return to Six Senses Laamu ready for your next adventure!


Half-day Island Hopping by Speedboat

This shorter version of the island hopping excursion lets you experience a local island and visit a deserted island in one morning. The excursion lasts about three hours and will give you a taste of a barren island and what an island life is like in the middle of the Indian Ocean.



Sunrise Cruise

The sea gently rocks the Dhoni as you tour Laamu atoll in this unique experience. See the vibrant colours of a spectacular Indian Ocean sunrise; the red, pink and orange of the sky contrast with the deep blue and turquoise of the surrounding waters. A singular experience that very few in this world will have. If you are lucky, you may even get to see our resident dolphins as they make one of their daily migrations across the atoll. During your cruise, you will be served a signature Six Senses Laamu breakfast paired with prosecco. What a fantastic start to another day in paradise!


Sunset Cruise

Every sunset at Six Senses Laamu is a brilliant display of nature’s beauty and there is no better way to view it than while cruising through the atoll on a traditional sailing Dhoni. Enjoy a bottle of prosecco and delicious canapés while leisurely floating past the local islands as the sun sets below the horizon. After dark, look up to see millions of glittering stars that aren’t blocked by the light of urban areas. Finally, make your way back to the island by way of the moonlight reflecting off the tropical waters. A truly breathtaking experience.


The Sandbank

 Barbecue Dinner on the Sandbank

 A completely unique and private dining experience is only a short speedboat ride away on our sandbank. Enjoy a delicious meal while the sun seemingly drops into the sea. An amazing barbeque is freshly prepared by your own private chef as you listen to the waves gently lap against the shore and the smells of food mix pleasantly with the salty air. Our hosts will light the area with lamps and candles that give the perfect ambience to a romantic evening or special event. This is a totally exclusive dining experience that must not be missed!


Private Sunrise with Breakfast on the Sandbank

 The ultimate in romance, our private sandbank is the ideal location for a quiet breakfast for two. Feast on a meal of fresh fruit and homemade pastries along with coffee or tea and a glass of champagne while you watch the sun come up above the turquoise waters that surround this tiny island. For the most amazing viewing and gorgeous photos, the sun rises at around 6:15. However, for those late-risers, an equally amazing experience awaits later in the morning.


Romantic Sunbathing on the Sandbank

 Complete solitude awaits you on our Sandbank, which you will have all to yourselves for two hours of total privacy and relaxation. Enjoy the hot sun, the white sand, the gentle sea as well as the deliciously satisfying light refreshments which are provided. The best time of day for this experience is from mid-morning to around noon. After soaking up the sun, return to the resort relaxed and ready for a romantic dinner at one of our amazing restaurants.


Sunset with Cocktails on the Sandbank

The end of a perfect day is to sit and watch the sun set over the sea with your loved-one. Relax and feel the heat of the day slowly disappear as the sun sinks inch by inch into the Indian Ocean. Enjoy the cool breeze of dusk as you sit on your sandbank, sipping sparkling wine (Prosecco) and nibbling canapés. Don't forget your camera to keep those memories alive long after you leave. This is an unforgettable evening that will keep the fire of romance alive.


Jungle Cinema

A truly “Six Senses” epic experience is one that is unexpected. Relax on a sunbed under the stars and listen to the palms rustling in the wind until… a blockbuster film begins on our large cinema screen. Our state of the art surround-sound system gives it a unique multiplex feel, especially with our complimentary popcorn. Our general viewing films are screened twice weekly for all guests to enjoy, but should you wish to have a more personal experience, private showings can also be arranged for a couple, family or group.


Cooking Class

Our kitchens are staffed with extremely talented Chefs from all parts of the globe and have a variety of specializations. This is your chance to spend some time with one of them and learn their craft. You will learn to create balanced dishes from one cuisine (Indian, Sri Lankan, Vietnamese, Japanese, or Maldivian) and the chef will give you cooking tips and advice along the way. Finally, enjoy the results of your hard work as you sit down to a delicious meal made by you!


Explore the secrets of Gan Island

Gan Island, Laamu Atoll for the past many years withheld many wonders that has only come to attention after Six Senses Laamu opened its doors to tourism at Laamu Atoll. One of the wonders is the Isdhoo Mosque which dates back to over 300 years still withstanding the trials of time. There is another wonder which the locals call “The Bottomless Lake” yet waiting to be discovered. Dare to delve into this deep secret. Besides Gan Island also boasts of being the longest connected island in the Maldives Archipelago. The Laamu atoll boasts of a past civilization and this is evident from a “Stupa” still showing the remnants from the Pre- Islamic period when Buddhism prevailed. This “Stupa” now resembling an Havitha or Mound has been treasured and preserved to this day. Besides these sites there is Funadhoo island now developed and having a farming site, a little post office and tiny bank. There is also the Tsunami rehabilitation accommodation donated by the Red Cross organizations and some solar energy powered building system that have been upgraded to match modern day lifestyles. While on this trip, lunch can be tried out at the local restaurants to experience the local cuisine.


Ocean Dimensions – Water Sports

 As one of the most southern water sports centres in the Maldives we offer a wide range of activities to suit every interest and level of experience. Whether you have never tried or you are an old pro at the sport come and have some fun and thrills with us! With the perfect location on the beach, first class instructors and equipment Ocean Dimensions will make your stay unforgettable.



Stand up Paddle Boarding or SUP

 Have you seen it, heard about but still not done it? It has become a very popular sport - number one reason being that it is quick and easy to learn. The advantage is that you can see the swell coming in and can catch more waves in a set. And here some good news for all the ladies – in general woman are better stand up paddle boarders then men as they are shorter which gives them better balance.


Kite Surfing

 Right from the start it is a fun activity with the amazing feeling of the power the wind creates in your kite to the first time you manage to get up on the board. Depending on the conditions we do the training and kiting right in front of the center or off a beautiful sandbank nearby.


Wake Boarding, Knee Boarding and Water Skiing

If you are looking for power and speed why not try wakeboarding or waterskiing! We explain the first steps to you on the beach and off we go - it is really easy and fun.



Our crystal blue lagoon looks inviting and provides the perfect environment for windsurfing, suiting both the beginner and intermediate. If you are a windsurfer already the equipment is free of charge.


Catamaran Sailing

For those in search of a more relaxing activity our catamarans provide a refreshing change. Our captain will take you on ½ day excursions to a local island, snorkelling, looking for dolphins or towards the sunset. If you are a sailor already you can take the catamaran out on your own after we have checked your sailing license and skills.



 Slowly paddle around the lagoon or island - this is a more leisurely way to enjoy a day in paradise.


Speed Boat Excursions

Another alternative to relaxing on the beach are private excursions by speedboat. Tell us what you would like to do and we tailor an excursion for you.


Blast Rides

Are you looking for an adrenaline rush but do not want to learn a new sport? We have a variety of inflatable rings and tubes available for great blast rides that will make you scream for more.


Ocean Dimensions – Diving

Certified Divers

The marine life around Six Senses Laamu is unique, with some of the most beautiful, untouched hard coral gardens in the Maldives. Tourism in the area is in its infancy with very few divers in the region. There is a large variety of fish life with encounters of grey reef sharks, white-tip reef sharks, barracudas, stingrays, big napoleon wrasses and of course turtles.

 We take you diving on typical local boats also called Dhonis, which are specially fitted for diving. With maximum 6 divers to a guide we keep the groups small. This makes the diving very safe and guarantees you a personal service and unforgettable dive experiences.


Morning and Afternoon Dive

 Daily we take you to one of our many dive sites in the area for a single dive. The reefs are 15 minutes to one-hour boat ride away.


2 Tank Dive

 Regularly you can join our 2 tank dives where we take you to two different sites with a onehour surface interval between the dives. We are back before lunch and you have the opportunity to join the afternoon boat.


Full Day Dive Excursion

 Enjoy a beautiful day on our comfortable dive boat, we will take you to some of our dive sites a bit further afield. Depending on demand we will do 2 to 3 dives. We will have lunch and refreshments on board.


House Reef Diving

 Dive our house reef independently or with a guide during the day or early evening. You have easy access directly from the dive centre jetty.


Night Dive

Life on the reef changes at night, some fish are actually sleeping and others come out to hunt. Don’t miss out on this exciting experience and join us for our weekly night dive either on the house reef or on the boat.


Early Morning Dive

 For the early bird who is curious about what happens on the reef at sunrise and who would like to know which fish is the first to wake up. We offer early morning dives on a regular basis. We leave before the sun comes up and can be back in time for breakfast.


Private Dive Excursions

It is possible to tailor a dive trip just for you and your family. NITROX diving is at no additional charge!


Dive Equipment Collection

We can arrange for your dive equipment to be collected and brought to the dive centre where it will be well taken care of and remain stored in our equipment room for the duration of your stay.


Dive Insurance

 It is recommended not essential to have dive insurance. The Dive Centre can assist you with arranging a short term policy with DAN Europe.


Discover Scuba Diving

With our international team who speak English, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Japanese we conduct PADI and Pro-NRC courses from the first step into the water up to the first professional level.


PADI Bubblemaker

These dives are for our young guests between 8 – 10 years of age. We have special equipment to take you diving in the shallow water of our lagoon as many times as you like. Resort Dive This is for you if you don’t want to take a course but still would like to do some diving. 12 meters is the depth limit and there is already plenty to see.


PADI Scuba Diver

A short course which takes 3 days and includes 3 theory lessons, 3 lagoon sessions and 2 dives to 12 meters. You receive an international certification, which allows you to dive to 12 meters with an instructor.


PADI Open Water Diver

This course takes 5 days and includes 5 theory lessons, 5 lagoon sessions, 2 dives to 12 meters and 2 dives to 18 meters. You receive an international certification, which allows you to dive independently.


Ocean Dimensions - Snorkelling

The Maldives – due to its abundant marine life is a famous destination for snorkeling. Especially the southern Atolls are well known for their largely untouched and beautiful coral reefs. If you wish to learn more about what there is to see, would rather not go snorkeling on your own or just not sure where to go? Don’t miss out and come snorkeling with us every day! We will take you snorkelling on a daily basis either on a guided tour along our beautiful house reef or on a boat excursion.


Snorkeling Equipment

During our regular opening times you can visit the dive centre to collect your snorkeling equipment. Our staff will be more than happy to help you with the equipment, and inform you of the best snorkeling areas and the marine life that can be observed. Other equipment, such as underwater cameras and snorkel vests are also available.



Guided tour along our House Reef

We meet at the dive centre and after a briefing by our experienced snorkel guide about the interesting marine life you will encounter, we take you on a 45 – 60 minutes snorkel tour getting in and out of the water conveniently right at the dive school jetty. Many different kind of colourful reef fish like snappers, surgeon fish, schools of jackfish and maybe even a turtle or an eagle ray are out there waiting for you. Snorkel Trip by Boat ½ Day There are more sites to discover apart from our beautiful house reef. By local Dhoni we take you to different spots for a change of scenery. A knowledgeable guide will accompany and assist you and make your snorkelling trip unforgettable. The marine life is plentiful and count on discovering napoleon wrasses, anemones with the two different kinds clown fish we only encounter here in the Maldives and of course the big tunas that are ever present. Night Snorkeling by Boat Once a week we offer you the opportunity to experience something different and special. Did you know that at night parrotfish wrap them selves in a cocoon of mucus to avoid detection by predators? Puffer fish find a cosy sleeping spot usually right on top of a piece of coral. Lobsters, crabs, moray eels and lion fish come out to hunt at night. You will discover all this equipped with a torch when you join our night snorkelling excursion!


Snorkel Course

For guests new to snorkeling we offer this course, where we explain how to prepare and use the equipment and start practicing snorkeling skills in the sheltered water of the lagoon proceeding with a guided tour along the house reef. Please register a day in advance for any of the snorkel programmes above.

PP/Night from US$ 415