Six Senses Laamu


Ultimate luxury and tranquility offered at this stylish, eco-friendly 5++ star resort with world known Yin Yang close by.

LowPressure Stormrider Surf Guide says

The Maldives are 26 flat coral atolls ringed with 1,200 islands, only a few of which are known for the quality of their surf. With an Indian Ocean swell window from direct E through S to W, Laamu atoll and Thaa atoll are newly discovered central atoll surf zones with many high-quality reef pass setups. These two atolls alone present 150 islands and almost 650km (400mi) of coastline to the frequent swell. The central atolls of the Maldives enjoy an abundance of medium-sized, perfect reefbreaks, the majority of which are righthanders. A settled and peaceful area of sparse population, access to the majority of these waves is by charter boat alone, despite planned resorts. Unlike other island chains, the expense and low number of boats in this area of the Maldives keeps crowds low. With waves such as Mikado and Yin Yang known for their pristine barrels, under the right conditions the central atolls are tropical perfection.

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Condition descriptions provided by the operator

General Condition:

Spots in the Laamu Atoll are spread from the south facing coastline along the east facing up to the north east corner where waves wrap around. As a result you will find spots protected from all wind directions except a rare straight easterly breeze. It doesn’t get much better then this! As a destination for surfing Six Senses Laamu has everything a surfer’s heart desires – perfect waves, crystal clear water and plenty of reefs all in a tropical setting. Already from the resort you can see the impressive white spray of the “Yin Yang” the most famous break in this Atoll. There are a couple more fun waves around both left and right handers. Our experienced surf guides will take you there on half day and fullday trips. And as we are the only resort in this Atoll our surfers have the breaks to themselves most of the time.



Generally the Maldives rely on the same swell as Indonesia with the best and most consistent swells coming from April to October, peaking from June to September the time of the South-West monsoon. The waves will normally range from 4-8 feet, with occasionally bigger days. February and March, considered the early part of the season will see fun surf and more stable weather but swells will vary, arriving in the small to medium size range. The same holds true for November when the season is coming to a close. The Laamu Atoll (Hadhumathi) and Huvadhu Atoll are separated by the One and a Half Degree Channel. As there is not much land mass to the South of these Atolls, swells generated by the Roaring Forties (a weather phenomena created in the far South of the Indian Ocean) hit the islands of these Atolls creating the best waves in the country.


Spot Decriptions of Six Senses



"Ying Yang" Righthander - 5 min by speedboat from resort

First surfed by Callahans 1996 boat trip with Pat O'Connell and Satoshi Sekino, Yin Yang got epic during Oxbow seaplane trip in June 2004. Yin Yang is a long and typical outside -typical reef corner right in a pass. Outside is a mellow wall, often cross shore, with safe rides in deep water. Then, the wave bends in the corner, mush out for a while, then wraps into one of the most critical sections in the Maldives. Inside section can be long and tubular, guys getting barreled 3 times but it can be fairly heavy too on pretty uneven reef, producing potential intimidating barrels on the first bend.


"Six Senses Left" Lefthander - 3 min by paddling

In big swells there is a left directly on the west side of the resort. Depending on tides, swell size and winds it can be anything from small beginner wave to playful or fast long walls.


"Six Senses Right" Righthander - 10 min by speedboat or 10 minutes by paddling

On the south side of the island you will find some mushy right hander. This wave is quite inconsistent but popular for beginners or intermediates on higher tides. You can either paddle there from the Ocean Villa jetties or beach. Or the speedboat can go around the island to this area.


"Six Senses Banks" - 2 min by speedboat

Between the resort and Hithadhoo island is a coral bank with an A-Frame. This breaks needs a big swell and no wind. The left tends to be better and can deliver a fun and steep take off plus playful aerial end section.


"Gadhoo" - Lefthander - 15 min by speedboat

Rarely surfed as it is exposed to dominant wind directions. But with easterly or no winds worth to be checked out. It has different characters from beach break type of wave to fast perfect left handers further around the corner. A swell magnet!



"Refugee’s Right" Righthander - 40 by speedboat

Fast and shallow take off. Barelling, spitting, perfect wave. Only for those who can handle the speed! Quite dangerous wave. Tsunamis usually works better.


"Refugee’s Left" Lefthander - 40 min by speedboat

Heavy left that tends to close out. Picks up a lot of swell.


“Tsunamis” Righthander - 45min by speedboat

When it is on it is on! When the swell is big this wave is just perfect. It has three parts to it. The outside, corner and the inside. All three parts are connecting when the swell is right and make the wave tons of fun. Usually you take of at the outside. The reef is pretty straight here and you can pull into the barrel just after take off. When you are fast enough you get to the corner where waves are a bit more mellow and give you a little break to do performance turns. Stay on from there to the inside and you will get another long and heavy barrel section. Unfortunately this waves is always smaller than Ying Yang and has its flat spells. Also currents can get very heavy to make this impossible to surf.


"Opposite Tsunamis" Lefthander - 45min by speedboat

This break picks up probably the most swell of all east facing spots in the Laamu atoll. As the reef is quite straight it tends to close out though. When Tsunamis is too small this left can be fun though. It is well protected from westerly to northerly winds.


"Langon Bank" Righthander - 60 min by speedboat

which needs large easterly swell but very well protected from southerly winds. This spot is rarely surfed due to a lack of anchorage. Surf charters stop by on the way to the south.

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