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Nothing compares to a heliski trip. Being flown directly into backcountry terrain and exploring more fresh powder than any popular mountain could offer, is a dream every snow seeker should turn into reality. Whether you’re up for wild Alaskan terrain or ticking the bucket list item of a day in the Alps, we have a heli ski trip for everyone. Heli skiing isn’t just for the pros, although you’ll feel like one when you’re dropped into a valley of fresh powder, with only your buddies in sight. So, grab your skis or snowboard and prepare for fresh, untracked powder in the most remote and breathtaking landscapes in the world.

Breathtaking scenery, untouched snow and backcountry terrain that will make your heart race – all for a reasonable price. Get the best of both worlds when you choose a snowcat trip, which combines luxurious experiences with amazing value. Snowcat skiing isn’t just the budget alternative to heli ski, it’s your fun and relaxing escort to powder paradise.

A classic trip with a contemporary twist. Our ski tours aren’t operated in the traditional sense, where hiking upward is often more important than skiing downward. Instead, our ski touring trips use “old world” hike-to-ride-style for hunting untouched powder. The goal isn’t mounting peaks, it’s conquering verticals. Our ski tours involve short hikes using skins, snowshoes or split boards to reach fresh powder and amazing views. These eco-friendly tours are also budget-friendly, come in a variety of options and are found all over the world. Ski touring is the ultimate way to find hidden winter gems.

Nothing says freedom like a freeride trip. Freeride trips offer the chance to explore backcountry skiing and snowboarding terrain with an expert mountain guide for an optimal experience. Gliding through virgin powder with no boundaries to hold back your inner powder hound… It’s a feeling any skier or rider craves. Freeride trips can be customized to suit almost any budget or traveler type. So get yourself out of bounds and on to untouched snow with a freeride trip.

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