Air Glacier Heliski Switzerland


Heliski long glacial runs amidst the striking and famous beauty of the Swiss Alps with Air Glacier, flying skiers and boarders for 40 years.

Rates & Packages

Rates 2016 / 2017
 Ebnefluh / Petersgrat  
HeliportPeakPrice per trip (1 - 4 guests)
Cr. CoeurEbnefluh1785 EUR
ChermignonEbnefluh1375 EUR


1490 EUR
Cr. CoeurPetersgrat1700 EUR
ChermignonPetersgrat1300 EUR
GrimentzPetersgrat1375 EUR
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What is included / What not

Ebnefluh / Petersgrat, Rossenengg, Sustenlimi


  • Helicopter Flight
  • Professional mountain guide


Not Included

  • Extra costs for taxi or train
  • Rental equipment

Departing from Saanen airfield

  • The cost of ski instructor/mountain guide as well as his helicopter flight is not included
  • Rates are subject to change

Extended Description


Ebnefluh 3'850 a.s.l.

The helicopter flies us along Schwarzmönch as well as to the Nordwand Ebenefluh to the official mountain landing place. The breathtaking moutains let your heart beat faster and faster. You´ll get instructions by the mountain guide about the mountains and glaciers there. Then it´s time for your ski or snowboard run from Ebenefluh to the Hollandia mountain lodge. We will pass the Sattelhorn along the Langgletscher (glacier) to the Fafleralp (1780 a.s.l.) and the Blatten in Lötschental. In springtime, when there is less snow, you can walk 30-40 minutes to get the next taxi station. Who can´t get enough and want´s to shred a second descent, has the option to enjoy a 2nd flight to Ebenefluh or on the Petersgrat.


Petersgrat 3'200 a.s.l.

You will set down from the heli on the beautiful Petersgrat Glacier.


Option 1: ½ day

Stechelberg, Bernese Oberland (Trachsellauenen 1200 a.s.l.)

It will take you over Petersgrat along the Mutthorn mountain lodge, besides the Lauterbrunnen-Wetterhorn to Tschinelfirn. Between Oberhorn and Breitlauenen is a long traverse really exhausting for snowboarders. When there are great snow conditions the tours will end in Stechelberg but not already in Trachsellauenen. Relax in the Hotel Stechelberg by a glass of wine & food while philosophiing about your heliski adventure. In springtime we will walk 30 minutes to Stechelberg or we will organise a taxi for you.

Requirements Only for advanced skiers


Option 2: ½ day

Interior or exterior Fafler Valley with finish on the Fafleralp (1780 a.s.l.) in Lötschental (Valais). After our heli start from Petersgrat you can descend over the glacier either through the interior or the exterior Fafler Valley. The entry between the two valleys is a 2.5 kilometers distance. Both valleys shine with wild romatic steep mountain sides. We will finish our tour on 1780 a.s.l. on the Fafleralp.

In springtime heli ski tours end up here. After a 45 minutes walk you will enter Blatten , where you can stop for a food & drink break in the cosy restaurants. From the restaurants´ terrace you can enjoy an amazing view on the Langgletscher (glacier) and the Fafleralp. Back to Bernese Oberland you will go by train or taxi from Blatten (Lötschental).


Rosenegg 3'450 a.s.l.

Besides the well known peaks oft he Wetter- and Mittelhorn lies the official mountain landing place on the Rosenegg. It will blow your breath away, once you will start your adventure here!

Requirements: Only for expert skiers


Option 1: ½ day

Urbachtal descent up to 1040 a.s.l.

Whether our start is a flat glacier you won´t believe that there are impressive steep downhills at Urbachtal. Between Dossenhorn and Ränfenhorn is the Ränfnejoch located. Exactly here lies the start of the amazing steep descents. From the Schwarzer Dossen on you will follow your guide to next lovely descent – with a romatic view. If there are great snow conditions we can ride to the heli landing place Rohrmatte (1043 a.s.l.). Now, either you go by taxi to Urbachtal or you choose another flight to Rosenegg.


Option 2: ½ day

Rosenlaui descent up to 1328 a.s.l.

Above the flat starting Rosenlaui glacier you will pass crevasses and impressing glacier break ups directionally to Rosenlaui. On your stopovers you can ejoy the view on the glacier break ups and also experience the view to Dossenbiwak and the Dossen lodge.

After the half of the tour, it´s possible that your guide will rope you down at an ice couloirs. Really amazing! According to this version the tour will move on along Arven and a small rock to Rosenlauischlucht (gorge).

Depending on snow conditions, our finish lies nearby th Hotel Rosenlaui, which is well know for its great food.


Sustenlimmi 3'200 a.s.l.  (also suitable for snowboarders)

Below the Gwächtenhorn commences the beautiful descent tot he Steingletscher (glacier). We will pass impressive crevasses and meter high glacier break ups! Our descent follows the Steingletscher up to the Steinsee (lake).

Our goal will be the Steingletscher (glacier). Now, either you go by ski down to Gadmen or you choose another 2nd  flight up to 1880 a.s.l. on the Steingletscher landing place.


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PP/Night from US$ 253