Alaska Rendezvous Heli-Guides


Family vibes at this Alaskan custom built ski lodge looking up to the majestic Chugach Mountain Range. Founded by heli-skiers for Heli-skiers.

We offer world-class location and facilities.

The Rendezvous Lodge is centrally located in some of the world’s premiere mountains for backcountry skiing, the Chugach. You may already know the reputation of heli-skiing in Alaska, but you may not know how to choose the right destination to achieve your dreams of big mountain skiing.

Why we believe that Valdez and Alaska Rendezvous offers the best Alaska Heli Skiing:

  • We can access three distinct zones covering more than 3,500 square miles of skiable terrain. Other operations have access to as little as 10% of that amount of terrain.
  • The mountains surrounding Valdez have the largest vertical relief of any accessible helicopter terrain in Alaska.
  • Valdez offers the best weather. We average 85% of flyable days — significantly more than other locations.
  • Valdez is the home of the original big mountain ski experience. Our heli-ski guides and pilots are a part of the area’s vast history, bringing you more than 20 years combined experience of flying and traveling safely in the Alaska Mountains.

To put it simply, we have more terrain, taller mountains, and better weather, making Valdez the premiere heli-ski location in Alaska.

Not all operations offer the same experience.

When you come to Alaska Rendezvous, you come to ski as much as possible. Our helicopters are just steps from your doorstep. The only time you leave the lodge is by helicopter. You spend your time in the air and on the slopes – your only commute is between the heli pad and your room.

Because we are a completely self-contained operation, we fly more. Our guests, guides, and pilots eat and sleep at our location. This means that if the weather clears in the afternoon, we can get out and fly — we do not have to make a decision for the day based on the morning’s weather.

We live in the mountains. We forecast avalanche hazard and weather conditions for the mountains. Although we are only 45 miles away from Valdez, the weather can be significantly different. The traditional Alaskan storm pattern clears from the north and allows us to fly while other operators to the south wait.

When we do encounter adverse weather, you have the comforts of a modern lodging facility with world-class food. Our Rendezvous Lodge enables you to engage with the community and, if you choose, to socialize nightly with guests and guides.

PP/Night from US$ 1,550