Andes Heliboarding


At Andes Heliboarding you’ll discover perfect snow, experience an adrenaline packed adventure in breathtaking landscapes, with a first class heliski service.

ANDES HELIBOARDING - The pionneer of the Heliski/ boarding Activity in Chile ...

... will take you to an endless world of mountains and pristine untouched terrain.

Jean-Alexandre Echène, more well-known under «Beb», is the Pioneer of this Activity and the Founder of the First Heliski Company in Chile.

Andes Heliboarding and his team of guides are revealing their experience and professionalism by offering the best runs and first class service to the enthusiasts for Heliski, Nature and big thrills.

Married, they started to work together. By joining their skills and their love for the Mountains, the fusion of both made Andes Heliboarding succesfull and turned the company into the Leader of the Heliski Industry in Chile.


Our guides are chosen for their ability to provide you with an exciting and memorable Heliski/boarding experience.

In addition to their technical qualifications, they have strong interpersonal and communication skills and a genuine love of the sport of skiing.

Our specialists skiing and snowboarding guides have the skills and abilities to provide you with an exciting, safe and unforgettable trip to the Andes Cordillera.

PP/Night from US$ 984