Arctic Sky


Explore Norway’s scenic views, steep mountains and long fjords aboard this comfortable, reliable yacht, perfect for those looking for something more exciting this holiday.

Rates & Packages

Prcing 2017
Private groups (full boat charter)1 800 EUR / person (guiding not included)
Open groups (cabin charter)1 950 EUR / person (guiding included)
Luxury trips in catamaran (full boat charter)15 000 EUR / group (guiding not included)
Svalbard trips2 950 EUR / person (guiding included)

Please note:

  • All groups must be followed by a guide. We can arrange that if not arranged by the group. Guiding fee is around 3000 EUR / week
  • Max 8 guests
  • Northern Norway: March, April, May
  • Svalbard: May, June

What is included / What not

  • One week tours to the Lyngen Alps, Lofoten or Svalbard
  • Comfortable modern sailboats in your personal berth (2 berth cabins)
  • Experienced skipper with local knowledge
  • Fuel, gas, and harbor fees
  • Enjoy high quality local fresh food prepared on board
  • Modern safety equipment available on board
  • Mountain Guides can be provided for the whole trip or for selected areas
  • Suggestion and guidance on tours can be provided (see also customer pages)
  • Airport pick-up & drop
  • For those who enjoy sailing there are plenty of opportunities to practice sailing during the trip
  • Team spirit and great friendships develops in sharing great experiences as well as daily activities on board
  • All groups must be followed by a guide. We can arrange that if not arranged by the group. Guiding fee is around 3000 EUR / week

Extended Description

During March, April and May you may enjoy a week of pleasure and adventure in Northern Norway. Later, during the summer we offer the exceptional experience of skiing and sailing on Svalbard.

Sail in the fjords, start skiing from the snow covered beaches and climb summits with amazing views. Enjoy the freedom in untouched powder-snow and off-piste back to your yacht. We use the boat at base and can go to destinations only reachable by the sea way. While you rest after a long day of skiing the boat takes you to new and unexplored destinations.

With several hundred summits just lying there, all dedicated off-piste skiers will manage to fulfill their dreams in these alps. The different areas offers a variety of possibilities and challenges so you will always find a summit to conquer that fits your personal ambitions and fit.


(or the Lyngen Alps) is the skiers Mekka. With summits up to 1800 meters, you find an endless variety of challenges. Glaciers can be explored, island can be traversed especially the island north and east of Lyngen will make your trip well worth it.


And Vesterålen and Senja offers excellent powder trips. You will find all the challenges you can imagine in this area and the view is magnificent. The mountains are in general steeper and lower than in Lyngen, around 800-1000 meters high. The season often ends in mid April, which is a month shorter than you may expect in Lyngen.

Spitsbergen and Svalbard - the ultimate dream

Svalbard - Ski&Sail in Svalbard is taking place from ultimo May to mid June. Ice conditions in the Ice Fjord and out in Forlandsundet is a factor that must be taken into considerations; however Trygghamna is always ice free and offers at least 3 great summits to climb. In Forlandsundet and further north, we will find several excellent and adventures mountains. Warning: Polar bears will be around and precautions must be taken.

Right in the middle of the Arctic Sea, between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole, you will find a special gathering of islands; Svalbard. The only natural way to move around in the Svalbard and Spitsbergen islands is the sea way. Boreal Yachting has therefore equipped 4 of our yachts specially for Svalbard expeditions.

Crossing the Norwegian Sea / Barents Sea as well as sailing in the Svalbard region requires that the crew, skipper and yacht are well prepared. With many years of experience from sailing in the region, we welcome you to experience this fantastic arctic area. In addition, we help you to plan and organise for a safe and secure trip on an individual basis.

Svalbard Ski & Sail

During end of May/beginning of June we organise ski&sail trips out of Longyearbyen. This trip is a one week trip to the west part of Spitsbergen, especially the mountains on Prins Karls Forland, Kongsfjorden and St. Johnsfjorden.

Ski& Sail trips are guided by an experienced and internationally authorised ski guide. Maximum 6 guests per yacht.

PP/Night from US$ 285