Arctic Vision


Fulfill your skiing dreams with a ski and sail trip where you will have the chance to enjoy the untouched peaks and beaches of Norway and have the freedom to explore some of the areas most amazing landscape.

During March, April and May you may enjoy a week of pleasure and adventure in Northern Norway. Later, during the summer we offer the exceptional experience of skiing and sailing on Svalbard. Sail in the fjords, start skiing from the snow covered beaches and climb summits with amazing views. Enjoy the freedom in untouched powder-snow and off-piste back to your yacht. We use the boat at base and can go to destinations only reachable by the sea way. While you rest after a long day of skiing the boat takes you to new and unexplored destinations.

With several hundred summits just lying there, all dedicated off-piste skiers will manage to fulfill their dreams in these alps. The different areas offers a variety of possibilities and challenges so you will always find a summit to conquer that fits your personal ambitions and fit.

Lyngen (or the Lyngen Alps)

Lyngen is the skiers Mekka. With summits up to 1800 meters, you find an endless variety of challenges. Glaciers can be explored, island can be traversed especially the island north and east of Lyngen will make your trip well worth it.

Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja

They offer excellent powder trips. You will find all the challenges you can imagine in this area and the view is magnificent. The mountains are in general steeper and lower than in Lyngen, around 800-1000 meters high. The season often ends in mid April, which is a month shorter than you may expect in Lyngen.


Ski&Sail in Svalbard is taking place from ultimo May to mid June. Ice conditions in the Ice Fjord and out in Forlandsundet is a factor that must be taken into considerations; however Trygghamna is always ice free and offers at least 3 great summits to climb. In Forlandsundet and further north, we will find several excellent and adventures mountains. Warning: Polar bears will be around and precautions must be taken.

Most people plan for a week, but shorter trips can be made. Contact us to discuss shorter or combined trips.

Yes YOU can!

Whether this suits you, depend on your ambitions. Ski & sail activities can span from rough summit hikes to more relaxing trips. The trips will be planned according to your wishes and skills. There are plenty of possibilities from Advanced Off-Piste tours to unexplored mountains to Easy Going trips for those who want to experience the arctic nature with passion.

Ski & Sail started up in the late 90's by european skiers and has since then become a popular way of exploring the mountains of north Norway. The areas around Tromsø are ideal exploring from a boat. This also gives you and your friends access to less visited peaks and fresh snow.

We will stay in sheltered harbours during the night, go skiing at daytime and move on to our next destination in the evening. Boreal Yachting has several years of experience arranging Ski & Sail trips. We'll be happy to make your trip an unforgettable experience!


PP/Night from US$ 284