Backcountry Snowcats

Canada: British Columbia

With 15,000 acres including many alpine bowls Backcountry Snowcats only 1 hour north of Whistler at Hurley’s pass offer the ultimate powder skiing experience.

The terrain at Backcountry Snowcats caters to all levels of intermediate to advanced, to extreme skiiers and snowboarders. No matter where your skills lay within these ability levels, you will have a great day of ripping pow. Below are the major regions that we ski & ride on our tenure, with descriptions and images on each to help get your stoke levels up.

Railroad Pass

Ask and you shall receive. We're not the only ones who've been staring at this zone, painting tracks in our heads. And now we can do it in person.

One of our latest ski-able area additions, Railroad Pass is completely new for the 2010/11 season. It adds 1000 acres to our already vast and varied tenure, and damn are we looking forward to making full use of it this season. A run down Railroad will see you ski or ride approximately 2000ft of vertical down steady fall-line. Add the sub-alpine zone into the mix and you have the longest tree runs at Backcountry Snowcats! So, if you love a lot of vertical, deep pow and tree runs, this will surely be a favorite!

Dental Basin

Dental Basin is Backcountry Snowcats' new, high elevation, north facing weapon and is she ever a beauty. This brand new zone is our highest ski-able area with terrain, boasting more features than you'll know what to do with!

The peak is situated at 2300m (7546ft) above sea level, with snow that is colder, drier, and deeper than other areas! When nowhere else in the region has been getting any snow, this little (big) stash will still have the goods.

Returning Backcountry Snowcats regulars will be blown away by the potential this area adds to long spring days when your legs are eager for as much vert as possible.

Lone Tree

The vast, powdery alpine bowls in the Lone Tree area are the highlight of our terrain on bluebird days. The area boasts over 2000 acres and 5 bowls to have our way with on a powder day, and with snowfall like ours, the stash is replenished regularly. Easy cat access in this area makes for lap after lap of good times on a good visibility day, railing down the open bowls or slashing one of many gully walls along the way.

Like the name suggest, this ain't a tree skiing spot. When the sun is out, we head to Lone Tree and 'open it up'.

Black Forest

Skiing & snowboarding terrain doesn't get any more unique than this. The 500 acres of loosely spaced dead trees in the Black Forest or 'Badlands' make for a surreal powder riding experience. Yep, forest fires are a natural phenomenon, and this one just happened to work out in our favour... who are we to complain?

Especially good on stormy powder days, weaving through the jagged trees, gulleys, and pillows of the Black Forest on a powder day is unlike anything else.

·Detonator Ridge

Detonator Ridge and the forest within it shelters a hefty collection of epic tree runs, yielding amazing skiing conditions even when Father Winter is storming. You'll find gladed runs, gulleys, chutes, drops and pillows, all begging to be shredded.

Regular Snowcats visitors can't wait for another taste of Detonator Ridge, always fueling some of the best moments of the trip, and the exaggerated tales to follow at dinner.

Sunset Shoulder

Sunset Shoulder plays host to endless natural glades, rolling ridges and unreal lines for some of the best runs of your day. We're keen to take full advantage of it on sunny winter and spring afternoons, the light is epic, and the snow... well um, we'll let you find out for yourself.

PP/Night from US$ 509