Black Ops Valdez


Ski, sled and shred in Valdez with Black Ops Valdez’ sled-skiing, heliskiing, or cat skiing trips!



Safety is our top priority.  Our guides strive to provide the safest environment and experience possible.  They follow and work to improve the US Industry Standard for mechanized recreation access.

Our guides have several years experience guiding in glaciated mountain terrain both here in Alaska and abroad.  Before heading out you will be outfitted and trained to use the basic backcountry safety gear.  Prior to heading out ach person will be required to have a transceiver, pack with probe and shovel, and wear a harness, and demonstrate how to use them in an emergency scenario.  You will also complete an avalanche safety briefing, and a helicopter, snowcat, or snowmobile safety briefing.

Transceiver…put it on, turn it on.  If snowmobiling your pack must be worn on your person…not on your sled. While in the field, we are continuously educating our guests and clients on Avalanche Safety and Hazard, and safe practices for traveling in glaciated and mountainous terrain.

Communication between the clients and guides is essential.  You will have constant radio contact with your guide while out in the field. Ultimately, it is up to the guide to determine the safest routes and runs, and we rely on their expertise and knowledge of the snowpack and surrounding terrain to make those decisions.  We want you to have fun!  Through training, communication, and awareness we can all enjoy a safe and memorable experience!

Our pilots also have thousands of hours and years of experience flying in technical mountain terrain. And, our Snowmobile and Snowcat Operators have thousands of hours and years of experience operating snowmobiles, snowcats, and other heavy equipment, and are highly proficient in their safe operation.

PP/Night from US$ 300