Eagle Pass Heliskiing

Canada: British Columbia

Ski in style with perfect conditions, superb service and world-renowned experts at Eagle Pass Heliskiing in Revelstoke.

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Eagle Pass Heliskiing Terrain

  • Tenure Exists across 5400 sq kilometers in multiple polygons, 120km north to south and 45 km east to west.
  • 1570 sq kilometers or more than 345,000 acres of skiable terrain.
  • Currently we have 246 Named Runs.
  • Runs named during operation RECON Last Season: 87.
  • Potential runs yet to be named: 2000+.
  • Longest Run at EPH 5800 Feet, Longer than Whistler top to bottom!
  • Shortest Run at EPH, The toboggan run on the road.
  • Highest Peak In the Monashees – Mount Monashee 3,274 m (10,741 ft).
  • Highest Peak in EPH tenure – Hallam Peak 3,205 m (10,515 ft).
  • Thor Mountain 3,146 m (10,322 ft).
  • Mount Odin 2,971 (9,747 ft).
  • Cranberry Mountain 2,872 (9,423 ft).
  • Echo bay Lodge and Sparkling Hill are Serviced by a B2 Eurocopter A-Star, The Ferrari of Helicopters

The Monashees

You probably have already heard people talk about the Monashees as one of the premier Heliskiing places on earth. You may also be wondering why. Without getting into all the meteorological details, most of it is thanks to the mountains, the Pacific Ocean and the jet stream.

In wintertime, massive and moist storms brew in the Pacific Ocean and are driven toward the coast of British Columbia. These storms collide with the Coastal Mountains and produce major amounts of snowfall, which is copious but sometimes wet.  As these storms continue being pushed east, they pass over the dry Interior Plateau and Okanagan Valley, and subsequently get hit with the cooler, but still moderate, temperatures of BC’s interior. Then, bingo, the storms hit the Monashee Range and deliver the consistent, super-dry crystalline snow that has made our area famous. From late October to late March, temperatures remain below freezing most of the time and are usually between five and 10 degrees cooler when it snows. More good news because this means the snow stays after it falls.

Eagle Pass Terrain

So, the Monashees (and Eagle Pass) have the snow. With our ideal combination of heli-accessible, wide-open bowls, chutes, treed slopes, and high alpine, we also have the terrain. Last, but not least, our remote location means you might be more likely to see a bald eagle than another human (other than someone in your group, of course). The unique convergence of these three qualities creates the ideal environment for your ultimate Heliskiing adventure.

Eagle Pass Tenure Map

PP/Night from US$ 925