Eagle Pass Heliskiing

Canada: British Columbia

Ski in style with perfect conditions, superb service and world-renowned experts at Eagle Pass Heliskiing in Revelstoke.

Rates & Packages

Rates & Dates 2018 / 2019

PackageDecember Packages
Shoulder Season PackagesPeak Season Packages Spring Season Packages
Number of daysPricePricePricePrice
3 day$5,100$6,390$7,040$6,390
4 day$6,800$8,400$9,200$8,400
5 day$11,900$13,640$15,240$13,640

Please note:

  • December Packages - Dec 1-Dec 31
  • Shoulder Season Packages - Jan 1-Jan 25
  • Peak Season Packages - Jan 26-Mar 22
  • Spring Season Packages - Mar 23-Apr 11
  • 5% GST exclusive
Day Heli Ski
PackagesDecember Packages Unlimited verticalPeak Season PackagesPeak Season Packages Unlimited Vertical
Number of daysPricePricePrice
1 day$1,099$1,349$1,649
2 days$2,198$2,698$3,298
3 days$3,297$3,747$4,647

Please note:

  • Deposit/Full Payment Due May 1st
  • Full Payment due Nov 1st
  • Plus Applicable Taxes
  • 5% GST exclusive
  • Prices in Canadian Dollars
  • Subject to availability
Helicopter transfer
To enhance your travel experience, a helicopter transfer from the airport to the lodge can be arranged, if the weather is permitting.

Please contact LUEX for rates.

What is included / What not

Lodging Inclusions

  • Private single room accommodation at Eagle Pass Lodge
  • Helishiing via A-Star B2 helicopter, in 3 groups of 4 skiers
  • Profesionally certified ski guides
  • 3,000 meter/day guarantee
  • Gourmet meals, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Helicopter safety and avalanche training
  • Tracker 2 Digital Transceiver and BCA float airbag
  • Specially selected powder skis and anowboards

Day Heli Ski Inclusions

  • 6-8 runs per day
  • Heliskiing via B2 A-Star helicopter, in up to 4 groups of 4 skiers
  • Profesionally certifies ski guides with extensive heliski experience
  • Gourmet Lunch in the mountains and apres heliski
  • Helicopter safety and avalanche training
  • Float airbag pack and all avalanche gear
  • Specially selected powder skis and snowboards

Extended Description

The Experience

Since day one, the philosophy at Eagle Pass Heliskiing has been to strive to provide the ultimate Heliskiing experience with total attention to detail, and an unpretentious friendly atmosphere. Small group Heliskiing is at the core of this philosophy and is a key part of what we offer our guests.

After many years of exploration, we discovered the perfect location in the midst of the ruggedly beautiful Monashee Mountains, where the snowfalls and tree skiing are legendary. An easy-to-travel-to base of operation was chosen with extensive poor-weather skiing terrain very close by, resulting in our very few ‘down days’. Further afield were a huge variety of expansive glaciers, majestic alpine bowls, long chutes, and open forests and burns.

To establish an intimate and exclusive feeling, client numbers have been kept to a maximum of 12 guests. To add to this exclusivity, the helicopter parks at the lodge’s front door, and we offer unlimited vertical.

We encourage everyone to arrive in good shape and be ready to ski some of the world’s best powder on breathtaking terrain. This will allow you to get the most out of your experience. We recommend starting training programs at least 6 weeks prior and that you have ten or more days of skiing before arriving. One excellent way to prepare is to arrive a few days early and warm up at one of the local ski resorts.

The ultimate goal at EPH is to keep it safe, keep it fun, and keep it extraordinary.


Small Groups

Our “feels like a private” small group Heliskiing experience is part of what makes our guests return year after year. If you have yet to experience the ecstasy of Heliskiing in a group of four, here is what you have to look forward to:

  • Being in a small group magnifies your wilderness experience in the mountains. The key is that the guide can more easily gauge the abilities and desires of the group with the best terrain and pace. Desires may change depending on stamina or changing conditions, each day is different!
  • Whether you want to slow down and savor the view or the experience, or your quest is to be a glutton for volumes of vertical and untouched tracks, small groups are the way to go.
  • With small groups, the guide has added flexibility in choosing interesting and varied ski terrain. The opportunity to ski cool terrain features, chutes and gullies becomes more possible.
  • In using the small A-Star helicopter, the pilot has greater flexibility in the choice of landings and pick-ups. Smaller ridge features and openings in the forest can be utilized to land with the smaller and more agile helicopter.
  • Operations aside, the camaraderie between the guide and among the group itself becomes strongly evident with small groups.


Heli-Assisted Ski Touring

Eagle Pass Heliskiing was one of the first operations in BC to offer helicopter–assisted ski touring. Our aim was to offer the benefits of ski touring to those who didn’t have the time or energy required for the long and strenuous ski touring slogs up from valley bottom to access the scenic alpine. In utilizing the helicopter, the guest is able to spend all their holiday time enjoying the ultimate destination and serenity of ski touring high in the mountains. All this with no heavy packs on their backs!

The other advantages of this form of ski touring are that each day, guests can venture into, and explore a completely different area and set of scenery. This differs somewhat from the traditional ‘hut-based’ ski touring where you can only venture as far as you can travel within a day from the hut. With the heli-assist option, guests also have the luxury of returning to the chateau’s comfort at the end of each day.

At Eagle Pass Heliskiing we offer heli-assisted ski touring packages in the months of April and May, when the opportunities for travel in the upper scenic alpine are the greatest.


Typical Day


After your morning wake up call, the aroma of fresh baking will fill your nostrils.  A hearty cooked breakfast or healthy cereals, yogurt and fruit await. During breakfast the guides provide updates on weather forecasts and plans for the day.



First group in helicopter lifts to go skiing. (The first day there is an informative helicopter and rescue briefing, and we aim to lift with the first group at 10:00)


08:45 – 12:00

After your guide checks your safety equipment, your group of four will begin the day on a ‘warm up’ run, where guests and guides get a feel for conditions. Between three and six runs are often skied before lunch, with the guide adapting the program and pace to the conditions and abilities of the group.


12:00 – 12:45

At lunch time all the groups gather for a spread of food served by the guides. When the weather is clear, the guides will opportunistically choose a scenic spot in the alpine. Healthy hot soups and tea along with a variety of sandwiches are laid out alpine picnic style.


12:45 – 15:00/16:00

The guides continue to provide a variety of the best skiing available, seeking out the most prime conditions suitable for the group with safety as the first consideration.



Upon arrival back at the chateau, ski gear is hung up in the drying room to be ready for the next day. Some guests head straight for the hot tub, while others gather in the lounge for après-ski snacks and consumption of beverages, while comparing notes on the day’s epic moments. Massages are available both before and after dinner.


16:30 – 17:30

Après-ski snacks and drinks continue in the lounge. Massages are available from when we return from skiing up until dinnertime. Snowshoeing, trips to the local City of Revelstoke, or the local hot-pools are also options to keep busy.



A casual and delicious 3 course dinner is served, while the guests, guides, and pilots share the day’s experiences and adventures.


20:00 – 22:00

Guests often gather for after dinner socializing in lounge. Massages are also available after dinner. Every Friday evening there is an enjoyable slide show, highlighting the week’s adventures and powder turns.



Eagle Pass Heliskiing is located just outside the city of Revelstoke B.C. The city of Revelstoke is located in south-eastern British Columbia, Canada’s western most province, between the Monashee and Selkirk Mountains, in the North Columbia Mountains. Revelstoke BC is situated at the confluence of the Illecillewaet and Columbia Rivers, at the north end of the Arrow Lakes.

Revelstoke can be found at 50°59’53”N 118°11’44”W and has an elevation of 480meters (1,575 feet).

Revelstoke is 641km (398 miles) east of Vancouver, British Columbia and 415km (258 miles) west of Calgary, Alberta.

Revelstoke is conveniently found on Trans-Canada Highway #1.


Sparkling Hill Resort (Crystal Powder Heliskiing)

Crystal Powder Heliskiing operates from Sparkling Hill Wellness nearby Vernon B.C. Guests are shuttled via helicopter to Sparkling Hill Resort directly from Kelowna International Airport.

This luxurious private heliski/spa vacation is designed so that guests may bring their spouses for their heliski vacation and both can enjoy the many amenities of Sparkling Hill and the surrounding area. For many years, heliskiers have wanted to be able to bring their non-skiing spouses on their vacation. Finally, at Sparkling Hill, couples can enjoy a vacation together that includes Heliskiing, couples spa treatments, and more.

At Sparkling Hill Resort, you ski with a guide and tail guide, and we ski in groups of four, or two groups of 8 skiers/riders. Our terrain is a 15 minute flight from Sparkling Hill Resort. Should you decide not to ski one day, we can go check out some of the wineries in the Okanagan Valley, or after March 1, we can also go golfing.  Imagine Heliskiing in the morning and golfing in the afternoon! Or, maybe you would like to just fly into the mountains for a barbeque in the sun. The helicopter is yours for the week, and your guides and concierge are there to help ensure your vacation is the best possible experience on and off the slopes.


Expect to be pampered

  • The Kur Spa at Sparkling Hill is a sanctuary that focuses on whole body health and wellness.
  • Stunning rooms. Gourmet meals. Large wine collection.
  • Spa access and massage. Breathtaking views of the lake & mountains.


Experience the ultimate in luxury

  • You can bring a non-skiing partner to enjoy the tranquil Kur Spa at no extra cost.


Your dream trip will be effortless

  • Short Heli transfer from Kelowna Airport to Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa.
  • Professional guides, safety gear, and equipment are all provided.


If you are interested in the Sparkling Hill Resourt, please send us a request for more information.

PP/Night from US$ 925