Eskimo Snowcat Freeriding


Eskimo Snowcat is the only snowcat operator in Europe. You get the most bang out of your bucks. Plus: The trip itself is peppered by an exotic culture and plenty of pow. Good times!


There's a whole spectrum - wide open terrains, tree riding, couloirs, cliffs, banks, natural pipe canyons placed on total of 32 square kilometers. From adrenaline rides down the 50° "bowl" ride, or chilling in a safe fluffy 30° rides. So you can have a blast either being a pro or handling those intermediate resort slopes, and let us open magic world of freeriding for you.


Area info – Mountain

Locally called Shar-planina or Shar mountain, it spreads for an amazing 1600 square km, raising up to 2747 m at Tito's peak. Pine wood forest extents to about 1700 m, and above that lie approximately 550 square km of high pastures. This is the largest compact area covered with pasture on European continent making it a perfect playground for backcountry addicts! Shar mountain is by evolution considered "old mountain", opposed to Alps which are "young mountains". Because of this Shar Mountain is more oval and open compared to the sharp and cliffy Alps.

Our operation extends on the best part of the mountain from Tito's peak to Jelak and Popova shapka base at 1687 m.

Snow Conditions

First rule is there are no rules.

There are statistics, but again they tend to brake lately!

  • January - Most sunny days in average, good snow conditions
  • February - Colder weather
  • March - Most snowfall, sometimes with cold conditions and sometimes spring conditions
PP/Night from US$ 222