Eskimo Snowcat Freeriding


Eskimo Snowcat is the only snowcat operator in Europe. You get the most bang out of your bucks. Plus: The trip itself is peppered by an exotic culture and plenty of pow. Good times!


... & Wine

Before talking about the food we will just mention that FYRO Macedonia has amazing vineyards with great geographical location. Their red vine is very specific and excellent and beside greatest vineyards of Tikves and Skovin there are many great small vineries. Must try are red vine "T'ga za Jug" and "Vranac".

Best local beers are Skopsko and Dub.

Macedonia is lucky enough not to be cough by industrial food as much as the rest of the Europe. Thus their lamb, "stakes" cevapcici, have been walking around, breathing fresh air, drinking natural water and enjoying sun while it lasted. Mind you those vegetables were not growing under UV lamps not seeing soil from the ground, but had a nice long and healthy life under the sun like their animal friends.

Besides, the rich traditional cuisine has lots to offer and here's a list of some delicious meals you'll try;

Let us start with vegetarian options unseen for traditional cuisine;

  • Gravce tavce - oven baked beans mixed with onion, peppers, tomato and oil in clay pottery
  • Ajvar - well known local red paprika prepared in bath of spices and oil
  • Pindjur - unmatched mixture of local red paprika in perfect mix with aubergine
  • Biberke - hot, or very hot local green papers matched with garlic
  • Sirenje - white brine sheep cheese made on Shar mountain
  • Sopska salata - salad of local tomatoes like you never tasted before mixed with cucumber and topped with "sirenje" white cheese. Often served as oeuvre, with cabbage, lettuce and other vegetables

Meat eaters shouldn't miss the

  • Mixed meat "plata" is can't miss deal made of Chevapchichi, Pljeskavica with kajmak, (mixture of lamb and beef, grilled with onions) Raznjci and Vesalica is so good you'll not mind putting a few pounds on during you're stay.
  • Selsko meso - clay dish oven baked 3 kinds of meet and mushroom, cheese and spice bath
  • Chorba - mix between soup and goulash, of course batter then either of them
  • Oven baked Lamb that actually runs around this mountain on 2000 m elevation.
  • Turli tava - Turkish influenced meet oven baked dish
  • Sausage - hand made with cut chops of meet rather the minced - really nice!
  • Sarma - cabbage rolls of meet and rise stew
  • Polneti Piperki - stuffed capsicum filled with rice or rice with meat
  • Musaka - Since Macedonian food has a lot of Turkish influence you will find a lot of Burek, a pie made mostly with cheese, potato or meet

On special occasions we can organize most amazing traditional meal that only rare local pastures still have knowledge of complex preparation:


  • "Jagnje vo dupka" was made by local fighters that rebelled against the Ottomans in old days. It is a lamb prepared in a hole dug in the ground. Huge fire was made that needs to burn for around 5 hrs. Lamb is skinned and placed back again in it's skin, filled with different vegetables and completely layered in special kind of clay. As such it is placed in ground and covered completely by soil and stones. It is dug in the ground for around 3 hours with burned wood. When taken out, the clay formed kind of a pottery around the lamb. If all prepared well the lamb is cooked without oxygen and when pottery is broken... well this part is left for a surprise! Believe it - this is an art of cooking!
PP/Night from US$ 222