Eskimo Snowcat Freeriding


Eskimo Snowcat is the only snowcat operator in Europe. You get the most bang out of your bucks. Plus: The trip itself is peppered by an exotic culture and plenty of pow. Good times!

Rates & Packages

2016/2017 Rates
Prices forHigh seasonMid seasonsLow season
Day Snowcat250 €225 €200 €
Last night in Skopje60 €60 €60 €
Transfer Skopje - mountain baseAverage 17€ (Minimum 6 persons)
Sauna and hot tub in the wildFree
Skiing on departure day190 €
Backcountry Tent Safari100 € per day
  • High season: 20 January - 20 March
  • Mid season: 1-20 January, March 21-31
  • Low season: December & April
  • All prices are per person
Airport Transfers Returs
1 Traveller100 EUR
2 Traveller50 EUR
3 Traveller34 EUR
4 Traveller50 EUR
5+ Traveller40 EUR

What is included / What not

Day/night on the mountain includes

  • Hotel accommodation
  • All food
  • Snowcat rides
  • 2 guides
  • Basic safety gear – BCA airbag, transceiver, shovel and probe
  • Go Pro equipment for filming

Does not include

  • Transfers
  • Drinks
  • Insurance
  • Personal spending and rental equipment

Last day in Skopje includes

  • Accommodation in Skopje
  • Nice dinner in traditional restaurant
  • Guided pub and club crawl

Does not include

  • Transfers
  • Drinks

Extended Description

Why Snowcat riding

Our snowcat is an adapted grooming machine with special passenger cabin built only for freeriding purposes. You save time and money compared to heli riding, and you get much more pow compared to touring. A helicopter can fly only about 50% of the time due to weather difficulties (high elevation wind, snow...), while we can run almost every day enjoying tree runs when higher elevation weather gets tough. In average you would pay 1/4 of the price for each vertical done with us compared to heli.

Daily programm


Breakfast and preparation for the day


Safety briefing and beacon check


Hit the mountain.

...slope choice between:

  • Jelak or Kazaniste to the north
  • Antene to Babinova or Orlova cliff to south
  • Vakaf coral canyon
  • Bakardan to east
  • Titov vrh - Turcin
  • 1. Maj - Lešnica

*all direction have plenty of riding variety

Average of 5 - 10 runs a day are made, totaling over 4 thousand vertical meters, dependant on weather, avalanche aspect and choice of terrain. We guaranty at least 2500 m average a day.

Along the way you will have lunch break depending on how much time you want to rest. Lunch break time is to be determined by the lead guide.


back at the base, shower and rest

picture exchange

(beacon practice for new arrivals)


dinner and fun

often we take you do special dinner at nearby restaurants like D house, Army place, Ruza or unique party place in mountain Monastery!

Sauna and hot tub in the wilderness

Relax after a day of deeeeep powder skiing in a cozy barrel sauna and hot tub (also from an old barrel timbered), all located in the wilderness (heated tent for changing clothes is available), only accessible by snowcat.
The price is FOR FREE for 2017 season!

Last Night in Skopje

Want to discover Skopje and its vibrant restaurant nightlife scene? Stay for the last night in Skopje and discover its pubs and clubs with one of our guides.
Nice dinner in a traditional restaurant and, guided pub and club tour and accommodation is included.

Skiing on departure day

A beautiful last day of riding. Here is how we do it usually with skiing on last day: We leave at 6am with snowcat to watch the sunrise up on the mountain.Very, very very beautiful! Then you have a full day of riding. Usually we leave for the airport at around 2pm and reach the airport by approx. 3h50m. You need to be there 1 hour before departure. So this is possible with flights from 5pm or later.

Backcountry Tent Safari Program

Booking this package only makes sense if you stay minimum 6 nights in total. If you have a bit of an adventurous vibe, this is simply a magic experience!
Some of the tents are heated, others are small and therefore heat with body temperature and good sleeping bags. You stay for 1 night in the tents and have 2 days of snowcat ridingn in remote, wild terrain!

Depending on your group size, you might have 2 private snowcats on this trip, so the skiing simply is epic! On this trip, you can explore some of the best terrain, close to Kosovo border. You are in the middle of nature, very different to what you know from central europe, here it really is wild. There is no light from any cities visible. We also go night riding (snow reflects good light and you get good head lamps), Pretty epic experience over all!


  • Fat skis work best in this terrain!
  • You can rent Head's freeride/backcountry and powder models from us.
PP/Night from US$ 221