Freeride World Tour Trip - Chamonix

France: Haute-Savoie

A ski trip you’ll never forget: riding with pros and getting in on all the action at the Freeride World Tour!

Rates & Packages

Xtreme Verbier 2017
1st & 2nd April
Contact LUEX for details.

What is included / What not

Freeriders Club

  • Ski pass
  • VIP access at the lift to avoid the queue
  • Access to the Freeriders Club Area with typical food and drinks
  • Café / croissant at arrival
  • Typical Swiss meal for lunch
  • Two drinks per person

VIP Freeriders Club

  • Ski pass for the day
  • VIP access at the lift to avoid the queue
  • Access to the VIP Freeriders Club Area
  • "Assiette Valaisanne“ with regional wines and champagne
  • Typical Swiss cheese raclette & desser for lunch (service at table)
  • All drinks included
  • Café / croissant at arrival
  • Access to the official dinner & party of the event
  • Drink in the Event Village bars in the center of the resort
  • Welcome package (content to be confirmed)

Extended Description

Freeriders Club

Enjoy the competition in the best conditions. Access the Freeriders Club area, benefit from an ideal viewing point on the contest face and get the chance to chat and make special pictures with the riders and make it last through the whole day. Ski in the event resort in the afternoon, hang out in the resort street fair and enjoy the oficial party at nigtht.

VIP Freeriders Club

Exclusive opportunity to have access to a „behind the Scenes“ Walk. This is a chance to chat with the riders. With a personalized bib you will get the chance to make special pictures. The VIP Freeriders Club offers great views of the start ramp and individual lines, with expert commentary and analysis available to keep your guests in the loop, and a video wall to ensure you don’t miss a thing. Personalize your own lounge area by ordering branded table decoration, cushion covers and blankets.
Guests are invited to extend the day within the Event Village and at the ultimate Freeriders-Party where the athletes honor the winners of the competition. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the athletes o the slope.