Freeriding Week Passo Tonale

Italy: Trentino

Experience the thrill and challenge of freeriding in a secret spot, the north side of Passo Tonale where there’s something for everyone!


Portrait Flory Kern

“Skiing on the outer Edges of the world”

It can be assumed that on 25th of december 1969 it snowed heavily… it was the date of birth of Flory Kern, adventurer and freeriding professionel. He could hardly walk, when he first started skiing. During his childhood the first snowflakes were heaven for him: the heralds of the coming winter.

“Success is, what happens, when you follow yourself…” according to this motto Flory lives his passion. Very early he took place in the local slalom races. When he was 17, its passion for skiing took him to New Zealand, where he discovered his true love: the mogul slopes. Now there was no way to stop him: only two years later he won the overall ranking of the Germany Cup.

Hard training and dedication brought him all the way up into the World Cup. But after seven years of competition, it was enough. Flory found a way to combine his desire of freedem and his passion for skiing: he spent eight winters in the valley of Chamonix. There he does, what he does best: he skis in extreme spots and in extreme ways, always “on the outer edges”. That way during the last years he skied quite a number of north faces that are known as even quite challenging spots for mountaineers. But for Flory it doesn’t need to be ever steeper and steeper: Flory also sets high value on spirit and style and to draw interesting curves in high speed.

In the meantime Flory has moved his “base camp” back into the Black Forest where he lives with his two children, Colin and Tia, and his wife Dagmar.

The mountains of the whole world lure him to ever new adventures: with his skis he has been standing on the southern-most six-thousand-metres high mountain, the Marmolejo in the Chilean Andes and on many summits of the wild Kaukasus. Sure enough, well-known fotographers have become aware of him. Breath-taking skiing videos and foto documentations have been taken of Flory’s actions and ski-runs.

Have you become curious? Flory loves to share his world with others – as a state-approved mountain and skiing guide he is leading the mountain school and tour operator Flory Kern Ski Berge Abenteuer. During the last years he has concentrated on the freeskiing trend and organises freeride, heliski, skitouring and mountain bike camps and trips in the top spots in the Alps as well as in remote mountain regions in Russia, Kirgistan, India, South America or elsewhere.

For those who prefer to get the experience from within a safe distance, there is the opportunity to do so at one of Flory’s spectacular multivision shows, that tell about the adventures and impressions of his trips.


Our team

Flory Kern from Schonach, Germany

State-approved mountain and skiing guide, founder and director of Flory Kern Ski Berge Abenteuer. Out of season you sometimes come across Flory in the office. But once the season has started, Flory loves to be show the finest powder and the best freeride spots around the globe to his guests and friends.


Dagmar Kern from Schonach, Germany

Dagmar pulls the strings around the office. Thanks to her experience of many years, she knows the answer to almost every question and if not, she will certainly find out for you. And whenever Dagmar is not working in the office, she is out on her mountainbike on one of the endless trails in the Black Forest or spends some time with her children Tia and Colin.


Bernd Adler

Bernd has been a professionel mountain guide for more than 10 years now, in summer and winter alike. Superior leadership skills as well as an extensive experience make him stand out. We can rely on him with all our skiing journey worldwide.


Wolfi Schmid from Oberstaufen, Germany

As a professionel mountain guide for many years, Wolfi has a calm and superior air about him that does much to reassure everyone whenever needed. A perfect freeride skiing technique as well as an utterly reliable intuition for snow conditions in alpine regions distinguish him from others.


Felix Berkthold

The work as a mountain guide was passed to Felix in a time when he was still a child. His great-grandfather was already a mountain guide in Oberstdorf. Felix began as 3 year old boy to make his first turns in the snow, and this is still his passion. Even If he changed in the last years once and a while his skis with the crampons, and even if he has found his second home on the high mountains of this earth, he still loves to explore the “little” mountains outside his door on his skis.


Florian Hellberg Oberstaufen

Flo is a multi talent. He likes anything that slides on snow, but mostly prefers to cruise down in deep powder on his telemark skis. If he is not on skis you will find him climbing on some of the hardest routs of the Alps. As a certified Physicist he also works in the institute of uiaa to make material test on climbing material.


Andi Millinger Austria

For more than 15 years Andi travels to the most remote skiareas of South America, India as well as Africa. If he is not skiing you will meet him in some very hard climbing routs all over the globe.  All our clients like to ski with Andi, it s alway lots of fun.

PP/Night from US$ 220