Great Northern Snowcat Skiing

Canada: British Columbia

With steep slopes, powder-filled bowls, and tree runs to die for, Great Northern Snowcat Skiing’s small group trips will leave you breathless.


Great Northern operates with Kassbohrer's newest Pisten Bully 300. These vehicles are technically top of their class. The Pisten Bully 300 possesses all the features which are essential for work on the roofs of the world. From its comfortable cockpit to its powerful yet economical Mercedes Benz engine, to its robust frame structure — the 300 has been designed to operate in the most effective way possible for the demands of the severe conditions of the mountains.

Our cats are state-of-the-art

With these quiet (no ear protection necessary) and powerful snowcats, skiers have the comfort of knowing that they will be able to ski all day everyday, even when it is stormy. The fully enclosed snowcat cabin is spacious and warm. The clean, smooth, snowcat rides of 15-20 minutes give you time to relax, clean off your goggles, warm up between runs and share the day's experience with new friends.

We keep our snowcats in top mechanical condition at all times. To avoid mechanical downtime, we perform thorough daily inspections and maintenance, ensuring reliable, clean, efficient snowcats to transport you through the mountains in comfort. Our maintenance standards also ensure that our cats have the minimum possible impact on the environment in which we operate.



Great Northern will provide you with the best in BC snowcat skiing. Great snow combined with fantastic terrain means heaven for wilderness skiing enthusiasts. Skiers with a sense of adventure who are looking for an escape from civilization, lifts, line-ups and crowds will be pleasantly rewarded. For the holiday of a lifetime, for memories and friendships that last forever, join us on the slopes.



Brent McCorquodale, owner and operator of Great Northern Snowcat Skiing, has been leading visitors through the Selkirk Mountains since the company's inception in 1979. His extensive background of mountain experience, deep powder ski instruction, and understanding of weather and snow conditions comes from many years of working and playing in these mountains. All that expertise ensures the best possible wilderness skiing experience for our guests. It has been said that his humour is “as dry as the legendary Selkirk powder”, but that is just folklore…

“Brent McCorquodale was a hot young skier from Western Canada who had made his reputation on the hills around Banff. He was looking for something to do — “I'd hidden out in school for as long as I could,” he says. Now 31 years later, Mr. McCorquodale's resort is recognized by powder hounds as one of the finest.”
National Post

Dan Nelson couldn’t be happier to return to Great Northern, for his 9th season of sharing deep turns and good times with skiers from around the world.  Between guiding, avalanche forecasting, shoveling snow, general tinkering, and lifting heavy stuff, Dan stays busy all winter long as part of the well-oiled team that makes the winter magic happen.  Now well settled in the mountain paradise of Revelstoke, Dan spends those non-snowy months with his wonderful wife and big hairy dog, riding the world-class mountain bike trails surrounding his home, and restoring a 100 year old house – very slowly!

Dan is a certified Ski Guide (Canadian Ski Guide Association Level 2), and a Professional Member of the Canadian Avalanche Association. Dan holds a Level 3 certification with the CAA, and also maintains a current OFA 3 advanced first aid certificate.
Chris Tait has spent the vast majority of his life within the mountains; from having first learned to experience their beauty and power in the Waddington Range near his early childhood home in Interior BC, to having climbed the 7 Summits (the highest peak on each continent…and yes, Everest is one of those!).

He counts himself lucky to have been able to share the majesty of mountain environments with his guests for nearly 15 years across the Globe (from the Columbia Mountain Range, the Rockies, The Coast Mountains, the Andes, throughout Patagonia, and in both the Karakoram and Himalaya.  Having made Revelstoke his home 5 years ago, he quickly realized how lucky residents and visitors alike are to be able to work/play in such a beautiful place!

Chris holds certifications with the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA, Operations Level 1), the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA, Level 1), Wilderness First Responder (Advanced), Non-Urban Occupational Emergency Care (NUOEC Level 3), and CSGA (Canadian Ski Guides Association, Level 1). In addition, he will be enrolling in his ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) Apprentice Ski Guide course the end of the 2012/2013 Season.

This will be Chris' first season with Great Northern, and he is beyond excited to share with guests the experiences of some of the best skiing the world has to offer!
Tomi Supinen - Born and raised in the high mountains of south Finland climbing 54 metres (yes, 54 metres) vertical almost daily on a local ski hill.Now after 2 decades as a full time ski bum in the Alps and BC Interior, he is proud to call Revelstoke his home. Tomi is certified the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA1), the Canadian Ski Guiding Association (CSGA2), the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA3)and is an advanced wilderness first rsponder too. With the last 38 months of continuous skiing behind him, he's super excited to get a little deeper into that Great Northern powder with other very lucky people!


Lodge family

Melanie Pintran was born in France near Paris. After she finished her studies she wanted to travel and see the world especially Canada, in particular its landscapes.

Melanie likes to live in the city as well as in natural surroundings and so she decided to live and work in Canada for a year. When she first came to Canada she lived in Toronto and in a natural park in Ontario, which had beautiful landscapes. Melanie is excited to be experiencing another aspect of Canada…. Snow and the mountains.

Lucie was born and raised in South Bohemia, The Czech Republic.

I Graduated from Technical College and left for a German show-jumping horse farm in the mountains, I switched to a busy city life in England where I spent several years by working and studying.

Wanting to travel I choose New Zealand, I was doing seasonal jobs so moving around was something I had to do and something I enjoyed very much. I tried some adventures like sky diving, flying a plane, swimming in the ocean with wild dolphins, hiking, sea kayaking.

I spent several months by traveling around Samoa Islands, Thailand and Scotland before moving to Sultanate of Oman. During my stay in Middle East I adopted few stray dogs and helped with opening of the first Animal Rescue Center in Muscat, that runs on kind people`s donations and their help. I had the chance to travel around Middle East and to visit India and South Africa.

Last year I moved to Switzerland to work with horses. I loved hacking out in the beautiful nature that Switzerland has to offer but I had to move on to another country on my list and it was Canada

I have arrived few months ago, spent the end of the summer by fruit picking but now I am looking forward to a new winter adventure in the Selkirk mountains. Excited to meet and join all the interesting folks at Great Northern Snowcat Skiing.

The plan for the spring is to fly my two dogs over and travel across Canada, to explore this country with my beloved companions is my dream.


Guest services

Tanya Hickman is our Guest Services Manager Extraordinaire! She manages a wide variety of administrative tasks at Calgary HQ, and has the knowledge and experience to handle all your travel needs with personalized service and care.

We realize that many of you are coming a long way and your vacation time with us is precious. Tanya provides a “one-stop shop” for airline information, reservations and preferred rates on accommodations, car rentals, bus service, restaurant recommendations, preferred ski hills and visitor stops along the way. From the time you leave until you return, Tanya is available to look after the details of your travel itinerary with friendly and efficient service. Building friendships on the phone for over a decade, Tanya exemplifies Great Northern’s commitment to customer service excellence.

Tanya has two adult children, Brett & Jessica, and is an active member of the Calgary Elevate Canadian Progress Club - a dynamic group of women who volunteer time and effort to support and generate resources for strategic, long-term programs designed to elevate families beyond poverty.

Clare Leonard has joined Great Northern at Calgary HQ this season. Working alongside Tanya on a Wednesday and Friday each week, assisting with all the administrative tasks to help keep the smooth running of Great Northern.

Clare moved to Canada in August 2012 from the UK. She has 26 years experience in roles of PA, Office Manager, Administrative and Financial positions. Her move to Canada along with her family has come after 16 years of moving with the British Army – 11 moves in total including living in Germany and 2 years in Canada, hence the love of the country and wish to live here permanently.

Living so near to the Rocky Mountains will give Clare the opportunity to improve her skiing, walking, mountain biking and running. Along with two children who keep her extremely busy with all their sports/clubs and volunteering in their school, she loves running along the Bow River with her Weimaraner dog Jinx who also flew over from the UK.

PP/Night from US$ 565