Harris Mountain Heliski

New Zealand: Southern Alps

Harris Mountain Heliski will provide you with exclusive access to these otherwise inaccessible mountains around Queenstown, Wanaka and Mount Cook.

"Guaranteed to find some of the most amazing skiing experiences in the Southern hemisphere!"

The Southern Alps of New Zealand have some of the best untouched snow terrain in the world, varying from easy rolling powder fields suitable for beginners to the steep and deep for those with more experience. You might have seen some of New Zealand´s majestic mountains covered in huge amounts of untracked snow in the big ski and snowboarding movies. Harris Mountain Heliski has been in business since the 1970s, and with the 30+ years of experience they have, you can be sure to find the nicest runs with the fluffiest snow for you and your group every day. The outstanding daily, multi-day, and private charters can be customized to suit your needs, and were you willing to stay for a night or more, we will find you the suitable accommodations.

With Harris Mountain Heliski you are guaranteed to find some of the most amazing scenieries and skiing experiences that the Southern hemisphere has to offer.

All that you´ll have to do once the heli drops you off at the top of the untouched mountain is to fly down the steeps, floating in the powder, and get ready to do it again!

3 Reasons To Choose Harris Mountain Heliski:

  1. You will get to see and experience the unmatched sceneries of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Nothing beats the helicopter when it comes to seeing and skiing.
  2. With 30+ years of experience of Harris Mountain Heliski, you are guaranteed to find the best runs to suit your skiing or riding abilities.
  3. Your friends will be extremely jealous when they see your photos.
  • Oceania
  • Southern
  • New Zealand
Mountain Range
  • Southern Alps
  • Southern Alps
Ski Resort
  • Mount Cook
  • Heli
Accomm. Type
  • None
Suited For
  • Families
  • Couples
  • Solo Travelers
  • Groups
  • Ski Bums
  • Steep and Deep Riders
  • $$$ - Luxury
  • $$ - Medium
Meal Plans
  • None
Room Type
  • None
Amenities & Activities
  • None
Services offered
  • Guiding
  • Ski Rental
  • Snowboard Rental
  • Safety Equipment Rental
Ability Level
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Pro
Snow Conditions
Dominant Terrain Type
  • Park and Pipe
  • Open Terrain
  • Steep Terrain
  • Cliffs
  • Glaciers
Average Annual Snowfall
  • 3 meter/year - 5 meter/year
Snow Pack
  • Maritime
Crowd Factor
  • Low
Explorer Level
  • Medium
PP/Night from US$ 624