Heliski Arlberg

Austria: Tyrol

Get out of the lift lines and into the deep, untracked powder of Arlberg with a heliski trip!

Risk Management


An assessment of a tour is sometimes very difficult and demands a lot of routine. When in doubt one decides on a conservative variant. Unnecessary risks in open terrain can bring with it serious consequences. Always think, the first thing is that you are alone and until a rescue comes a lot of time can pass. The first 15 min are important after an avalanche. That is why a rescue by comrades is always the quickest rescue. Furthermore the route choice and best line should be well engrained. Careful in fog – risk of crashing and loss of orientation! Even the best of them have got themselves lost in fog. Choose the tour according to your skiing proficiency and the size of the group. Plan safe waiting areas and codes of conduct in emergencies and study the avalanche status reports – but caution these are mostly global and can vary greatly depending on the area. It’s best to get information from the local mountain-guide offices about winter changes.

PP/Night from US$ 298