Heliski Seaba Haines

USA: Alaska

Deep blue ocean to your left and glistening white glaciers to your right. Head to Haines for a heli ski experience that is picture perfect!

Rates & Packages

Rates 2017 / 2018

February 20th - April 30th
All Inclusive Heli PackagesPrice (USD)
Single Occupancy February 11 - 25$ 56907 days
Single Occupancy February 25 - April 29$ 66007 days
Double Occupancy February 11 - 25$ 49907 days
Double Occupancy February 11 - April 29$ 60007 days
 Other Packages
Daily Heliski$ 11001 day
Multiday Plane Skiing$ 400 - 1800several days
Mountain Snowmobile$ 2501 day
Cat Skiing$ 3001 day
Overnight Guided Touring and Skiingfrom $ 300from 2 days

What is included / What not

7 Day All Inclusive Heli Skiing Package

  • A seat in our heli for up to 7 days (5:1 or better group to heli ratio)
  • Dedicated SEABA guide (4:1 client to guide ratio)
  • 1 hour of Hobbs (time onboard the heli)
  • Single occupancy or double occupancy lodging option
  • All meals from Saturday dinner through Saturday lunch
  • Required avalanche and helicopter safety training
  • Required equipment (though we recommend bringing gear your are familiar with)
  • Transportation

Daily Heliski

  • A average dya of heliskiing is 7 runs
  • it is based on availability and if we can pair you with an existing group

Multiday Plane Skiing:

  • Fly Drake Adventures plane drop off and pick up
  • Dedicated SEABA guide
  • Pre-trip planning (location, objectives, forecasting)
  • Help organizing gear, kitchen supplies and food

Cat Skiing

  • A seat in our snow cat for the day
  • Dedicated SEABA guide (6:1 participant to guide ratio)
  • Required gear


  • Access to a snowmobile for the day
  • Dedicated SEABA guide (4:1 participant to guide ratio)
  • Snow safety and snowmobile training

Overnight Guided Touring and Skiing

  • Dedicated guide
  • Touring shelter
  • All camping gear
  • All food



Extended Description

7 Day All Inclusive Heli Skiing Package

Sample Itinerary

  • Saturday - Arrive in Haines in AM. Check in at SEABA HQ. Complete required avalanche and helicopter safety training, gear check and/or gear outfitting. Welcome dinner.
  • Sunday - Ski day 1. Breakfast and weigh in with all gear. It's blue and we head out to ski. Dinner with the team.
  • Monday - Ski day 2. It's snowing. Down day. Head to the cat hill, ski in the trees.
  • Tuesday - Ski day 3. Still snowing. Attend a free skills workshop, learn about digging snow pits.
  • Wednesday - Ski day 4. Breakfast at the Fort. Guide ship sent out early this morning, on call until 10am. It's a go! Head to heliport Mile 33, shred pow.
  • Thursday - Ski day 5. It's clear, head to heliport Mile 10. Fly in, ski, eat lunch in the mountains. Ski more, your legs ache, time to head in.
  • Friday - Ski day 6. Weather is clear. Head out to heliport Mile 7. You're hooked on this heli skiing thing.
  • Saturday - Ski day 7. If you haven't already burned through your hobbs or if you want to ski more. Say your goodbyes. Return gear. Depart Haines.
  • *Down Day - A ski day that we are not able to fly do to weather and avalanche conditions. If weather permits, you can go cat skiing or snowmobiling. Attend a free backcountry skills workshop by our guides. Take a boat to Skagway. Go for a hike or a yoga class. Explore town. Rest.

Sample Menu

  • - Breakfast -
  • Special: Eggs Benedict, Garden omelets, or Fruit smoothies with protein powder
  • Buffet: Fresh breads, oatmeal, juice, coffee
  • - Lunch -
  • Sandwich served with chocolates, energy bars and snacks
  • - Dinner -
  • Starter: Jumbo shrimp kebabs or Lamb meatballs, Pork stuffed olives or Assorted cheeses
  • Sides: Greek salad, Wedge salad, White bean bacon tomato soup or Chile corn chowder
  • Main Course: Pine nut tray baked Halibut with wild rice and roasted vegetables, Parmesan crusted Trout with cous cous, Fillet of steak with salsa verde and watercress and mashed potatoes, Duck breast with wild berry sauce
  • Dessert: Key lime tart, Cheese cake, Chocolate fudge plater
  • Complimentary wine

1 Day Heli Skiing

Our 1 day heli skiing option is designed for clients that live in town or regionally and can fly standby and take advantage of an open seat with very short notice. This is not a truly reliable way to heliski with us, as it is based on availability and if we can pair you with an existing group. For reference, an average day of heliskiing is about 7 runs. Locals, please call or email us first to recieve a discount code for these seats. If you are from the Yukon or Alaska and hold identification or a mailing address in these areas, we will provide you with a code for a discount on your booking.

Cat Skiing

Cat skiing is the best kept secret in Haines. Especially on weather days when the heli might not be able to fly. We have over a 3,800 feet (1200 meters) of vertical relief serviced by the cat. If you are willing to hike another 500 vertical, you can access one of Alaska Heliskiing's core runs: Old Faithful. A typical day of cat skiing will net you about 12,000 vertical feet.

Multi-Day Plane Skiing Adventures

Our multi-day plane skiing adventures give you and your friends to opportunity to fly deep into the Chilkat Mountains to rip zones that helicopters are not permitted to fly in. Fly Drake Adventures will fly you into the zone and your SEABA guide will help you set up base camp. For the next several days, hike and ski some of the most amazing terrain in the world with your dedicated guide and emergency rescue support.

Overnight Guided Touring and Skiing

SEABA's new offering is close to Haines, Alaska, and has over 3,000 acres of readily available ski and split board touring right outside the shelter's doors. We can arrange drop off and pick up to our touring shelter for this experience.

We staff our backcountry shelter with qualified guides, kitchen and all the overnight equipment so that you can experience the Alaskan backcountry, with a few added comforts. Our guides will teach you about route finding in the mountains, winter camping techniques, tips on using backcountry gear efficiently, and the do's and don'ts of winter travel. Supported by Winter Safety Institute, we will educate you so that you can navigate and travel more safely and efficiently though avalanche terrain, and in some cases glaciated terrain.


Explore the Chilkat mountains and river valleys on one of our mountain sleds. With virtually endless terrain to explore this is some of the best sled accessed terrain on earth.

PP/Night from US$ 684