Heliski Uzbekistan


Get steep slopes and sunny days where you’d least expect it, with Heli Ski Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan - some of the best value for money, plus great skiing!

"Best heliskiing value for money in Uzbekistan"

You might not know much about Uzbekistan, but now you know that this beautiful country is where you can enjoy deep powder runs of up to 2000 meters vertical in difference. What makes Uzbekistan special? How about sunny days you can count on? Don’t worry about bad weather days ruining your heli ski trip while you’re in Uzbekistan because this area is known for reliable weather. The weather isn’t the only thing that makes Heli Ski Uzbekistan stand out; they’ve also got some of the cheapest heli skiing available.  Best value for money!

Heli Ski Uzbekistan operates in the region of Western Tien-Shan, in the Ugam, Pskem, and Chatkal Ranges, just 100 to 150 kilometers from Tashkent making for a convenient transfer and easy travel. Terrain from 2500 to 4200 meters above sea level and downhill runs as long as 10 kilometers are also what make Heli Ski Uzbekistan a fantastic choice. On a trip with Heli Ski Uzbekistan you can descend from summits, ridges, and passes for a variety of exhilarating downhill runs.

"Hotel is on the south bank of Charvak Mountain reservoir"

Heli Ski Uzbekistan offers packages at the base hotel “Charvak Oromgohi,” for most trips, which is just steps from the helicopter. The hotel is on the south bank of Charvak Mountain reservoir in Ugam-Chatkal National Park just 80 kilometers from Tashkent at 1000 meters in elevation.

If you want to try something new and be guaranteed a good time, try Heli Ski Uzbekistan where the snow and terrain seem to never end.

3 Reasons to Choose Heli Ski Uzbekistan:

  1. Best heli ski terrain for the price!
  2. Good accessibility from central europe!
  3. Varied terrain and lots of steeps.
  • Asia
  • Northern
  • Uzbekistan
Mountain Range
  • Tien Shan
  • None
Ski Resort
  • None
  • Heli
Accomm. Type
  • Hotel
Suited For
  • Families
  • Couples
  • Groups
  • Party People
  • Ski Bums
  • Steep and Deep Riders
  • $ - Budget
Meal Plans
  • Full Board
Room Type
  • Single Bed Room
  • Double Bed Room
  • Twin Bed Room
Amenities & Activities
  • Avalanche Trainings
Services offered
  • Coachings
Ability Level
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Pro
Snow Conditions
Dominant Terrain Type
  • Open Terrain
  • Steep Terrain
  • Tree Runs
  • Cliffs
Average Annual Snowfall
  • 5 meter/year - 10 meter/year
Snow Pack
  • No
Crowd Factor
  • None
Explorer Level
  • None
PP/Night from US$ 779