Bella Coola Heli Sports

Canada: British Columbia

Bella Coola Heli Sports is your choice if you are looking for a special experience: small groups for skiing, all this within wild and breathtaking, heavily glaciated scenery!

Base 3: Pantheon Heli Ranch Packages

Pantheon Heli Skiing Experience

Its All About You And Your Closest Friends!

Awesome powder and long runs combined with pristine mountain wilderness, makes heliskiing and heliboarding in the Pantheon's a unique and remarkable experience.

Trip Highlights

  • Exclusive use of your very own heli-skiing tenure just for you group: a whopping 1.1 million acres!
  • Explore new areas and ski first descents
  • Exclusive use of the White Saddle Ranch
  • Ski the largest most dramatic peaks in British Columbia
  • Single occupancy accommodation at the pioneering White Saddle Ranch
  • Possibility to ski on both your arrival and departure days
  • Choice of Semi-Private Heli or Private Heli program
  • A-Star B2 helicopter - the best heli-skiing machine!

The Pantheon Heli Skiing Experience

This program is the ultimate in flexibility and exclusivity. Imagine: a jet powered helicopter that can fly anywhere you want, untracked snow as far as the eye can see, two guides to lead you to the best stashes, and just you and seven of your best friends to enjoy it all.

With no other groups competing for the powder there is no need to rush, so no stress. After half a day of adjusting to this world of plenty, you will be relaxed enough to also enjoy the scenery.

The standard Pantheon program is a semi-private heli format with two groups of four sharing the machine. If you book a full week, there is 17 hours of flying time included (8.5 hours for each load in the heli). Its up to the group to decide, together with their guide, whether the goal is to hammer the maximum amount vertical or to explore the area and maybe ski some first descents? Its your program, you decide!

On average groups ski 8 or 12 runs per day or 15,000–25,000 vertical feet (5,000–8,000 v/m). However, when conditions are good and guests up for it, 40,000 v/f (12,000 v/m) days are very much a reality. In a perfect week it is easily possible to ski over 150,000 v/f (46,800 v/m).

It is also possible to book this program as a private heli. In this case there is only one load in the machine and the group has 10 hours of flying time.


Heli Skiing Safari: Lodge to Lodge

A Heli Skiing Journey Unlike Any Other!

Think of Tweedsmuir's Heli Skiing Safari, but in reverse! This is the most exclusive tour of them all and the ultimate in adventure heliskiing—similar to our popular semi-private or private helicopter tours, but with a major twist.

Trip Highlights

  • A private helicopter just for you and your friends
  • Explore the full reach of our 10,700 sq/km of terrain
  • Stay at three seperate wilderness lodges
  • Ski first descents all the way from the fjords to the highest peak in BC
  • Choice of Private Heli or Semi-private Heli program

The Perfect Heli Skiing Journey

Maybe you have visited one of our locations, now you can visit two, on the same holiday! By combining the two tenures you will have the opportunity to ski and ride our total landmass of more then 1,070,000 hectares. This is 10,700 sq/km (4,180 sq/m) or if you prefer, 2.64 million acres of incredible terrain. This is as BIG as it comes, and is more area than you can heliski in a lifetime.

The week starts  in our Pantheon Heli SKiing Zone for 2-3 days while based at the White Saddle Ranch. This is a working cattle ranch situated on the Chilcotin Plateau in cowboy country, with authentic western hospitality and ambiance. The owners are true pioneers, having built the ranch and lived off the grid since the 1960's. To this day the ranch generates its own power and was only recently connected for telephone service. During March its calving time. With luck and if you are keen, you may have an opportunity to help out! During the summer months the ranch hosts an eclectic mix of mountain climbers and movie stars in search of untrammeled wilderness.

Mid week, on a day chosen by your guide, you will transit to our second heli ski operation at Tweedsmuir. You will fly and ski 200 kilometres up the spine of the Coast Range, past the infamous Klinaklini River, the mighty Monarch Ice field, and stunning Ape Lake. These are areas that rarely see a visitors and there are still peaks and valleys that don't have names.

As evening arrives you will land at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, your home for the next couple nights. Over the following days, every morning the heli picks you up, flies you up to the snow for an unforgettable day in the mountains, then back down to the lodge for the night.

You will round out the week by heliskiing and exploring the terrain in and around the Tweedsmuir Park Lodge and the Bella Coola Valley.

If the possibility arises and the group is keen to keep exploring, there may also be an opporunity to stay at the Bute Inlet Lodge on the shores of Bute Inlet for a night. This would complete a remarkable exploration of our entire permit area, from North to South and east to West. It would be like having the entire Swiss Alps to ski in just for you and your private group.

PP/Night from US$ 484