Bella Coola Heli Sports

Canada: British Columbia

Bella Coola Heli Sports is your choice if you are looking for a special experience: small groups for skiing, all this within wild and breathtaking, heavily glaciated scenery!

Amazing Terrain and Snow, All to Yourself

We can't come straight out and promise you perfect chest deep powder, but we can certainly stack the cards in your favour, and we will. With a strict adherence to our 'small group' heli skiing policy and our expansive tenure, crossing tracks won't ever cross your mind. There's no need to “farm the snow”, and we encourage our guests to gobble up as much freshies as they want as well as be creative in their choice of lines. We have more than enough terrain to play with. Add our consistently stable and reliably deep snowpack and more often then not, the Bella Coola experience will deliver the finest heli skiing and snowboarding on the planet.


Tweedsmuir Lodge Heliskiing, Pantheon Heliskiing

Never Run Out Of Untracked Snow!

Combine Vail Colorado, Whistler BC and the entire Swiss Alps, cover everything with powder snow, then remove all but 16 of the skiers, and you have Bella Coola Heli Sports' Tweedsmuir Lodge program. With over 10,700 sq/km (4,300 sq/m) of breathtaking heliski & snowboard terrain, a strict limit on the number visitors per week, and jet powered helicopters, this is the ultimate heliskiing and heliboarding destination. 


The Perfect Heli Skiing Geography

The range of mountains from Bella Coola south to Mt. Waddington, at the southern end of our opertating area, are one the most dramatic and scenic anywhere in the world. By Himalayan standards, the peaks are not particularly high (which is better for breathing), but they are very wild and remote. Many peaks and even whole valleys are still unnamed. There are no towns, no roads, no ski lifts, and no people. This is of course perfect  for heli skiing!



British Columbia enjoys a well deserved reputation for having the most reliable snow in the world. During the winter months, weather systems roll in like clock work off the Pacific and as they pass over the mountains the moisture is deposited as snow. The Coast Mountains are the first range to be hit and as a result get the majority of the snow.

Bella Coola is 80 kms inland from the open Pacific at the head of a long fjord. Further inland, on the eastern edge, the lee side of the Coast Range, is the Tweedsmuir Park Lodge. This is the ideal place from which to base because as the storms pass over the Coast Mountains they dry out.

With an abundance of snow to the west and a sunnier, drier climate pushing in from the east, we have found the ideal location for heli skiing. During a storm cylce we can ski the trees close to the lodge, but during a high pressure, we can ski the big snow zones to the west and the high peaks to the south. There are always fresh tracks to be found.

Most years there is a 4 to 5 metre base in the alpine with total snowfall averaging 20 to 30 metres (65 to 100 feet) over the course of the season!


Snowpack Stability

The snow pack in Bella Coola is known for being significantly more stable than most. This is direct result of our consistent and temperate climate, combined with reliable and plentiful snowfall. P

Having what are generally low recorded avalanche hazards, allows us to offer a more exciting skiing and snowboarding product. Although saftey is always the overriding determinant, we can usually access steeper and more interesting terrain then most of our competitors.


Big Alpine Vertical

Those who have heliskied with us in Bella Coola know our strength is high alpine terrain and majestic scenery. This scenery is scattered with jagged rock towers, giant glacier bowls and steep couloirs crowned by enormous peaks. Many of our runs are 5000 to 6000 vertical feet (1500 to 1800 vertical metres), with the longest yielding 7000 vertical feet (2150 vertical meters) of leg-burning utopia.


Tree Skiing

When the storms roll in and the snow is falling we go ski the trees. We have many great tree runs only a few minutes flight away. In addition, these tree runs are getting better all the time. Every autumn we have a team of our guides out "glading" for 2-3 weeks.  This includes removing low branches and cutting down the little trees between the big ones, making it possible to open up the terrain significantly for heliskiing.

PP/Night from US$ 484