Last Frontier Heliskiing

Canada: British Columbia

Bigger and better! Get access to the most terrain on the planet with a trip from Last Frontier Heliskiing where the powder is endless.

Safety / gear

Safety is number one. We've got the knowledge and we've got the gear.



Mountain Safety

The guides and snow safety team monitor the weather and snow conditions continuously. Terrain and snow stability are discussed every morning and evening. This information is pooled and shared across BC with other professionals. We sponsor an ongoing avalanche research project with the University of Calgary. In spite of our best efforts, there are inherent risks and hazards associated with helicopter skiing that are beyond our control and that you must share with us. It is important to follow the directions of your guide at all times.


Our Guides

Our guides are chosen not only for their guiding skills and qualifications, but also for their enthusiastic and outgoing personalities. They are professional guides who have passed a series of comprehensive examinations to qualify them as members of the A.C.M.G. or the U.I.A.G.M., the recognized Canadian or International Mountain Guide Associations. They are experienced at balancing exciting and challenging skiing with the safety and enjoyment of the entire group. The guides participate in yearly refresher courses, both at Last Frontier Heliskiing and as part of their ongoing training as certified mountain and ski guides.


Helicopters and Pilots

Our guests enjoy the comfort and reliability of a the A-Star B2 or Bell 407 helicopter. Our pilots are chosen to meet the same high standards as our guides and have a wealth of experience flying in the mountains. An on-site team of engineers provides helicopter maintenance.



Continuous radio contact between the pilots, guides and the lodge ensures reliable communication in the event of an emergency. There are always 2 radios in each group. The guides carry emergency equipment in their packs, additional equipment is carried in the helicopters and there are several rescue caches within our ski area. The closest hospital and an additional helicopter base is located within 30-40 mins flying time.


The Guest Pack

Every guest will carry a backpack containing essential rescue items: a shovel and a probe.  One skier in the group will carry a pack filled with some extra safety gear including a spare radio and a small first aid kit.  This pack will be rotated through the group during the week, and the skier carrying this pack is to always ski at the back of the group that day.


Avalanche Transceivers (Beacon)

All guests will be provided with and trained in the use of the Mammut BarryVox transceiver. Simple one touch button operation makes it intuitive and easy to use. While prior knowledge of how to use a transceiver is not necessary it is encouraged.


ABS Airbags

All guests will be provided with and trained in the use of the ABS airbag system. The ABS airbag is a small back-pack which contains two large pouches. By pulling a rip-cord, the pouches are filled with air and deployed from the side of the pack. The system is designed to minimize the risk of burial if involved in an avalanche.



A good selection of skis are provided at the lodge, you are welcome to bring your own.


Salomon Rocker 2

Next generation powder ski with TWIN Rocker shape and super light honeycomb construction in the extremities, developed with our best riders for maximum surfing sensation and playfulness in deep powder.

Ski Stats


Dimensions: 139/115/129

Honeycomb tip and tail

Rocker2 sizes: 170,180,184,192

Twin Rocker

Rocker2 radius: 26M@184cm

Total edge reinforcement

Rocker2 core: Full wood core

Edgy monocoque



K2 Apache Coomba

The Coomba features a tip shape and progressive sidecut that are predictable and forgiving in powder and variable snow. The coomba has a balanced flex pattern and 102mm waist width that provides excellent floatation and easy handling.

Ski Stats


Dimensions: 135/102/121

Progressive Sidecut

Coomba Sizes: 167, 174, 181

Powder Tip

Coomba Radius: 22M@174

Mod Tech

Coomba Core: Fir

Triaxial Braiding



Armada JJ's

The Armada JJ ski is designed for skiing in deep powder. The tip and tail of the ski both have a rocker design which means that there is an early rise on both ends. The rocker design allows the ski to float through powder much easier and allows for greater versatility while skiing varying radius turns.

The Armada JJ also has a reverse sidecut near the tip and tail. This feature is designed to allow for better turn initiation and less chance for catch in the tip and tail.

Ski Stats


Dimensions: 126-136-115-133-121

Impact Edge and 50/50 base

JJ sizes: 175, 185

EST Freeride Rocker

JJ radius: 12M@175, 14M@185

CK Stringer

JJ core: Hybrid Ultralight Core

Laminate Matrix



Stix for the chix:

K2 Phat Luv -The Phat Luv is the queen of the powder hill. The triaxially braided core enables the ski to be agile and lightweight while the progressive sidecut provides versatility on hard snow after the endless powder run.

Ski StatsFeatures
Dimensions: 135/102/121Progressive Sidecut
Phat Luv Sizes: 153, 160Powder Tip
Phat Luv Radius: 18M@160Mod Tech
Phat Luv Core: BioFlexTriaxial Braiding




The lodge is equipped with a small quantity of Prior's Khyber powder board. It has a wider nose, generous sidecut and increased taper that provides excellent 'float' and maneuverability in powder conditions as well as minimizing back leg burn.

A very limited number of snowboards are available at the lodge. Please contact our office for details.

Best for: Powder of all kinds, tight trees, gnarly pillow lines, also performs in variable conditions.

Rider type: The Khyber offers all mountain versatility and is an excellent choice for riders of all abilities, making for quick turns and a surfy ride.

Recommended length: The Khyber's shape allows you to ride this style the same length or approximately 2-3 cm shorter than a standard freeride board.


Sizes available: 156, 160, 165

Notes: A very limited number of snowboards are available at the lodge. Please contact our office for details


Ski Boots / Snowboard Boots

Ski and Snowboard boots are not available at the lodge and we recommend that you carry your boots as hand luggage on your flight to ensure they arrive with you.


Final Note:

Some airlines request that you pre-book sports equipment before travel, please check with your airline.


PP/Night from US$ 994