Lyngen Lodge


Ski touring at its best at exclusive Lyngen Lodge: Snowy slopes and serene sea combine for the experience of a lifetime in the Norwegian fjords at Lyngen Lodge.


Lyngen Lodge


Graham Austick

My vision was to create a lodge, which blended into the natural environment of the Arctic Lyngen Alps and give the opportunity to travellers to experience this remarkable region on an annual basis. In our increasingly busy and stressful life style it’s necessary to escape, relax and connect with nature and the lodge concept comprising of adventure, ultimate relaxing and de stressing in a relaxed environment addresses exactly these issues.

In actual fact I felt the lodge’s location chose me rather than me choosing it.  I had travelled through the region skiing for several years on a chartered sail boat with skiers I was guiding. On one particular trip I visited the Kåfjord region on the eastern side of the Lyngen Fjord to ski a mountain called Store Haugen above the small village of Djupvik. Climbing through the forest I noticed a wonderful clearing in the forest above the fjord. An instant vision flashed through my mind “Graham you’re to build a lodge and provide a permanent base for skiers to come and ski” From that exact moment onwards my life took a deviation down a road I never imagined.

I took out my camera and snapped a photo of the location. On this day I carried two cameras, one large SLR and one small happy snappy point and shoot camera. After taking the photo of the location with the large camera I packed it away only to accidently loose the small one that was attached to my belt, oblivious to this incident I continued climbing upwards and was excited by the new and powerful vision I experienced and immediately began constructing a visual plan in my mind as I headed up the track after my group.

I was now at the back of my group and it took some time before I caught the tail member who had stopped for a rest above the trees. I spoke to him about my idea and he was surprised by my sudden overwhelming enthusiastic development since my 20minute absence!

The day continued and we skied from the summit in wonderful snow under a cloudless sky to return to the boat in the harbour by late afternoon where we cast off and sailed north to our next mountain to ski the following day.

It was not until the following morning that I realised my small camera was missing. Having covered 30 nautical miles in a sailing boat the lost camera was definitely to remain where it lay somewhere in the forest from yesterday’s ski tour.

Three days later I returned home to Austria with plenty of photographs but still one missing camera that I began to forget about. A week later I was reminded of the event when an email arrived in my inbox from the boat skipper in Norway relaying that someone had found the camera and was wanting to return it to the rightful owner. I was provided with the email address and immediately took contact. I soon had a reply with the message subject “Skiers Care” I was astounded by this correspondence and sure enough it was the camera and it was found in the forest where I had taken the photo of the land.

John Johanssen was a local living in the village and had found the camera while out for a family ski tour with his family. The camera was taken home, dissembled, dried, reassembled and the photos looked at. There was a photo of the boat on the camera that created a chain of events that would change my life forever. That very same day the boat reappeared in the harbour and John hurried down to inquire if anyone had lost a camera from his boat. The reply from the skipper was yes and the connection between John and myself was made.

Upon returning home the vision of the lodge concept only grew stronger and the plans took virtual shape in my mind  with each passing day. I booked a plane ticket to return in four weeks along with Elisabeth and my mother Pat to search for the land I saw and inquire about who was the owner and inquire about the possibilities for purchasing it.

Armed with two bottles of wine, I knocked upon the door of John Johanssen to repay him for his honesty and perseverance in returning the ownership of the camera to me. He welcomed us warmly into his home where almost instantly a friendship connection was soon established.

It was not until later that afternoon some four hours into our meeting that I told him about the purpose of my visit. I explained I was here to find this plot of land that had captured me during my previous visit. There was a moment of silence and seconds seemed to pass as minutes as I waited for a reaction. John got up and left the room only to return a moment later with a large white roll of paper.

Unrolling the paper revealed numbered plots of land throughout the area. John was in fact employed by the local Kommune (council) as property development officer and was the man who knew who owned what and what could be built where. Shear excitement took over but I was just able to contain the excitement produced over this latest development, I felt like hugging this complete stranger but uncharacteristically I calmly expressed gratitude that he was providing some essential information that could really assist me further on my quest. 

I had a photograph of the plot of land I had to find which I knew was located south of my position of John’s house. He urged me to go off on a reconnaissance tour and find areas I was potentially interested in. I was to return to him and he would then join and provide information of ownership.

We left the house with the photograph in hand and headed south where we soon found the farm track that led up a bank onto a flat plateau 30 meters above the fjord with wonderful views over a grass bank down to the waters edge. This was without doubt the location and I immediately connected with the ground beneath my feet as I gazed out across the fjord to the spectacular mountains beyond.

Before returning to John we wandered further around the region and located another two pleasant possibilities that could also be considered to build a property but clearly my heart was channelled to one possible location only.

Returning to John I was excited about having found the clearing in the forest and soon he joined us at the location. He knew immediately that the land owner was a farmer named Hans Jenssen who lived just across the river and soon took contact to explain our interest of purchase. The other two possibilities we had considered as alternative options also seemed positive possibilities as  John’s extended family owned one area and the second was for sale by the local council.

After two meetings with Hans and a short period of consideration we shook hands on an agreed sum. The rest is history!


The Team Members

Graham Austick

  • Owner / Managing Director
  • UIAGM International Mountain Guide / ISIA Diploma Ski Teacher
  • RYA Yacht Master - commercial skipper

Graham is a professional mountain guide and ski teacher holding the UIAGM International Mountain Guide qualification. He founded his first company Piste To Powder based in St.Anton Austria, offering off piste ski guiding adventures in Austria and to remote worldwide destinations. One of these destinations was Lyngen Norway and after experiencing the incredible nature and skiing he decided to build Lyngen Lodge.


Elisabeth Braathen

  • Owner / Managing Director

Elisabeth was born in Trondheim Norway has lived for many years in Austria managing ski resort destinations for Scandinavian tourists. An avid skier, mountaineer and general sports women, Elisabeth joined forces to create the Lyngen Lodge. Elisabeth is the co-owner


Pernilla Persson

  • Lodge Manager

Pernilla was born in Malmø Sweden and has dedicated her work in the fields of hospitality, management and sales ranging from private yachts to ski resorts. Pernilla is a sunshine that radiates positive energy, she is ready and waiting to host your stay at the Lyngen Lodge.


Thomas McTavish

  • Activities & Logistics

Tom was born in New Zealand and has lived amongst the mountains, skiing and alpine climbing for much of his life. He is a marine biologist by trade but his passion for the mountains and travel has brought him to Lyngen Lodge to share with you his enthusiasm for the outdoors and his infectious positive energy for life. Tom will be happy to guide you snow shoeing, kayaking or adventure walking but perhaps his favourite is diversity in conversation and finding out who you are!


Tiago Balsini

  • Chef

Having worldwide experience in cuisine creations, Tiago is highly motivated to produce outstanding food from the raw natural products surrounding the Lyngen Lodge.


Linda Ebnöther

  • House Keeping

Linda is from Switzerland. She has travelled the world to join our team with her 5 languages and excellent hosting skills. She make sure that you enjoy your stay to the fullest.


Astrid Lorenzen

  • Marketing/host

Astrid has a Bachelor in Tourism and has the appointed position of sales and marketing. Astrid is half French half Danish and is able to converse in 5 Languages. Her happy persona will also be hosting you during your stay at the lodge.


Stefan Kosz

  • International Mountain Guide - UIAGM - IFMGA

Stefan is a full time mountain guide, skiing at the Lyngen Lodge and the sister company Piste To Powder in St.Anton. He is also an instructor for aspiring mountain guides wishing to become qualified. His passion for ski touring and a great eye for the best ski line for his guests are his secret of success. His skills don't end there! Stefan is a trained opera singer and his voice can be heard valleys away in harmonic rhythm with nature!


 Hannes Schoeberl

  • International Mountain Guide - UIAGM - IFMGA

Hannes has been working with Lyngen Lodge and the sister company Piste To Powder in St.Anton for many years and along side being an accomplished mountain guide and skier he is also a teacher at the sports university of Innsbruck. Hannes's guests love his subtle humour, calmness and reassuring style while guiding the Lyngen mountains high above the fjords of Norway.


Independent IFMGA / UIAGM Mountain Guides

Mountain Guides holding the UIAGM/IFMGA qualification are welcome to guide their own groups. Lyngen Lodge will provide full support in planning, safety and coordinating your day.

Each day all guides will attend a morning safety briefing and each afternoon fill out a mountain tour log detailing conditions which will be logged and assist in avalanche forecasting for the region. The lodge will offer all logistical and consultancy services provided by the IFMGA guides based at the lodge full time so as to assist in providing a top quality service to you and your guests.



The Spirit of Lyngen - Boat

Accessing the Adventures

The Spirit of Lyngen provides transportation from the Lyngen Lodge to all mountain and fjord based adventures. Built for the Arctic sea, the Spirit of Lyngen will ensure a safe and exhilarating journey for boat skiing in Norway in winter and summer walking holidays in Norway

The Spirit's special design enables skiers, walkers and adventurers to be deployed directly from the bow onto beaches to access their adventures. Furthermore the boat is well equipped for passengers with a fitted galley, conveniences and fishing equipment.


Technical info

  • Length 11m
  • Design: Cabin RIB
  • Seating capacity x14
  • Engine Power 2x Yamaha Diesels Stern Drives 500hp
  • Speed 38 knots
  • Safety: Passenger Ship License issued by Norwegian Maritime Authorities.



Equipment Information

 Equipment information to make your Norwegian ski touring trip to Lyngen as smooth and comfortable as possible. See below for information regarding skis, avalanche safety equipment and clothing for the Arctic.


Ski equipment/rental

Kastle TX 97 is 97mm under the foot providing good powder floatation but remaining sporty and stable. The TX97's forgiving tip eases  turning in challenging conditions. Lengths 169cm, 177cm and 187cm. Guests love the TX97 quoting "the best performance touring ski ever" to "where can I buy it"


Rental prices 6 days:

  • Ski package including skins and poles 1400NOK
  • Ski package including boots 2000NOK
  • Ski package, boots and avalanche safety equipment 2600NOK



Fritschi bindings are fitted to all the lodge Kastle TX97 touring skis. All sets include skins and ski crampons.


Touring boots

Available at the lodge for rent are Garmont Axon touring boots.


Sizes available:

23.5 /38

24.5 /39

25.5 /40

26.5 /42

27.5 /43

28.5 /44


Place you order for rental well in advance before your arrival as we carry limited stock.

  • Rental price boots only NOK 800.- per week.
  • Skis, skins, boots, poles package NOK 2000 per week.



Safety Equipment

Safety package includes the Digital DTS Tracker avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe. You are welcome to bring your own digital transceiver, old analogues transceivers are not recommended. You will be instructed and tested on it's use. Rental NOK900 per week


ABS Rucksacks

It is possible to travel with ABS pressurized bottles. They should be carried in the hold luggage but not in the cabin carry on baggage.



A selection of Peak Performance clothing is available at the lodge shop.

Peak Performance Blacklight collection is the official clothing sponsor for Lyngen Lodge.


Your clothing check list

A layering system is the best way to regulate your body's heating system when skiing in Lyngen. This consists of:

  • Mid Long sleeve
  • Base thermal bottom layer
  • Primaloft insulating layer
  • Shell Jacket water/wind proof
  • Shell pants
  • Down filled jacket



Love your feet! And treat them to some wool rich socks - they'll thank you and so will your mates who join you in the hot tub after skiing!



A thin fleece pair and a beefy warm pair to block the snow and wind will do the trick, if you have a pair with removable liners that's a real bonus.



Goggles and sun glasses with high UV protection are required.



A rucksack around 35 litres capacity will be sufficient for all touring days. You'll only need to carry water, food and some spare clothing for the day.


Safety equipment

All members are required to carry the 3 essentials

1. Digital avalanche transceiver (no analogue devices permitted)

2. Shovel

3. Probe

Training and guidance on the effective use of the safety equipment will be available at the lodge.

PP/Night from US$ 438