Lyngen Lodge


Ski touring at its best at exclusive Lyngen Lodge: Snowy slopes and serene sea combine for the experience of a lifetime in the Norwegian fjords at Lyngen Lodge.

Amenities & Activities

Whale Watching

To view a Humpback Whale is a moment you feel extraordinarily privileged and the experience is an unforgettable memory. Humpback Whales are Baleen Whales that are a type that filter food through plates rather than having teeth. Adults range in length from 12 - 16 meters and weigh approximately 36,000kgs they are truly massive. Their shape is distinctive, having long pectoral fins and a huge knobbly chin/head. Often very acrobatic, they can surge from the water exposing three quarters of their body from the water and slapping down on their backs.

They can be found all over the world but only feed in summer in the polar regions on krill and small fish. They migrate 25,000km to tropical climates to give birth before heading north to colder waters to feed. They are now protected from hunting worldwide since a 1966 and there is an estimated 80,000 in the world today. One of them is in Lyngen Fjord! They also sing songs for 20 minutes at a time and repeat for hours - divers can feel the vibrations and studies believe it's mating orientated or perhaps they just like singing.... Our nature sea safarisinclude Whale Watching.

Humpbacks do not arrive every summer in the Lyngen Fjord so we recommend contacting us to find out their current movements here Whale Watching Norway Our sea safari tours observe the resident whales of our region which are the harbour porpoise, Springer whales, and occasionally the Orca.


Northern Lights Visits with Activities

From September to April the Northern Lights are visible, however due to snow cover and winter activities January to March is the main season.

The lodge is well positioned to experience the spectacular Aurora Borealis "Northern Lights" located well away from city lights you'll enjoy undisturbed viewings under star filled skies in a dramatic mountain and fjord setting. You can combine the following activities - drive your own dog sled with instruction, snow shoeing, sea safari by boat, horse sledding, photography courses, cross country skiing.


Dog sledding

Dog Sledding with a difference - drive your own team of 8 dogs after special training and supervision. This takes place in the southern region of the Lyngen Alps close to the Finnish border. Deep Valleys and high mountains provide the perfect dog sledding experience.

This tour can also be combined with snow mobile safari also. Please enquire here for options during your Lyngen Lodge Northern Lights visit.


Snow Shoeing

Snow Shoeing is the perfect way to walk and gain access to the snow covered forests and mountains directly behind the lodge. Guided tours can be tailored to suit all levels of fitness. There are numerous walks that lead to wonderful view points high above the Lyngen Fjord. Our classic is the tour takes 3 hours up to a spectacular Hammarsletta view point where coffee and sausages are cooked over our open fire inside a lavo tent.

Snow shoes are like modified tennis racquets that strap to your feet. They have been used for thousands or years by indigenous communities that lived long winters in the snow. They were originally made from binding tree branches together, however today's snow shoes are made from lightweight aluminium and all you need is a good pair of walking boots. They work by spreading your weight over a larger snow surface area which prevents you from sinking and enables you to float on top of the snow while exploring the winter landscape.


Sea Safari Winter

The Lyngen Fjord Winter Sea Safari is a favourite for many guests who visit the Lyngen Lodge. The journey begins aboard the high speed boat the Spirit of Lyngen. First port of call is the historic fishing village of Havnnes on the island of Uløya to see the "Dry Fish" hanging process. Boarding the Spirit again you will circumnavigate Uløya island and visit the bird sanctuary nestled between the two picturesque islands of Follesøya, here it is possible to sea the grey seal and some early settling migratory birds.

Heading further to the eastern shore line of the Lyngen Fjord you'll experience the mountains and shear cliffs of the Lyngen Peninsula at close quarters from the deck of the Spirit boat, here nesting along the cliffs the giant Sea Eagle (Europe's largest bird or prey) can be seen. You'll have the chance to deep sea fish for giant cod fish, spot whales and finally visit the spectacular glacier fed Strupen Bay.


Horse Sleigh Norway

A tranquil journey on a horse drawn sledge along the snowy shorelines of our surrounding fjords will provide an unforgettable romantic or family experience. Your journey will incorporate lunch seated on reindeer skins beside an open fire in the middle of a snowy wilderness under the Arctic skies.

We can arrange champagne lunches and special romantic requests while horse sleighing.


Northern Lights Photography Courses

To photograph the Northern Lights is a task that baffles many an experienced photographer! The Aurora lights tend to come quickly and the anticipation is so intense that when they arrive you are so in awe that you fumble with you settings while you can't help but simple stare upwards and the result is mad clicking and images that you knew you could have captured better.

Advanced photographic equipment is a clear advantage and cameras should have a few features such as manual operation options, adjustable ISO settings and long exposure capabilities and be tripod mountable. You can rent Nikon cameras from the lodge.

Our courses will take you through the ideal settings for your camera and we'll lead you through the processes so that you will obtain the best images possible. Post shooting we'll take an in depth look at how to process the image and bring out the best details and quality in Mac and PC based programs.

Locations will be within close proximity to the lodge. This is an ideal location as there is low light pollution which is essential for great captures.

Aims will be to shoot deep space Northern lights and night Aurora landscapes.

Courses are run over weekends from January to February.

PP/Night from US$ 438