Paromcamps - Freeride Camp Niseko

Japan: Hokkaido

Exotic, exciting, and super snowy: Niseko is the ultimate freeriding destination!

Advice to Travelers

  • Winter in Niseko is very snowy and cold, make sure to pack appropriate clothing and shoes
  • Weather can change abruptly, be prepared for snowstorm and sunshine (and everything in between) during the same day
  • Japanese culture differs from Western culture; politeness and good behavior are important
  • Shoes are not worn indoors (even in some restaurants)
  • Littering is forbidden, also pay close attention to sorting waste
  • We highly recommend you learn to use chopsticks before the trip
  • Restaurant culture is different and it is still allowed to smoke indoors in some places
  • Generally, tipping is not necessary and some restaurants include it automatically in the bill as a service fee
  • Major credit cards do work in Japan, but we recommend you to have some yen as not all places accept credit cards
  • Check the voltage on all chargers and electric devices, and make sure to pack an adapter
PP/Night from US$ 143