Point North Heli

USA: Alaska

Alaska at its best: Owner couple Jessica and Kevin Quinn will make you feel at home at the legendary ocean-front Orca Logde. Exclusive use of the Chugach!

About the Operator

Points North Heli Adventures is the only heli-skiing operation utilizing the southeastern side of the Chugach Mountains. Over the past decade, the Chugach Range has proven to be the premier destination worldwide for helicopter skiing and boarding. Accessed by ferry or plane, Cordova is unlike any other community in the state. Alaska Airlines flies into Cordova twice daily from Seattle and Anchorage. Upon arrival, a PNH team member will greet you and help with your luggage. A short, fifteen-minute drive to our facility offers many opportunities to see bald eagles, moose and the beautiful town of Cordova. Along the way you will also view the breath taking Chugach Mountains that you will soon be skiing or riding.

Our base location in Cordova is 40 miles from Valdez and allows us to provide you with a 'private' playground in our backyard. While other 5 operations in Valdez share terrain, we are able to explore areas that the others cannot conveniently access. We continue to find new terrain each year catering from the intermediate level recreation skier to the world-class athlete. If you have heard of heli skiing in Alaska, and are already this deep in your research of operators, it is more than likely we have terrain to suit your desires.

With over 2000 square ski-able miles available out the front door, there is more terrain than one could ski or ride in a lifetime!

Our lodging is all-inclusive. Our facility is not a hotel or motel. It is a beautiful state of the art facility located directly on the waters edge. All of our aircraft are a few steps away from your room eliminating the drive to the heli port each day. Everything is located here on the property. All of our meals are guaranteed to make your mouth water and our local chef specializes in fine cuisine. Within the lodge we also offer wireless Internet access, just in case you are thinking of work while on vacation.


History of Points North: about our operation

PNH is the only heli-operation utilizing this portion of the Chugach Mountains. There are more first descents than one could obtain in a 100 lifetimes. Most people believe that Alaska is very extreme place. Its is and can be, however movies and magazines have made it that way. We have over 2000 square ski-able miles of terrain catering to the high intermediate skier or the world-class athlete. Taking care of you and keeping safe is most important. Alaska has something for YOU, this we guarantee!

Points North Heli-Adventures is the only heli-ski operation in Alaska that is all-inclusive. We do not offer you a guaranteed vertical package rate. This is what makes Points North special. Weather in Alaska is too unpredictable to guarantee grand expectations of vertical, yet it is also the weather that makes Alaskan heli-skiing the super bowl of riding. You will get your vertical on fly days for certain!

There are no roads or highways that run through the middle of our land. All of our clients fly from our lodge and back to our lodge via helicopter each day. We have multiple fuel caches in the field. You are never on a peak and told to ski to the road for a shuttle bus pick up. An average day of skiing or snowboarding consists of 20-40,000 feet of vertical per day.

PP/Night from US$ 360