Red Mountain Ski & Snowboard Instructor Courses

Canada: British Columbia

Take your skills to the next level, become a ski or snowboard instructor, and learn from the pros at Red Mountain!

Extra Activities in Red Mountain

We want to make sure you have the time of your life and really make the most of your stay in the mountains. Of course you'll have an amazing time on the ski hill every day, but there's a lot more that's available with the extra activities we organise.


Extra activities - A key element of nonstop's leading 11 week courses

There are many reasons that make Nonstop's 11 week courses the most highly respected and popular in the world, none more so than our More program. Due to the popularity of our courses and the experience that we've accumulated since 2002, it's second nature for us to organise an action-packed itinerary of weekend activities, nights out, day trips to other ski resorts and additional mountain courses.


How does it work?

The More program involves a Credit scheme designed so that everyone gets to choose the activities they want to take part in. Included in all 11 week course packages you get 25 credits, each worth $10. How you use your credits is completely up to you and if you want to take part in more activities than the 25 credits allow, you can simply purchase more credits at any time.

  • Avalanche Safety Training- AST level 1 (22 credits approx.)
  • Cat-skiing/Snowboarding (45 credits approx.)
  • Weekend at Whitewater resort and Ainsworth hot springs (15 credits approx.)
  • Salmo night skiing (3 credits approx.)
  • Weekend trip to Fernie Alpine Resort (38 credits approx.)
  • Snowshoeing at Nancy Greene Lake (4 credits approx.)
  • Winter camping (10 credits approx.)
  • Guided back country skiing / splitboarding (15 credits approx.)
  • Winter first aid (10 credits approx.)
  • Weekend trip to Washington, USA (credits TBC)
  • Cross-Country Skiing (credits TBC)


Avalanche Safety Training (AST Level 1)

This two-day internationally recognised certification will educate and inform you about the dangers of avalanches and how to keep safe in the backcountry. Essential training for a responsible mountain user, and great for any instructor's CV.


Winter First Aid

This course is designed by St John's Ambulance so that you learn how to act fast in the event of an injury on the mountain, to yourself or others. This is excellent experience for budding instructors and will really stand out on your CV.


Winter Survival Camping

Lead by an experienced guide you will head outside the resort boundary, dig yourself a home for the night in groups of 2 or 3 and then settle in for a night inside your very own 'Quincy' or snow cave. A truly amazing and once in a lifetime experience and, best of all, you wake up on the mountain for first light and first tracks!


Guided Backcountry Touring

Spend a day or more ski touring or split boarding in the rugged Canadian backcountry. You'll experience untouched powder and incredible terrain, and will definitely know what it feels like to "earn your turns".


Cat Skiing

Not to be missed! This is a real season highlight for most. Spend a day being driven to the top of otherwise inaccessible terrain by a modified snow cat. An typical day involves around 8 - 12 runs in pristine, untracked powder.



Your chance to let loose on your very own snowmobile. If you're into your engines and 'boys toys', snowmobiling ticks all the boxes! You also get to view some stunning scenery as you are guided through the many local backcountry trails.


Trips to other resorts

Experience new mountains and all new terrain by visiting other local resorts. There are several day trips and weekend options available during the course. A change in scenery can really revitalise your season.


Visit Calgary

Go and watch the Calgary Flames at an NHL hockey game followed by a night on the town. A great way experience Canada's biggest sports with the excitement of the world's highest standard of ice hockey. Plus it's a chance to get a change in scenery for the weekend.


Dog Sledding

This is a real favourite for dog-lovers and a truly authentic Canadian experience. Meet your excited team of huskies and guide them through the wilderness.


Visit hot springs

This is great excursion, where you'll relax and revitalise in naturally hot springs. It's a strange experience to be lovely and warm in the water, while your hair crusts up with ice!


Social life

Nonstop's courses are a melting pot of diferent ages and cultures and in no time at all you'll form a close group of friends. Your time off the mountain will be as memorable as your time on it, and we make sure that there's always plenty for you to do in the evening, including

  • House parties
  • Road hockey
  • Curling
  • Pub crawls
  • Night skiing
  • Tobogganing
  • Ice-skating
  • Supporting the local ice hockey team
PP/Night from US$ 122