Red Mountain Ski & Snowboard Instructor Courses

Canada: British Columbia

Take your skills to the next level, become a ski or snowboard instructor, and learn from the pros at Red Mountain!


"I love this place! Everyone who I have dealt with and met have been fantastic. Red Mountain wouldn't be what it is without them. I couldn't say a bad word about Nonstop. If anyone is thinking of doing one of these courses they need to quit dreaming and do it!"
Rob Pritchard - 11 week instructor course at Red Mountain

"I love it here. A unique and very special ski town"
John English: 11 week instructor course

"What can I say? STEEP+DEEP. Europe will forever more be a disappointment. It's ruined me!!"
Naoimh O'Hagan: 11 week instructor course

"Rossland is really laid back and full of friendly people. The locals really took us in and made sure we felt welcome and the terrain is incredible, it's like backcountry riding with the convenience of lifts."
Francisco Camacho: 11 week instructor course

"Brilliant – I’ve fallen in love with the place and I hope it always stays the same! And it's the best resort I’ve ever skied. Hands down! I want to explore the backcountry now!"
Evan Bartlett: 11 week instructor course

PP/Night from US$ 122