Red Mountain Ski & Snowboard Instructor Courses

Canada: British Columbia

Take your skills to the next level, become a ski or snowboard instructor, and learn from the pros at Red Mountain!


CASI - Internationally recognised Snowboard instructor qualifications

As well as being an amazing place to spend your winter season, Canada’s national snowboard instructor qualifications are renowned amongst the most prestigious in the world. The following Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI) qualifications are available:

  • CASI Level 1
  • CASI Level 2
  • CASI Park Instructor Level 1

Each of the CASI qualifications are divided into two parts: teaching and riding. In the exam you will be assessed and graded for both. If you happen to pass one but not the other it is possible to easily organise a resit for the modual that you're missing.


CASI Level 1

CASI Level 1 is the first level of four snowboard instructor certifications. The Level 1 course covers instructing techniques for teaching beginners to novice snowboarders. You need to demonstrate good lesson planning, class management and teaching skills as well as appropriate analysis and improvement. Your own riding will be assessed on intermediate terrain (blue runs) and will need to demonstrate that you have a thorough understanding of the five fundamental riding skills: Stance and Balance, Pivoting, Edging, Pressure control and Timing and Coordination.

We expect each of our seasonnaires to gain their Level 1 qualification and to date we have an impressive 100% pass rate.

CASI Level 2

CASI Level 2 covers more advanced instructing and riding skills. It covers techniques for teaching intermediate to advanced snowboarders, including switch riding, basic to intermediate carving turns and intermediate to advanced sliding turns. The course requires a considerably higher level of snowboarding than the Level 1 qualification. You’ll need to demonstrate good terrain adaptation (strong and smooth in bumps and crud) as well as basic freestyle manoeuvres and advanced carving ability.

Level 2 examinations are demanding and require dedicated focus and commitment throughout the program. We have an impressive 93% pass rate for CASI Level 2

As well as the regular qualifications there are many other courses that you can take during your season with us. Amongst them is a freestyle instructor qualification, that will really help to boost your CV.

CASI Park instructor Level 1

On our 11 week programs snowboarders can take CASI Park Instructor Level 1. With this qualifications under your belt, you’ll be able to teach beginner and intermediate freestyle lessons, from a rider’s first ollie to perfecting their backside 360s. You’ll be assessed on both your teaching and your riding skills and need to smoothly and consistently perform all the basic freestyle moves - straight airs, a variety of grabs, frontside and backside 180s and 360s and pipe riding.


CSIA - Internationally recognised Skiing instructor qualifications

Progression is always rapid for skiers in Red Mountain. With over 220 hours of instruction from our high level, experienced pros, you'll continue challenging yourself every week on more and more epic terrain. You'll be skiing with the grace and skill of an instructor in no time. Of course, you’ll also learn how to pass on your tightly honed skills onto others, so that you are fully prepared for your CSIA level 1 and 2 exams, and even extra freestyle or race qualifications, if you fancy going the extra mile. When you come to apply for instructor jobs in future years, saying that you qualified in Red Mountain under Mark Impey carries extra clout.

Ski Instructor courses available:

  • CSIA Level 1
  • CSIA Level 2
  • CSCF Entry Level Race Coach course
  • CFSA Snow Park Certification Course

Each qualification is assessed in two halves: teaching and skiing. Over the course of your exams, you will have to demonstrate sufficient skill levels in both areas. If you happen to pass one half but not the other, you can easily schedule a re-sit for the half that you missed out on.


CSIA Level 1

For most popular instructor systems, Level 1 is the first of four qualifications. With CSIA and NZSIA Level 1 you will be eligible to instruct beginners and novices on the mountain, whereas with BASI Level 1 you are only able to teach on artificial slopes. We expect the vast majority of our trainees to gain their Level 1 qualification and to date we have an impressive 100% pass rate. There is a fair amount of work available for Level 1 CSIA instructors in Canada and USA, as there is for Level 1 NZSIA instructors in New Zealand. It is also possible to find work outside of the country in which you gained your qualification, but having Level 2 will open far more doors.

CSIA Level 2

Qualifying for CSIA Level 2 is when you'll really step up a gear. You’ll learn to instruct high level techniques and will be eligible to teach intermediate and advanced skiers. Level 2 examinations are demanding and will require dedicated focus and commitment throughout the course. We were pleased to achieve an impressive 93% pass rate! Level 2 is very well recognised around the world and although most of our clients return to instruct in Canada (because they fall in love with the copious amounts of snow, empty pistes and friendly people!) many use their qualifications to travel around the world.


CSCF Entry Level Race Coach course

Skiers on our 11 week Canadian programs will have the opportunity to take the CSCF Race coach course. It is a popular three day course which will push your speed and free skiing techniques while developing coaching skills for introducing children to race techniques.


CFSA Snow Park Certification Course

The CFSA and CSIA Snow Park qualifications enable you to become a qualified freestyle coach able to instruct terrain park and flat land freestyle up to intermediate skill levels. The 3 day course is divided between developing your coaching methods and improving your kicker, rails, and flat land skills. Which certification you gain will depend on your chosen course location. We have used the best possible local instructor resources in each resort, capable of offering you the best freestyle qualification available. In Fernie candidates will take the CFSA course and all other resorts will take the CSIA course. They are viewed equally by employers.

AMP - All Mountain Pro

One of our primary goals is to massively improve your technique. We want you to leave Canada being able to rip the whole mountain, whatever the conditions, in control, in style, and having fun.


More interested in progressing your own skills than becoming an instructor?

We recognise that some people who choose an 11 week instructor course are unlikely to ever actually work as an instructor and are doing the course as a structured, enjoyable way of spending a season. Therefore we realise the importance of offering more than just instructor training. So for those who are more interested in their personal performance (as opposed to the CSIA level 2 qualification) the All Mountain Pro certification is the perfect solution.

AMP offers a structured development program with set standards and defined goals so that after the level 1 instructor exam (which everyone does) you can make the most of the snow conditions while progression right through to the end of the course.

It's all about having fun!

With AMP (All Mountain Pro), you'll push your skiing or snowboarding to a new level. Coaching is focused on improving all mountain skills so that you can fluidly tackle powder, trees, moguls and piste, while confidently hitting jumps and drops with style. In essence, we'll help you to have fun!


What you'll learn on AMP

You will be taught different skills each week culminating in an assessment at the end of the course. The modules you will focus on are:

  • Gladed tree run
  • Controlled Air Time
  • Linked Carving
  • Varied Turns
  • Short Radius Turns
  • Drop Ins
  • Mogul Runs
  • Expression Session
  • Free Run
PP/Night from US$ 122