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Make this years ski trip more than just a holiday with an adventure to Japans world famous backcountry, this trip ensures to experience Japans cuisine, culture and of course unbelievable snow conditions.


Our trips are best suited to advanced and expert level skiers / riders capable of negotiating varied terrain, glades, deep snow… and sometimes less than perfect conditions. That said, we only offer private trips meaning that we are able to tailor each day to suit your group's ability level; this means that we can also offer great ski days's for advanced intermediate level guests looking to begin exploring off piste powder terrain. Unfortunately we do not offer on piste guiding or instruction so if you are a beginner or intermediate level skier / rider we recommend contacting one of the great local ski / snowboard school providers.

Best Time to Ski

Hokkaido is home to some of the most consistent powder conditions on the planet and you can generally expect great snow from Christmas through until mid – March. In many years it can be good earlier but coverage can be an issue meaning that it is often difficult to access the best off piste terrain at that time of year. Later in the season can also be great and coverage is never a problem in March; however the longer days typically bring warmer temperatures and higher freezing levels threatening snow quality particularly at lower elevations.

Through peak season (Christmas until mid-March) you can generally count on great snow across the island with an ever increasing snowpack. The heaviest snowfalls typically come earlier in the winter but the shallower, unconsolidated base can make backcountry travel a bit more challenging. By February the base will be well developed and regular, smaller top-ups of fresh snow mean great skiing and great access for quicker laps with less risk of getting bogged down in deep snow.

Disclaimer: The weather is the weather and unfortunately we don't control it. Even here in Hokkaido you can catch a dry spell or even worse a rain event. Joining Rising Sun for a guided trip is the best way to mitigate this risk as if there is good snow anywhere, we'll find it for you… and if its really not good anywhere we'll give you a full refund or reschedule at no extra cost. Find out more about our Powder Guarantee.

PP/Night from US$ 228