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Make this years ski trip more than just a holiday with an adventure to Japans world famous backcountry, this trip ensures to experience Japans cuisine, culture and of course unbelievable snow conditions.

Rates & Packages

Packages 2017 & 2018

The Sapporo InvestmentSouthwest SolutionsThe Hokkaido Fix
2 - 3 Days8 Days8+ Days
59,000 YEN179,000 YEN259,000 YEN
Big Mountain RewardsHigh EarningThe Rising Sun Summit Series
6 Days10 DaysVarying lenghts
179,000 YEN289,000 YENEnquire with LUEX
Please note:
  • Price per person, based on a group of 5 people
The Hokkaido - Honshu Expedition
Jan 8th - 20th
449,000 YEN
Backcountry Touring
Private groups of 1-356,000 YEN
Private groups of 4-569,000 YEN
Private groups 6+Please inquire
Lift Assisted trips
Private groups of 1-356,000 YEN
Private groups of 4-569,000 YEN
Private groups 6+Please inquire
Mechanized Trips
Cat Skiing54,000 YEN
Snowmobiles58,000 YEN
Snow Bikes69,000 YEN
Avalanche Skills Training
Level 1Level 2
25,000 YEN55,000 YEN

Please note:

  • Level 1 Includes course materials, 2 full days of instruction
  • Level 1 2017-18 Course Schedule: Dec. 9 & 10, 2017 / Dec. 14 & 15, 2017 / Jan. 3 & 4, 2018 / Jan. 18 & 19, 2018 / March 3 & 4, 2018 / March 10 & 11, 2018
  • Level 2 course fee includes course materials, 4 days of instruction
  • Level 2 2017-18 Course Schedule: Dec. 11 – 14 2017 / March 6-9 2018
Avalanche Safety Kit2,000 YEN
Backpack1,000 YEN
Shovel1,000 YEN
Probe1,000 YEN
Transceiver1,000 YEN
Splitboard with Skins & Poles5,000 YEN
Snowshoes1,000 YEN
Collapsible Poles1,000 YEN
Snowshoes & Poles1,500 YEN
Alpine Touring Skis with Skins & Poles4,000 YEN
Skins1,000 YEN
Collapsible Poles1,000 YEN

Please note:

  • Prices per day

What is included / What not

All packages include:

  • Door to door or airport transfers included
  • Twin/triple room accommodation with breakfast

All packages exclude:

  • Lunch, dinner, drinks, shopping, onsen entry fees
  • Single room upgrade on request
  • Avalanche safety kit and backcountry touring gear (rental available)
  • Departure airport transfer not included but will be arranged dependent on your requirements and budget.

The Sapporo Investment

  • 2 guided ski days
  • 2 days lift tickets

Southwest Solutions

  • 4 guided ski days
  • 4 days lift tickets

The Hokkaido Fix

  • 7 guided ski days
  • 7 days lift tickets

High Earnings

11 day pkg

  • 9 guided ski days
  • 6 days lift tickets
  • 3 dinners
  • Onsen's at most accommodations
  • All transfers on guided ski days

Not Included:

  • We may visit other onsen's than those at the hotels we are staying. Entry fees for these onsen are not included in the trip price

The Hokkaido – Honshu Expedition

  • 11 guided ski days
  • 11 days lift tickets
  • Max 4:1 guest to guide ratio
  • Min 6 / Max 10 guests on trip

Extended Description

Backcountry Touring

Includes: Door to door transport and guided ski day

At Rising Sun, backcountry skiing is our specialty and our qualified guides will take you beyond the ski resort boundaries and away from the crowds to find fresh lines and deep untouched snow. In Hokkaido there is snow and mountains everywhere and without the requirement of a chairlift the options are limitless. Much like our lift assisted trips, we aim to be as flexible as possible and will ultimately decide our ski touring destination on the day of the trip based on weather conditions, snow stability and your interests.

Yotei Summit Trips

If you arrive in Niseko and the skies eventually clear, you'll see the dominating peak of Mount Yotei looming nearby and if you like backcountry touring, it will probably be difficult to resist the temptation to stand on top of it. We also love going to the top of Hokkaido's version of Mount Fuji and try to head up there as often as the weather permits. Please let us know if you are interested in summiting Yotei and we will do our best to make it happen while you are here.

Skill Level

All guests should be advanced level downhill skiers / riders capable of negotiating most terrain, variable snow conditions and trees. In terms of uphill experience we can head out with first time ski tourers or experienced backcountry enthusiasts. Please let us know about both your uphill and downhill skill level so that we can plan your day accordingly.


For skiers, skins and AT skis are required gear so please let us know if you don’t have your own and we’ll get you set up with rentals. Snowboarders can travel on snowshoes if that is your preference however we highly recommend Splitboards as they are lighter and more efficient meaning that you will get more out of your day with us. Both are available for rental if you don't have your own. More information on rental equipment can be found here.

Lift Assisted Trips

Includes door to door transport, avalanche safety kit and full guided ski day. Lift tickets will also be charged for at the time of booking based on the number of guests attending.

Hokkaido is not only blessed with awesome snow but a tonne of great ski areas with lifts to help you access it. Each resort offers something unique and incredible skiing on the right day but with Hokkaido's variable weather and distinct micro-climates, the challenge knowing where to go on any given day. That's why our guides are up early morning discussing weather conditions, assessing snow stability and figuring out where we can find the best, deepest and most untracked snow. Your guide will pick you up from your accommodation around 8am (sometimes earlier depending on destination), advise their top pick for the day and after a discussion of your interests take you for an epic day of skiing / riding at the most suitable location. We leave our day trips as open and flexible as possible to accommodate snow conditions and your input so that most decisions can be made on the day of the trip.

Uphill Travel

These trips are designed to be lift assisted with minimal uphill travel (usually max 20 minute bootpacks) and we can typically deliver high quality trips with great snow. That said, on some days the only way to get good turns is to earn it. Please let us know at the time of booking that you would be willing to go ski touring if conditions dictate. Conversely if you have no interest in walking up hills regardless of conditions then we would like to know that too! Either way you are covered with our powder guarantee.


We offer lift assisted day trips for guests staying both in the Niseko region (door to door pick up offered from all 5 Niseko base areas) and Furano. We are sometimes able to arrange day trips for guests staying in other areas and/or can meet you for multiple days.


All guests are required to have an avalanche safety kit (backpack, shovel, transceiver, probe) on all guided trips. Please let us know if you do not have your own and we will provide a kit at no extra charge.

Mechanized Trips

Snow Bikes

Includes: Door to door transport and guided day on snow bikes. Combine a snowmobile with a dirt bike and what you get is a snow bike. Lighter and more maneuverable than a snowmobile, snow bikes are able to sidehill, climb and navigate tight forested terrain unlike anything snow has ever seen. We've got a fleet of brand new Timbersled bikes modified for Hokkaido powder waiting for you so take a day off the skis and come check out what these machines can do.

  • Min. 2 guests to operate at listed price
  • Max. 5 guests per trip
  • Pickup @ 8:30am
  • Return approx. 12-1:30pm
  • Afternoon departures available on request


Includes: Door to door transport and guided backcountry snowmobiling. Join us for an epic day of snowmobiling in Hokkaido's incredible backcountry terrain. Trips will be tailored to your group's ability level but good fitness, strength and athleticism are a must – particularly when the snow is deep.

  • High powered 600+cc snowmobiles
  • Minimum 2 to operate at listed rate
  • Maximum 5 guests per trip
  • Minimum 13 years old
  • Approximately 3 hours on the machines depending on your fitness
  • Pick up at 8:30am
  • Return between 12 & 1:30pm
  • Afternoon / evening departures available on request

Cat Skiing

Includes: Door to door transport, Guided Ski Day, Lunch & Avalanche Safety Kit. Join us for an epic day of cat skiing in the Shiribeshi mountains. Located about 30 minutes from Niseko, our cat ski operation offers access to great ski terrain that you will have all to yourself when you step out of our cat. With no competition for the goods, we have all day to lap up pow runs. On most days, we are able to do about 8 runs but this does depend on snow conditions and ability level.

  • Pick up at 8am from your accommodation
  • Avalanche safety kit included
  • Lunch included
  • Vertical drop is approximately 200 meters per run
  • Typical trip returns between 4-5pm
  • Minimum age 13 years old.
  • Minimum 4 to operate at listed rates
  • Maximum 10
  • Private charters available

The Sapporo Investment

Check out the snowiest major city on the planet and the incredible ski areas that surround it. This trip fits best at the end of your visit to Hokkaido. Highlights: Steep powder skiing on the doorstep of the world's snowiest major city

Sapporo is the gateway to Hokkaido and since you will most likely need to fly in and out of nearby New Chitose Airport, we highly recommend investing some time to check out the world class skiing here. Sapporo's local resorts offer some of the steepest lift served terrain in Hokkaido as well as unique backcountry touring options. Added bonuses include the opportunity to check out the sights, sounds, restaurants and nightlife of the city. This trip fits best at the end of your stay in Hokkaido but can also be arranged at the start of your trip.

Day 1: Early morning pickup and departure for guided skiing en route to Sapporo. Stay Sapporo.
Day 2: Guided skiing in the Sapporo region. Stay Sapporo.
Day 3: Airport transfer and fly home

Southwest Solutions

An epic 8 day package that will take you the best skiing in Southwest Hokkaido. This trip starts in Niseko visiting a number of areas within reach of Hokkaido's biggest and most famous resort before wrapping up with a couple of days in the Sapporo region. Highlights: 8 Days / Based in Niseko and Sapporo / 1 hotel change / Mix of lift access and backcountry touring.

We may not be able to solve world's problems but we do have answers to your powder requirements. There's a reason that Japan's most well known ski area is Niseko. Simply put, it snows alot here. Or more accurately it snows alot across the region of Southwest Hokkaido where Niseko is located. Staying in Niseko not only offers great access to the Niseko United ski area but it is also positioned within day trip reach of a number of other great ski areas and backcountry zones.

The trip itinerary shown here includes 4 skiing days based in the Niseko area followed by 2 days in the Sapporo region with 4 guided ski days along the way but this trip can easily be extended or shortened with more or less guided days included in the price.

Optional: Book accommodation in the Niseko area independently. There are lots of options in this area and most providers speak English making it relatively easy in comparison to the rest of Hokkaido. Or keep it simple and leave the accommodations to us.

Day 1: Arrive and transfer to Niseko
Day 2: Niseko region guided skiing. Options include Niseko, Rusutsu, Moiwa, Kiroro, and backcountry touring.
Day 3: Unguided skiing in the Niseko region.
Day 4: Niseko region guided skiing. Options include Niseko, Rusutsu, Moiwa, Kiroro, and backcountry touring.
Day 5: Unguided skiing in the Niseko region.
Day 6: Early morning departure for Sapporo region guided skiing. Evening transfer to Sapporo hotel.
Day 7: Sapporo region guided skiing. Stay Sapporo.
Day 8: Airport transfer and fly home.

The Hokkaido Fix

An epic road trip to Hokkaido's best ski resorts and backcountry zones. Itineraries can be customized to meet your group's requirements, skiing interests and appetite for powder. Highlights: 9 Days / Hokkaido Road Trip / Customized focus on lift access or backcountry touring.

This tour de Hokkaido starts in Niseko with a few days chasing the best powder in this region before heading to Central Hokkaido. Weather permitting we'll spend some time in the alpine of the Daisetsuzan range at places like Asahidake and Tokachidake or if its dumping and alpine visibility is limited we'll settle for some of Hokkaido's best top to bottom skiing at places like Furano, Kamui and Tomamu. The trip will wrap up in Sapporo with steep, powder skiing at places like Teine, Kokusai or Kiroro.

Shown below is one possible itinerary along with associated pricing but there are a lot of different ways to ski Hokkaido and this trip can be longer or shorter, visit more/less areas, take a different route etc. Just let us know about your group, skiing interests, how much time you have and we'll put together a custom itinerary that fits your requirements. Please inquire for more information.

Day 1: Arrive and transfer to Niseko
Day 2-4: Niseko region guided skiing. Transfer to Central Hokkaido on Day 4.
Day 5-7: Central Hokkaido guided skiing. Transfer to Sapporo on Day 7.
Day 8: Sapporo region guided skiing.
Day 9: Airport transfer and fly home

Central Rewards

Already been to Niseko and keen to focus attention on Central Hokkaido? Check out areas like Furano, Kamui, Asahidake and backcountry touring in other parts of Hokkaido's highest mountains – the Daisetsuzan's. (6 days) Contact LUEX for detailed information.

High Earnings

Visit some of Hokkaido's most remote locations and best backcountry zones. These trips are designed to be backcountry touring focussed and we'll hopefully put skins on every day but we'll still be positioned within reach of ski resorts of the weather isn't suitable for touring or the lift accessible powder is too good to pass up. Highlights: Remote Locations Across Hokkaido / Backcountry Touring Focus

Join us for an epic backcountry ski adventure to untracked lines across the island of Hokkaido. Over the course of this trip, we'll move locations regularly and stay in some of Hokkaido's less travelled areas. Weather permitting, we'll aim to head into the backcountry and put skins on for at least some portion of all days but we'll still be positioned within reach of ski resorts in case conditions aren't well suited to touring or we're keen from some lift accessed skiing. In general though accommodation locations have been selected for their proximity to awesome backcountry touring zones… and not listed below to help them remain off the beaten track.
Itinerary (11 day pkg)

Day 1: Arrive and transfer to Niseko
Day 2: Niseko region guided skiing
Day 3: Niseko region guided skiing and transfer to undisclosed location.
Day 4: Guided ski day.
Day 5: Guided ski day and evening transfer to our next location.
Day 6: Guided ski day.
Day 7: Guided ski day and evening transfer to our next location.
Day 8: Guided ski day.
Day 9: Guided ski day and transfer to Sapporo.
Day 10: Guided ski day in the Sapporo region.
Day 11: Airport transfer and home.

The Rising Sun Summit Series

Pricing varies. Please inquire for information and quotation.

This is a select set of specialty trips to unique areas designed for experienced backcountry enthusiasts. Highlights: Anything you want! Backcountry touring focussed

This set of trips is geared towards experienced backcountry tourers looking to climb spectacular peaks in remote locations. These are one-off trips that we will work with you to design. Potential options include an extended trip in the Daisetsuzan range, a visit to Rishiri island, overnight hut trips or something else that you and your group is particularly interested in. If you are interested in these trips, we highly recommend planning your trip for March when we have a well developed snowpack, longer days and more stable weather. These are all important factors that will contribute to successfully achieving our objectives.

Please inquire for more information

The Hokkaido – Honshu Expedition

An epic 13 day trip travelling from Hokkaido all the way to Tokyo. Trip will operate from Jan. 8 – 20, 2017. Highlights: 13 days / Ski your way from Hokkaido to Honshu

If you’re looking for a trip that does it all, then look no further. The Hokkaido – Honshu express will start with 4 days in Southwest Hokkaido before we cross the Tsugaru strait to Northern Honshu. Once on Japan's main island, we will make our way through the Tohoku region and ultimately down to the Japan Alps. Along the way, we’ll stop off to ski powder every now and again. Expect all kinds of experiences on this trip, a wide range of ski resorts of all types and sizes and of course some great backcountry skiing.

If you would like to join either of these trips, you should:

Ski / snowboard downhill at an advanced level, Be interested in backcountry ski touring. Its OK if you have never toured before as we’ll be happy to show you the ropes but you need to be keen to go uphill if the weather and snow dictate., Have a lot of time off work!!

Jan. 8: Arrive and transfer to Niseko.
Jan. 9 – 11: Niseko region guided skiing with lots of options.
Jan. 12: Morning skiing followed by transfer to Honshu's Tohoku region.
Jan. 13 – 19: Road trip from Northern Honshu all the way to Tokyo visiting great ski areas and epic backcountry terrain along the way.
Jan. 20: Airport transfer and head home

PP/Night from US$ 227