Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing

Canada: British Columbia

Do you want powder, powder and more powder? Selkirk Tangiers is where you can heli ski and resort ski on endless dry powder.

Refund Policies

Multi-day Packages

Every heli ski package with Selkirk Tangiers includes a certain amount of guaranteed vertical metres. If the guaranteed vertical target is not reached during your visit due to inclement weather, you will be refunded at a rate of $98.00 plus tax per 1,000 vertical metres for classic packages and at a rate of $142.50 plus tax per 1,000 vertical metres for private packages. We do not refund guests who do not reach the guaranteed vertical amount due to poor skiing ability or fitness, illness or injury. If you choose not to ski on any given day during your package, you will still be charged for the minimum metres skied by your group.


Day Packages

Sometimes the weather does not cooperate and we are unable to fly on your scheduled heli ski date. Here are the options if poor weather does not allow us to ski:

  • Full refund or rebooking if the decision is made the previous day based on poor weather or avalanche conditions.
  • Full refund or rebooking if the decision is made by the time you show up in the morning. Rebook your Day Heli trip at this time and enjoy your breakfast and a bagged lunch on us.
  • If the decision is made after your breakfast and morning safety briefing we charge $74.00 plus tax, and will provide you with a day ski pass for Revelstoke Mountain Resort and a bagged lunch.
  • If we start skiing but the guaranteed number of runs are not reached we refund at a rate of $130.00 plus tax for each run not achieved.


The goal of our guides and pilots is to find quality snow conditions so you experience the best skiing possible. Sometimes cloudy weather and high winds will limit our ability to maneuver to all locations in our tenure. The terrain you ski can vary from naturally gladed old growth forests to wide open glacier runs that wind into remote valleys.


Cancellation Policy

Unless you can find a replacement, your deposit and final payments are non-refundable. Due to the costs involved with heli skiing and heli boarding packages, we strongly encourage you to purchase trip cancellation insurance.


Trip Insurance

Trip cancellation insurance can be purchased through your preferred insurance provider, or through Selkirk Tangiers at the time of booking. The rates vary based on the length of your trip, age, and type of package you have chosen. For more information, please contact us.



PP/Night from US$ 662