Ski Touring and Freeride in Antarctica


Experience the thrill of real adventure on this ski expedition to the world’s southernmost continent: Antarctica.


What People Say

October, 2014

Very well organised, safe and absolutely fantastic trips. I've been with MountainAdventure on four (or is it five already? not sure :) ) trips and will take more. Highly recommended if you are looking for powder and especially if you are ready for some ski-touring - almost anywhere on the globe.

Gleb Skrypin, Russia.

October, 2014

Perfect trip to skitour Kamchatka's volcanoes.

Sergey Kaimin, Russia.

Incredible tour in a fantastic place, what else?

Bakening volcano, August 2010.

This trekking around Bakening (one week) was just ideal with perfect organization (before, during, afterwards), Grigory is the ideal person for that, as guide… and cooker ! It was like a return to sources, things that we forget in this virtual world… If I have the chance to do another tour, without hesitation, I'll go with him, in Kamchatka or somewhere else !

The tour around Bakening is so various : luxuriant vegetation and extreme humidity, aridity of the volcanic summits and surrealist lakes of mountain, here is what gives you this adventure. There are so many things to be said about it, it would take too much time…

Live one week in totally cohabitation with wild life is something unique, each person should do it and the World would turn better. Still so much enduring memories in my mind.

Thanks again a lot my dear friend Grisha for this adventure and I'm sure that we'll have others moments like this !

Yannick Besançon, France.


Bakening volcano, August 2009.

It was gorgeous, waking up at our sunny lakefront camp on the open valley floor to gaze up to the high summit of Mt. Bakening, towering above us in misty clouds with not a sign of other humans to be found anywhere. It was perfect.

And it was more gorgeous from the summit - 360 degrees of varied vistas in every direction, spectacular beauty in a remote corner of unspoiled Kamchatka wilderness. From the spires and tangled rock faces of the collapsed volcanic cone on the backside, to our tiny, distant camp beside the lake thousands of feet below, we sat silent in the sunny breeze and let our eyes soak it all in.

Wow. And all in the hands of our super-capable, fun-loving guide Grisha, expert trekker and outdoorsman, a hell of a lot of fun on the trail and around the campfire.

Our only regret is that we haven’t been able to get back. Yet.

Patrick Collins, Douglas Parker, USA.


Tolbachik volcano, July 2009.

We would like to express our gratitude to our guide Victor Zakharin for an amazing journey around the volcano Tolbachik in central Kamchatka in July 2009.

Thanks to Victor, we watched the consequences of the Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption 1975-76 , climbed still warm volcanic cones, descended into volcanic caves, enjoyed the wildlife and the beauty of the alpine tundra and the comfort of solitude, laughed at sousliks and foxes, admired spectacular views of the Kliuchevskoy volcanic group and, moreover, we visited an extraordinary place - a shelter at the South eruption breakout.

We were very lucky with the guide as very few groups and tourists usually visit this location. There are two explanations: firstly, there is no access route, even for four-by-fours, so one can reach this place either by helicopter or having a long walk, and secondly, very few guides hold the secret location of the drinking water. Victor knew the cave with a delicious melt-water, so we had two unforgettable days there and we definitely would like to return there again. Victor is very sure-handed with the gear, he has an eye for the ground and he is excellent chef and loves his motherland that is evident through the set of fascinating stories he told about Kamchatka.

Despite his  young age, Victor is a high-class professional and just a great guy. We will certainly come back and have a new adventure. But only guided by Victor!

Andrey and Nadezhda Zaichikovy, Russia.

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