Skiers Lodge La Grave

France: Southern Alps

Experience the steep backcountry slopes and dramatic drops at legendary La Grave just 3 minutes from the lifts with the Skier’s Lodge La Grave!


Our Guides hold the highest internationally recognised qualification for instruction and guiding in rock and ice climbing, mountaineering and off-piste skiing and ski touring- the coveted IFMGA carnet. This badge, recognised throughout the mountaineering world is your guarantee of their professional training and competence in all aspects of (IFMGA ), followed, along with increased training and rigorous assessment.

They are experienced of mixing exciting and challenging skiing with enjoyment, and above all safety. Our guides continuously monitor the weather conditions and evaluate the snow stability in an effort to minimise hazards. They choose suitable skiing are based on these evaluations and the entire group’s skiing ability. All our pilot have a great experience of flying in the Alps.

This membership, shared at present with guides from sixteen other countries, gives all the Guides at Skiers Lodge absolute equivalence with Guides in Alpine countries and throughout the world. The award of the International Guides Carnet demands the highest standards of skill and professionalism in all aspects of mountaneering. All our Guides are qualified IFMGA/UIAGM (International High Mountain Guides).

They speak English, French, Swedish and German.

Swedish Mountain Guides, France Syndicat National des Guides de France, American Mountain Guide Association, Germany Verband Deutscher Berg- und Skiführer, British Association of Mountain Guides.


Pelle Onol Lång (Sweden) UIAGM/IFMGA Licensed Guide

Wherever Pelle Lang has put his ski-boots down has been his home. Leaving Sweden some three decades ago searching for good adventure skiing in the mountain ranges in the world the ”search” is over. Being the owner and founder of the Skier Lodge made him settle down in La Grave. His dream was to create a lodge owned and operated by skiers for skiers. In 1989 this dream becomes a reality. The Skiers Lodge Guide Service, for which Pelle works daily as the chief guide, represents the ski part of the concept.

Eric Mossiere (France) UIAGM/IFMGA Licensed Guide

Eric Mossiere was born and raised in Grenoble close to the Alpes and the massif de Vercors. He likes both the city life and the mountains and finds living in a small village near the town of Briancon optimal since he can not forget his city habits living closer to civilisation than La Grave. He got great knowledge of the secret skiing spots in Serre Chevalier and Montgenevre area and calls the Lodge early every morning to tell about the snow conditions on his way drive towards La Grave.

Cyril Dupeyre (France) UIAGM/IFMGA Licensed Guide

Cyril live in La Grave and is a fully qualified High Mountain Guide and a member of the guide syndicate of La Grave. He started as a climber and became a member of the French young alpinist national team in 2008-2009. After a lot of hard climbing in the Alps, Norway, Maroco, Bolivia, Peru, Patagonia, Slovenia and USA. He received the Diplome de Guide de Haute Montagne UIAGM. He arrived in La Grave 5 years ago and he never looked back, he spent many ski days so he know the place very well!

Rasmus Krogerus (Finland) UIAGM/IFMGA Licensed Guide

Rasmus has always liked the nature and outdoor life. He studied to be a wilderness guide and is a UIAGM certified mountain guide. Cross-country skiing was always a big interest in his family and he started out in the sled being pulled by his mother before he got his own skis at the age of two. As a teenager he started snowboarding and soon found Finland with its highest point 1323 meters too flat. He started doing regular trips to the alps and northern Norway.

Joe “PRO” Vallone (US) UIAGM/IFMGA Licensed Guide

Joe “PRO” Vallone is a fully certified American UIAGM/IFMGA Licensed Guide The phrase “in the moment” could have been invented for Joe. Colourful, focused and energetic, Joe’s qualities shine through in both his personal interactions as well as his accomplishments: He’s an IFMGA internationally certified guide, a professional drummer and a professional free-skier. Joe possesses a unique ability to instantly shift his undivided attention to the task at hand. Joe graduated from Colorado State University with a BA in Music.

Timothy Connelly (UK/USA) UIAGM/IFMGA Licensed Guide

Tim has been around the world block a few times and with his 13 years of mountain guiding he has found himself helping people full-fill their dreams from Alaska to Patagonia, from the Himalaya to the Alps to Antarctica with many a stop in between. Fully licensed UIAGM and the 2006 recipient of the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) ‘Outstanding Guide of the Year’ award as well as numerous honours from Denali National park in Alaska for services beyond need for help with search and rescue operations have shown that Tim…

Keith Garvey (US) UIAGM/IFMGA Licensed Guide

Keith Garvey now enjoys wearing ski boots as much if not more than his surfing boots, even after 16 year of snowboarding. “If it wasn’t for the snowboard, skiing would still be a stale, straight and narrow sport.” Some fat skis and a little shape is what brought him back and now he claims it to be his favourite sport. He spent the last three seasons skiing and guiding in Valdez, Alaska, and in the lower 48. Keith began guiding nine years ago in the U.S. working for the Colorado Mountain School.

Martin Svensson (Sweden) UIAGM/IFMGA Licensed Guide

Martin Svensson is a fully certified mountain guide from Sweden with a dedicated passion for mountain sports. Possessing a quiver of mountain skills, including big-mountain skier, alpinism, big wall and sport climber. Martin says: “It is great to be able to practise and try to perfect different disciplines in a changeable mountain environment. It keeps “the flame burning”. Martin started skiing in 1976 in the Telemark region of Norway, neighbouring a small village called Rjukan where modern telemark skiing was born.

Tyler Jones UIAGM/IFMGA Licensed Guide

Tyler grew up in the mountains of Idaho in the United States, where he knew at a young age that climbing and guiding would be life for him. Since then, Tyler has achieved his full guide certification in the disciplines of Ski, Rock, and Alpine. This currently makes him the youngest American internationally recognized as UIAGM/IFMGA licensed guide through the American Mountain Guides Association. Tyler has been on thirteen expeditions to the Alaska Range, including solo trips, several notable ski descents, and an ascent of the Cassin Ridge.

Andreas Bengtsson (Sweden) UIAGM/IFMGA Licensed Guide

Born in Sweden in 1974 and hade his first skiing experience some 5 years later. Andreas is a Certified UIAGM Mountain Guide and UIAA Climbing Instructor but also a product developer with a patent on his merit list. Loves skiing and climbing and has spent a lot of time exploring different ski resorts in the alps and ski touring in the wilderness of the Scandinavian mountains. “The first time a came to la grave my mind went “Wow, I want to ski this”. Now after several years as one of the mountain guides at Skiers Lodge I still get that wow feeling every time I arrive in La Grave.

Jurgen Kreiger (Germany) UIAGM/IFMGA Licensed Guide

Jurgen Kreiger was born 1966 in Freiburg, Germany and started skiing at the age of three together with his parents in the Ausrian Alps and skiiing became a big part of his life. It would lead him to ski most of the parts of the Alpes and great adventure skiing from the top of Mount McKinley/Denali in Alaska. He became a fully certified guide 1997 and the same year started his own guide service PICOS together with Alois Vienhöve and Philip Jaersky brought them to La Grave – La Meije.

Dominik Franz (Germany) UIAGM/IFMGA Licensed Guide

Growing up in Southern Germany close to the Alps, Dominik started skiing at the age of three. Back then he didn’t know that 22 years later he would become an IFMGA-certified Mountain Guide. Moving to the city of Innsbruck (A) to study Sport Science, Dominik discovered the immense variety of alpine playgrounds that can be reached within an hour drive combined with the conveniences of urban life. Looking out of the window after big powder dumps, he changes his Notebook with his fat skis and instead of the Metro takes the gondola up Hafele Kar.

Alois Viehöver UIAGM/IFMGA Licensed Guide

I was was born 1964 quiet far away from the Alps. Starting skiing rather late with 11 it neverless became my favourite way of moving around the mountains. His first job as a chef gave me the oppurtunity to spend many seasons in the best ski resorts around. Skiing hard the day – fine meals at the evening. This is still the strong connection and motto with and for the skiers Lodge where i started guiding in 1997. This is same year where I finished my guide exam, from there on I started my own guide Service PICOS Berge und Mehr with my partner Jürgen Krieger. In these day´s I still love to ride La Grave and the surronding mountain chain as well as special trips like sking and sailing in Isand

Matt Farmer (US) UIAGM/IFMGA Licensed Guide

Farmer has a solid background in all disciplines of climbing and skiing. He particularly enjoys long alpine rock and ice climbs as well as ski-mountaineering. This emphasis is reflected in his enthusiasm for sharing with others the challenges and subsequent rewards of moving through technical terrain in the mountains. Level III avalanche certification and medical training such as EMT and WFR certifications compliment his diverse skills as a climber and guide.

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