Snowcat Freeride Montenegro


Discover the hidden gem of Montenegro and ride unbelievable, untracked and unexplored terrain high up in the pristine mountains of the Balkan Peninsula.


Deep in the mountains of Montenegro, and hidden from the eyes of the world, years of exploring led us to a vast, unexplored area of untracked snow and unbelievable terrain. In 2013 this secret location, close to the small mountain town of Kolasin, was to become the birthplace of a new snow-cat skiing operation.

In the very beginning, our compact Prinoth T2S (ex Bombardier), snow-cat helped us to explore and realize the potential of the unbounded wilderness of the Dinaric Alps. Soon afterwards, the real mean machines arrived in our fleet – the unstoppable, high capacity Pisten Bully snow- cats. These were fitted with warm, sealed cabins to ensure comfort for 12 riders.

We ourselves on offering a higher standard of service than other snow-cat operators, which is why we operate only one cat at a time to ensure that each guest can experience virgin powder lines, and receive dedicated attention from our qualified guides. Our friendly crew will take care of all of your wishes during your stay, so that you can enjoy your Montenegrin adventure!


Location & Terrain

  • Based in Kolasin, an idyllic small mountain town at 954 metres altitude, and an air spa located on the Balkan peninsula.
  • Bjelasica – Komovi region is probably one of the best places for Freeride in Balkans.
  • Bjelasica has 6 peaks around 2100m, covered in pastures with lots of easy and secure slopes up to 500m vertical difference!
  • In addition to that, Kom is 2483m and quite accessible up to 2300 (touring – hiking), then the line has 900m vertical difference.

Nearest Airports

  • Podgorica, Montenegro, 70km
  • Tivat, Montenegro, 150km
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia, 240km

Check connecting flights through Belgrade, Serbia and Ljubljana, Slovenia. Or you can contact us for advice on the best value and easiest flights.

PP/Night from US$ 276