Snowwater Heliskiing

Canada: British Columbia

You’ll be “King of the Mountain” with this exclusive heliski adventure. Benchmark in premium-class lodge standard and mouth-watering, sophisticated cuisine!

No down days. by Dolf on April 13, 2013
I’ve been on heli trips in Canada and Alaska, yet that's the first one with backup snowcat, in case the weather doesn’t allow the heli to fly. It is really important to me when choosing such a trip to be sure I’ll be able to take the most out of my precious time in the mountains. Knowing, that in case of cloudy and windy weather, snowcat is at your service is very comforting. Most of the time the weather was favorable, but it started to dump after the 3rd day of my 1 week trip. That’s when I started appreciating the snowcat. Even though the heli was down, I had a lot of fun skiing the tree runs for the rest of the trip. I could enjoy your it to the maximum.
Value for Money
Surfing or Skiing/Snowboarding

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