Telluride Helitrax

USA: Colorado

Deep, dry powder and endless descents! Ski or ride with the best in one of the world’s best locations, with Telluride Helitrax!

About the Operator

Who We Are

Over thirty years ago Helitrax became a reality when four local ski partners combined their talents and enthusiasm for ski mountaineering with a generous dose  of can-do optimism and launched Telluride Helitrax.

Today Telluride Helitrax remains a family owned guide service committed to providing a tailored, personalized guest experience. Our proven formula of small groups, spectacular terrain and top notch staff that strive to provide each guest with a truly unforgettable helicopter ski or snowboarding experience that exceeds their expectations.

We have earned a reputation as one of safest and most experienced heli-skiing services in North America. Our professional guides and pilots utilize state of the art helicopters, ski equipment and safety procedures to lead our guests through some of the most dramatic ski terrain and quality snow found anywhere.


Our Operation

Telluride Helitrax operates under a US Forest Service Special Use Permit in the San Juan Mountains of SouthWestern Colorado. We are privileged to have exclusive heli access to over 200 square miles of high alpine basins, cirques and summits surrounding Telluride to the north, south and east.

Almost all of our terrain is above tree line, and is considered some of the most spectacular ski terrain found anywhere in the world. Our heli-ski operation is a moderate angle heli-skiing with most runs equivalent to double blue and single black runs, as rated on the Telluride Ski Resort.

We have over 50 different drop off locations and over 100 named runs. Some runs are visited many times each season, others may not see any tracks for many seasons in a row. Daily ski run selection is dictated by weather conditions, avalanche hazard, skier ability, snow quality and other logistical factors.


High Altitude Heli-skiing

We heli ski at a higher altitude than any other heli ski operation. Typical top drop off sites are at or above 13,000′. The high altitude requires special operational considerations. It also preserves and provides for fantastic quality super light powder right up to the end of the ski season.


Jet Powered Helicopters

Telluride Helitrax utilizes the most proven and powerful high altitude jet helicopters. The Eurocopter ASTAR B3 and the Bell 407 are what we fly in. These helicopters are configured to accommodate a pilot, guide and 3-5 guests depending on guest weight. 4 guests per group is most common.

Typically we use one helicopter to service up 4 groups of skiers. During peak demand a 5th group may be added. Each group has a professional ski guide.

PP/Night from US$ 1,150