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Find Winter Paradise in Argentina

You won’t believe it. But we actually found heaven, right here on earth. Well, for skiers and snowboarders. On the tip of South America’s spear sits Argentina, a paradise for powder junkies, backcountry enthusiasts, adventurers, freeskiers and freestylers… heck, even for the conservative family. Argentina is a mecca for mountains, with the highest mountain range in the world, the Andes, calling this stunning Latin country home. And if beauty is what you seek, it’s beauty you’ll find in the breathtaking landscape of Patagonia. Hard to compare to anywhere else on the planet, Argentina’s Patagonia region needs to be experienced to be believed. Boundless peaks, pure beauty, and untamed terrain. Yep, Argentina truly is a winter paradise.

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So, you decide to book an Argentina trip on your own. Proud for doing it solo and without the help of an experienced travel company, you arrive in a Spanish-speaking country to an unreliable airport pickup (who didn’t arrive) and an ugly taxi-ride to an even uglier hotel. Argentina is a beautiful part of the world, but it can be difficult to navigate and to have the assurance that your booking is accurate without the proper guidance. Let us take away the stress of a “trip gone wrong” and book with us. Give LUEX a call to look at options for an ideal experience in Argentina.

What our customers say

"Combining Argentina trip with some awesome powder was the best thing ever!"

(SASS Camps Bariloche Argentina)

"Chile has much to offer. Snow was great, so we really enjoyed our days!"

(Frontier Las Lenas Tour)

"These were great holidays! I enjoyed every single minute! And I will be back for sure."

(Argentina Snow Adventure Tour)

"I didn't know that Argentina had so much Snow to offer! It was incredible."

(Patagonia Ski Tours)

Four Reasons to Experience Argentina


The Patagonian dream

Patagonia holds a place in many riders’ hearts. Even if they’ve only seen Argentina’s unmistakable mountain range on a screen. Covering over one million square kilometers of South American soil and hitting elevations of up to 3,400 meters, Patagonia is a playground begging to be enjoyed. The terrain is sensational, with natural features everywhere to be found and deep powder plentiful. Patagonia is home to the southern section of the Andes mountain range, which is globally ranked second in height only to the Himalayas.

The terrain may be harsh and undulating for some, but a perfect challenge for many. Its conditions are ripe for fluffy powder between July and late September, and you’ll be pressed to find another soul on the slopes if you book your trip right. With a visit to Argentina, you can realise your lifelong (or newfound) winter dream. Head to Patagonia for a trip of a lifetime


Beauty beyond belief

Impressive summits and steep verticals are out there to be explored. But if Argentina’s incredible riding won’t excite you, its breathtaking beauty will. You’ll sight rare wildlife, witness the most awesome mountains standing shoulder to shoulder and see a glistening sun and blue skies hang above them, in one of the most weather-consistent regions on the globe. The glaciers are magnificent here. A shelf of pre-mountain ranges exist in the winter months, and viewing points, hikes and guided tours are plentiful in the region. Take advantage of all Argentina has to offer by witnessing its incredible beautye


A backcountry experience like no other

It’s rugged, it’s raw and it’s all yours to explore. And when in Argentina, why not do so with expert guides by your side. Taking a heliski tour out to these parts is almost too good to be true, as the terrain is close to perfection, the powder seems bottomless and the options for features, lines and trails are endless.

Backcountry in Argentina is as good as it gets, and it’s not just for the pros or the prosperous. Our operators have budgets for a range of travelers, especially with snowcat tours. Snowcats are a modest way to adventure out of bounds, but what comes with a smaller price tag comes with unmatched benefits. Experiencing the mountain face to face like this, as you scale its body in the comfort of a heated snowcat, is a connection most miss on a heliski tour. But whichever way you choose to tackle it, backcountry in Argentina is an experience unlike any other.


Adventure into culture

If you want a taste of true Latin culture, Argentina has it. Your taste buds will surrender to the treats and delicacies brought on by the locals and what better way to do it than with a traditional South American barbecue. An asado is a local social tradition, where a spread of fresh meats are cooked on a grill (or parrilla) and shared in good spirits among great company. Complement these flavoursome meats with some local Argentinian wine and it’s safe to say your palate will be in a very good mood after your first asado.

The country of over 44 million inhabitants has a politeness embedded in its personality, which makes visitors feel right at home. Because Argentina is a relationship-driven culture, connecting and interacting between visitors and locals is not only encouraged but anticipated. Beyond memories of mountains and landscape, you’ll take home a heartwarming impression of Argentina that will make certain your first trip here isn’t your last.

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