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Free Ski Himalaya

Ski the Himalayas and Shred Japow in Asia

Dreaming of floating in a bottomless field of super light and fluffy powder? Well, time to wake up in Asia. Asia is home to some of the world’s snowiest regions, with consistent dumps every season throughout its epic mountain landscapes. It’s no surprise Kamchatka, Kashmir and Japan are global favourites. These hotspots are hit with thick snowflakes all season-long and never fail to stun visitors with their huge average annual snowfalls and bases.

If there were a place to hear someone say, “there’s too much snow!” then Asia is it. So, quit your dreaming, start your planning and get to Asia for a winter adventure you’ll never forget.

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Be Aware

Asia might feel like another world to the uninitiated traveler. The good: new cultural delights, foreign cuisine, and unique experiences. The bad: language barriers. But this can easily be avoided if you book your trip right! Consider your operator, your accommodation and your airport and mountain transfer services. Ensure you’ve checked their reviews and services and confirm you’ll be looked after by English-speaking staff.

Or let the travel experts do it for you. LUEX has decades of collective experience in the area and we’ve sourced the best operators throughout Asia. Get in touch today and book a seamless, stress-free winter getaway to Asia.

What our customers say

"...It’s one of a kind experience. Heli packages are well designed with Swiss guides showing you amazing terrain. I've had a lot of fun, both in the mountains and after skiing."

(Free Ski Himalaya)

"...It was a flat-out great experience! The organization was really flexible, so they made shure we could hit the best snow available....I can recommend this tour without any hesitation."

(Black Diamond Tours)

"Special thanks to Goodguides! We had a great vacation with these awesome Guys. Everthing worked really well. Our Guides were fantastic, very friendly and helped in every situation! So, we can definitley recommend the Goodguides!!!"

(Goodguides - Honshu Backcountry Tours)

"...This experience I wanted to feel much much powder everywhere. It comes true! In Japan I ride 1,5 m deep powder close to ski lift. It’s close and amazing. Lodge is god and cheap. I sleep in good rooms and ski 11 days...."

(Black Diamond Tours)

You can get the ski trip of a lifetime in Asia


The world’s fluffiest powder is in Asia

The secret has been out for a while now: Asia is home to some of the world’s lightest, fluffiest snow - and loads of it. Its unique weather system makes Asia a reliable source of impeccable powder. The combination of cold air and moisture from the nearby seas, as well as the lift created from the countries’ winds, means annual snowfalls dominate its global rivals. You won’t be disappointed with the powder on offer out here. But even though it’s popularised for its powder, the place is far from being overcrowded. The ‘Japan, India and Kyrgyzstan’ collective is laid out over a vast spread of Asia, so visitors are not short on space to shred. And shredding the world’s fluffiest powder is the first reason to visit head to Asia.


Unique and timeless culture in India or Japan

You’ll get more out of a ski trip to Asia than just snow. It’s the cultural adventure of a lifetime. Sure, Asia is renowned for its steep peaks, deep snow and some of the world’s most diverse terrain. But it also offers the chance to immerse yourself in an ageless culture, filled with colour, stories, and intrigue. Whether you're interested in experiencing the spicy cuisine of India, the charming villages of Kyrgyzstan or the blend of contemporary and old traditions Japan, your journey in Asia won’t solely belong to the slopes. Throw yourself into a timeless culture you’ll experience nowhere else on earth.


Some of the world’s most affordable ski destinations are in Asia

Asia is a dream for those on a budget. With such global popularity, you’d expect a place like Japan to be expensive. But when compared to destinations in Western Europe and North America it’s downright cheap. Food in Asia is renowned for its value as much as its flavour, so you can load up on lunch or dinner after day burning carbs on the mountain. Whether Bentos and sushi in Japan or curries in India, you’ll not only satisfy your palate but your savings, too.

In saying that, sometimes meals, transfers and those inevitable extra services can dry up your budget if you’re not careful. So consider an all-inclusive option as a money-wise way to save on the small stuff.


Vast and varied terrain for an incredible ski holiday

Asia is the world’s largest continent, so you can count on a huge variety of terrain. From the towering Himalayas to the snow-capped peaks of Japan’s islands, no other destination competes against Asia’s diverse terrain. From a chance to explore vast untouched spaces, to ski and ride the powder playgrounds of Japan, Asia offers epic conditions, few crowds and landscapes you won’t find anywhere else.


Unique countries and exotic cultures

LUEX offers ski trips to Japan, India and Kyrgyzstan, three unique countries boasting their own epic terrain and distinct character. India is notorious to some as a hot, dusty place, but the northern region of Kashmir is just short of heaven, high up in the Himalayas. The world’s tallest mountain range produces incredible snow and consistent snowfall every year.

At the eastern edge of Asia, the islands of Japan are known for some of the best powder in the world. Light, fluffy snow, and loads of it - sometimes as much as 18 meters in a single season.

And Kyrgyzstan is the closest to a boutique ski destination you’ll find, with the beautiful village surrounded by lush green pasture, but just a short helicopter ride away from the snowy peaks of the Tien Shan Mountains. There’s nothing in the world like a ski trip in Asia.


Every type of ski trip

We offer both heli and freeride trips in Asia and have something suitable for every type of skier or rider. Families will love the Freeride Himalaya trip, with groups combining all ages on incredible backcountry adventures. Meanwhile, couples, solo travelers, groups, ski bums, and steep and deep riders will have a blast on just about any of our Asia trips. If your idea of a good ski trip involves plenty of time to “kick it” off the slopes, meeting new friends and enjoying the nightlife, then the Black Diamond Tours ski trip to Hokkaido, Japan should be on your list. We have every type of ski trip available in stunning Asia. Get in touch with LUEX to find your perfect winter getaway to the world’s largest continent.

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