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    Be the first to explore this epic new skiing destination with a guided trip to Goderdzipass!

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    Steep peaks, expansive terrain and one-of-a-kind cultural adventures are just a few of the rea...

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One of the world’s “up-and-coming” skiing destinations is the Caucasus region of Russia and Georgia. This special place has been something of a secret for years, but the secret is out and this treasure will soon be home to the Winter Olympics. Tucked between Europe and Asia, the Caucasus is a place with amazing skiing potential for almost any type of skier and rider, but it’s still remarkably affordable and free of crowds compared to places like central Europe. This region is also one of the best choices for those traveling from Europe as it’s centrally located, making for a quick and easy travel experience. The Caucasus is a quickly transforming place that is still steeped in hundreds of years of tradition. With a ski trip in the Caucasus, LUEX can take you there before everyone else.

Located near the Black Sea, the Caucasus has maritime conditions which are known for big snow dumps and abundant, dry powder, creating some of the best terrain for heli-skiing in all of Russia. With more than 10 meters of snow a year on average, you can count on great conditions, perfect for those that light to explore untracked routes. There is also a huge variety of terrain features in this area including open faces and glades, steep trails, tree runs, and a few cliffs.

We offer both heli-skiing and lift-accessed backcountry skiing in the Caucasus. No matter which type of trip you choose, this area is known for almost no crowds compared to other regions of this caliber so this is the perfect destination for those

that are tired of waiting in long lines at the big ski resorts. Ski trips in the Caucasus are most suited to intermediate, advanced, and pro skiers and riders. Our trips are perfect for almost every type of traveler, from families or couples, to even solo travelers, so there’s probably something perfect for you.

The Caucasus, like Russia and the surrounding region, is known for having some of the world’s most visited international cities, as well as thousands of small mountain villages, and our ski trips offer a chance to see both worlds. You can choose a trip to visit Sochi, the site of the Winter Olympics, or a place like Arkhyz, a quaint mountain town where things move much slower. Some trips even offer the chance to visit Moscow one of the world’s major tourist destinations and take in the sights at one of the world’s oldest major cities. Accommodation options in the Caucasus include stay at lodges or chalets, and both medium and budget-priced trips are available. Although, for those who like to enjoy the good life, we also have a luxury option, but all of our choices represent incredible savings compared to prices for ski trips in central Europe.

The Caucasus might be one of Europe’s newest favorite skiing destinations, but there’s still time to get there and ski or ride this untamed terrain before everyone else. With excellent prices, convenient location from central Europe, fascinating culture, and epic snow, it’s no wonder the secret about the Caucasus it out.