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A Chilean ski trip is unlike any other. The Andes are uniqueness in themselves, with their peaks standing some 7,000 meters higher than their more popular rivals the Rockies and Alps. The stretch of mountain ranges in South America are covered with a solid layer of powder and are perfect for long, fast radius turns. If you’re an intermediate or above on the mountain, challenge the freeskiing in Chile. A rugged but beautiful landscape, Chilean backcountry offers a great deal of adventures to the willing powder hounds. Besides world-class skiing and snowboarding, you’ll fall in love with the warm and welcoming Latino culture. It’s all here to be experienced in breathtaking Chile.

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"Heli skiing is the beeest thing in the world, I'm sure about that!"

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"We spent there a great week with good food and great skiing!"

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"Chile has much to offer. Snow was great, so we really enjoyed our days!"

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"Snow was absolutely amazing and our tour guide was the best. Next Time I'm staying longer!"

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You should travel to Chile for your next snow trip - here's why


High peaks and long rides in Chile

The highest mountain range outside Asia, the Andes, calls Chile home. Its tallest point of 6,892 meters resides in Ojos del Salado, and nearby mountains and resorts carry similar height. The verticals are insane in Chile, so if you’re a backcountry lover or powder hound, you will fall in love with the huge options for steep drops, cliffs, and chutes. The ski resort Valle Nevado is the highest ski resort in Chile standing 3,670 meters high, trailed by La Parva and El Colorado. With these tall peaks comes superb snow quality and long rides.


A vibrant and welcoming culture makes every trip better

The vibrancy and warmth of Chile’s culture and people are one of its main drawcards. These are people with stories and a willingness to share with you. Chileans reflect their beautiful culture by having hearts and minds wide open. Similar to its wide open, natural landscapes, Chile’s people have a beauty and warmth to them, which will pull you into the unique traditions and cultural delicacies. Your trip will be a coloured with incredible moments thanks to the vibrant and welcoming nature of Chile’s culture and locals.


You will find magnificent snow quality in Chile

Early in the second half of the year, powder hounds should have their work break booked, as July to September in Chile are the best months for pristine powder. A major benefit from such high peaks in the Andes is the amount of snow that dumps. It has a dry and fluffy quality to it that intermediate and advanced mountain slayers will love. The consistency and abundance of snow mean that ski trips can be booked all year round at this magnificent part of the world.


Chile is the edge of the (snow) world

Chile is a paradise, full of tremendous landscapes. On arrival, you will instantly feel like the entire world is yours. Sparsely populated mountain ranges give you the sense that you’re one of the last remaining explorers on the globe, as you tackle Chile’s extraordinary peaks. There is a sense of solace that comes with experiencing Chile. Fill your heart with warmth from its vibrant culture and people, and inject a large dose of adrenaline on your way down from a huge vertical. Then have your breath taken away by the incredible landscapes, local wildlife, and natural surrounds, seemingly from another planet. Chile makes you feel as if you’re truly at the edge of the world.

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