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Heliski Romania with Martin Freinademetz

Incredible Landscape and Culture in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe remains a hidden winter destination. Yet to be mainstream among snow enthusiasts, its list of pros includes stunning landscapes, versatile terrain and plenty of untouched powder. It’s quickly gaining respect among skiers and snowboarders from all over the world. Eastern Europe offers competitive prices, as well as Western standard of lodges, backcountry operators and services. Visitors will find their dream ski holiday in places like Macedonia, Romania, and Georgia. For incredible landscape and vibrant culture, it’s hard to beat Eastern Europe.

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Be Aware

There are incredible ski operators out in Eastern Europe, some of the best in the world in fact. But because Eastern Europe is still developing as a globally renowned ski destination, there are some new operators out there who haven’t had the experience, or established the reputation, of the long-operated heliski businesses. There’s always a risk these operators won’t provide the best experience for you. So, remove the risk and let us find the best service for you in Eastern Europe.

What our customers say

"Great value for the money. Since I can’t afford to go heli skiing in Canada or USA, Macedonia catskiing is an awesome replacement. We had nice weather, great powder and food was delicious. One of the best adventures in my life :)"

(Eskimo Snowcat Freeriding)

"Nice place to be, highly qualified guide, pleasant vibe... definitely a place I will consider to visit again for backcountry and more"

(Skitouring in Bulgaria)

"You really can ski in Macedonia. And not just ordinary skiing. Snowcat skiing impressed me totally. I think we did about 3000 vertical meters on average per day – amazing. What a terrain. Completely different that Alps, but not much worse."

(Eskimo Snowcat Freeriding)

"I loved loved loved Georgia.. It's just beautiful.. the slopes.. the terrain and the mountains...I will be back for sure :)"

(Powderdream Goderdzipass)

Five Reasons to Ski in Untapped Eastern Europe


Eastern Europe won’t be a hidden snow destination forever

Think you know European skiing and snowboarding? Think again. Eastern Europe is home to vast, unexplored terrain and some of the best powder stashes on the continent. Offering affordable prices and unique culture, but with the comforts of Western-style lodges and facilities, it won’t be long before Eastern Europe is one of the world’s top skiing and snowboarding destinations. Ski resorts and ski trip providers are popping up all over Eastern Europe from Ukraine to Poland, and Romania and Georgia to Macedonia. Crowds are few… but that won’t last long.


Ski and Snowboard variety for every powder lover

Whether you choose a trip to the Caucasus region of Georgia or the Fargaras Mountains of Romania, the terrain variety will give you an endless powder hunger. With steeps, tree runs, cliffs, glacier skiing, open chutes, and huge snowfields, you’ll be entertained on the slopes all day. After the sun disappears, don’t forget about the multitude of options for apres ski, local cuisine, and exotic nightlife. Eastern Europe can be a mecca for partying or a playground for your palate.


Unexplored and unbelievable terrain in many areas of Eastern Europe

Many areas of Eastern Europe receive more annual snowfall than the Alps with 10 to 15 meters a year on average. Which means backcountry in Eastern Europe’s spread of destinations is a powder hound’s dream. There’s a tonne of choice for heli and snowcat trips in Eastern Europe. Eskimo Freeride is Europe’s first snowcat operation and their experience shows. Take the chance to explore untracked terrain at budget prices and from the convenience of a snowcat. Other unique trips include the Heliski Romania trip offering a chance to ski or snowboard with 2-time world snowboarding champion Martin Freindemetz. You’re in safe hands while exploring the unbelievable backcountry of Eastern Europe.


Get to know an incredible culture in your ski holiday

Most powder hounds will want every daylit hour under the sun, but the opportunity to learn about the unique cultures in Eastern Europe should not be passed up. Turkey, Romania, Georgia or Macedonia all hold exotic norms, traditions, and cultures unfamiliar to many. The entire region offers a chance to experience the traditions of an ancient culture, from trying local cuisine to exploring charming villages. There’s plenty beyond the slopes in Eastern Europe.


Eastern Europe snow trips are inexpensive and uncrowded

With so much exciting terrain and incredibly affordable prices, you might expect Eastern Europe to be overcrowded, but this little treasure has yet to be discovered by the popular masses. So, while it lasts, you can enjoy a low crowd factor in any of Eastern Europe’s incredible ski destinations. Lack of popularity translates to low prices. Eastern Europe can be done on a shoestring budget (or a bottomless budget). Most ski trip locations in Eastern Europe are just a few hours from central and Western Europe, making travel quick, easy and cheap for skiers and snowboarders.

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