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Sharpen Your Skills with a Freestyle Camp

Learn how to ride like a freestyle pro. A freestyle camp is all about sharpening your freestyle skills so you can get the absolute most out of the park, the slopes or the air. No matter your experience, a freestyle camp is the way to improve your skills and have fun on the slopes. Camps are available for all ages and abilities and can include a variety of amenities and accommodation. Or just straight up freestyle coaching. Whatever you want or need out of a camp, we can make it happen.

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Our Head of Sales travel is a true board rider. From starting out skating as a kid back home in the UK, to snowboarding in the European Alps and Canada, to chasing waves all across the globe, Mister Jenner has done it all. Now spending his time flipping between the mountains and the ocean, Martin is your go-to guy for Snow Travel and Maldives Surf Trips.

Be Aware

There’s a lot of things to consider with a freestyle camp. The accommodation quality, the service and experience of teachers, and even the terrain and parks you’re trained in. With so many different camps out there, it’s important to know which one will suit you best. For a full rundown on the best operators in your ideal destination, get in touch with LUEX. We’ll ensure you’re in the best hands on your freestyle camp.

What our customers say

"Combining Argentina trip with some awesome powder was the best thing ever!"

(SASS Camps Bariloche Argentina)

"I loved every second of my season in Canada, Whistler is such an amazing place. The training and coaches at Pro Ride were of a very high standard, and I feel like I learned more than I ever thought I would be capable of."

(Pro Ride Snowboard Camps)

"Lessons were really professional and we all learnt crazy tricks, we could have never learnt without help."

(Freestyle Coachings with Blue Tomato Snowboard School)

"If you want to learn some awesome tricks, you should really book this camp! I never believed that I could do those amazing tricks, but now I can!"

(Rude Chalets - Snowboard Camps)

Real Freestyle for Skiers and Snowboarders


Achieve your freestyle goals

If you’ve always wanted to learn new tricks or perfect your turns, but just haven’t had the time or the right instruction, a freestyle camp can get you to where you want to be. With the help of an experienced teacher, you can learn everything you need to know, for whatever type of skier or snowboarder you’d like to be. Whether you want to learn how to get some serious air, or how to ride a rail like a pro, LUEX can help you find the ski or snowboard freestyle camp that has everything you need.


Freestyle camps for every traveler and rider

Freestyle camps come in all shapes and sizes. LUEX can help you find a camp that is perfect for what you need, whether you are a skier or snowboarder, beginner or advanced rider, group or solo. Typical freestyle and snowboard camps are all-inclusive multi-night trips, where you’ll shred all day, and hang out all afternoon and evening with a bunch of other riders. Freestyle camps are much more than just a way to improve your skills, they’re also a great way to socialize and meet new friends. The typical freestyle camps usually include coaching, lodging, food, and more. If you want a hassle-free trip with nothing to worry about, this is the perfect type of camp for you.


You can go freestyling even in summer

Summer camps are perfect for school breaks and for those wanting a bit of sunshine and a lot of soft snow. These camps can be the best way to sharpen your skills, and that’s thanks to the forgiving summer snow. The fluffier powder makes for softer landings and perfectly groomed parks. In the summer months, the parks are peppered with the world’s best riders, making the camp an incomparable one. Afternoon programs feature sports and activities for all to froth on, like downhill mountain biking, skating, golfing and swimming. Thanks to summer camps you can sharpen your skills all year round.


Freestyle trips for snow riders are available all over the world

Each corner of the globe is home to unique freestyle camps. In North America, you’ll find the biggest freestyle camps in the world, where young freestyle addicts grow the top ranks of global skiing and snowboarding. The Alps has a variety of freestyle camps available, with world-class parks and amazing features. World-class training facilities will boost your skills on and off the slopes, like the Freestyle Academy in Laax. Freestyle camps are growing and improving everywhere in the Alps, so there’s sure to be something you’ll love. And when the southern hemisphere winter hits, head to countries like New Zealand and Argentina, where amazing freestyle camps are available for any level of rider. No matter where you are in the world - or where you want to be - LUEX will find the perfect freestyle camp for you.

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