Find your dream heliski or heliboard trip in Canada
  • Last Frontier Heliskiing
    Canada: British Columbia
    Bigger and better! Get access to the most terrain on the planet with a trip from Last Frontier He...
    pp/night from US$ 999
  • Bella Coola Heli Sports
    Canada: British Columbia

    Bella Coola Heli Sports is your choice if you are looking for a special experience: small grou...

    pp/night from US$ 486
  • Bighorn Heli Lodge Revelstoke
    Canada: British Columbia

    Bighorn Revelstoke; unique style and luxury service for the most discerning of skiers at their...

    pp/night from US$ 339
  • Eagle Pass Heliskiing
    Canada: British Columbia
    Ski in style with perfect conditions, superb service and world-renowned experts at Eagle Pass Hel...
    pp/night from US$ 930
  • Great Canadian Heliski
    Canada: British Columbia
    This client oriented Heli-ski operation offers world-class trips tailored to all your wishes and ...
    pp/night from US$ 1,468
  • Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing
    Canada: British Columbia

    Do you want powder, powder and more powder? Selkirk Tangiers is where you can heli ski and res...

    pp/night from US$ 660
  • White Wilderness Heliski
    Canada: British Columbia

    Bottomless fresh powder, endless vertical and that famous Canadian hospitality coupled with Sw...

    pp/night from US$ 1,506
  • Skeena Heliskiing
    Canada: British Columbia
    A short helicopter flight is all that stands between you and all the heart-pounding thrills of th...
    pp/night from US$ 1,126
  • Northern Escape Heli and Cat Skiing
    Canada: British Columbia
    Searching for a bar-raiser heli operator? This is it: Plenty of snow - check. Small groups - chec...
    pp/night from US$ 569
  • Kingfisher Heliski
    Canada: British Columbia

    Explore the perfect playground for all those powder ski enthusiast’s amongst us and expe...

    pp/night from US$ 1,340

Heliskiing in Canada - The ultimate ski trip

If you’ll settle for nothing less than the ultimate ski trip then you’ve found what you’re looking for. Heliskiing in Canada is a chance to experience the best of everything in the skiing and snowboarding world. The most extensive terrain, the most experienced heli trip operators, the deepest powder, and the best service both on and off the mountain; nothing can compare to heliskiing in Canada.

Canada is the pioneering country in the heliskiing industry and has decades of experience that add up to the best skiing experience in the world. Heli trip operators in Canada have spent years finding the best routes, training the best professional mountain guides, developing the most advanced infrastructure and designing lodges and accommodations that are suitable to every type of traveler. Whether it’s your first time heliskiing or even if you go every winter, you can’t go wrong with a heliski trip in Canada.

Skiing and snowboarding every day

In the skiing and snowboarding world, Canada is known for epic terrain. On a heli trip in this sparsely populated, massive country, you can expect to enjoy breathtaking views and crowd-free skiing or snowboarding every day. Canada is extremely mountainous, but you’ll find a huge variety of terrain here with open snowfields, glaciers, steep slopes, tree runs and lots of cliffs for those daredevil skiers and riders.

20 meters of snow in one season

Canada receives huge powder dumps every year, sometimes as much as 20 meters in one season, which for a European ski bum might be more powder than you’ll know what do with. With so much powder, you’ll never ski it all, and you can enjoy freshies and untracked terrain everyday and a heli trip is the best way to get to those powder

stashes. Heliskiing is the top choice for skiers and riders that want nothing less than the best, because with such a versatile transport system, you can go almost anywhere, and if the snow gets rough, no problem, the heli will pick you up and you can go find something even better.

Great selection of heli trips in Canada

LUEX has a great selection of heli trips in Canada, and more heliskiing choices than you’ll find anywhere in the world, so there’s sure to be something perfect for your budget and style. Most of our trips are perfectly suited for families, couples, solo travelers and groups, and those that are looking for a party will have a few great choices too. Because heliskiing can be expensive, most trips fall into the medium to luxury price range, but there are a couple budget heliskiing trips in Canada too!

Some of our most popular trips in the world are heliski Canada trips so you’ll have a great selection to choose from. You can try Bella Coola Helisports, Skeena Heliskiing, Robson Helimagic, Mica Heliskiing, Last Frontier Heliskiing, Powder Mountain Heliski, Eagle Pass Heliskiing and many others of our top-reviewed trips. Whether you’re looking for an affordable heli trip with simple accommodations or the highest level of luxury at a world class resort, LUEX has got something for you.

Canada is the Mecca of skiing and snowboarding

There’s no doubt about it: Canada is the Mecca of skiing and snowboarding, and heliskiing is the ultimate way to experience the incredible terrain and epic snow of Canada. Are you ready for the ultimate skiing or riding experience? Don’t wait any longer; let LUEX help you choose the best heliski trip in Canada so you can start packing!