Have a look at these trips in Hokkaido
  • Rising Sun Guides

    Make this years ski trip more than just a holiday with an adventure to Japans world famous bac...

    pp/night from US$ 223
  • Black Diamond Tours
    Japan: Hokkaido

    Black Diamond Tours is your choice if you are looking for the real powder experience in Hokkai...

    pp/night from US$ 48
  • Paromcamps - Freeride Camp Niseko
    Japan: Hokkaido

    Exotic, exciting, and super snowy: Niseko is the ultimate freeriding destination!

    pp/night from US$ 145
  • Paromcamps - Hokkaido Road Trip
    Japan: Hokkaido

    Legendary powder and unforgettable adventures! Shred the slopes of Hokkaido on a road trip you...

    pp/night from US$ 159
  • Goodguides - Honshu Backcountry Tours
    Japan: Honshu

    Powder skiing, if you haven’t done it already then you have not lived. Powder skiing in ...

    pp/night from US$ 296
  • Paromcamps Niseko
    Japan: Hokkaido

    World famous powder and apres-ski to go with it! From the first timer, to the veteran, Paromca...

    pp/night from US$ 304
  • Hokkaido Backcountry Club
    Japan: Hokkaido

    Experience Hokkaido’s dream-like powder via helicopter, snowcat, sled, or touring. Deep ...

    pp/night from US$ 127
  • Sherpasride – Rishiri Trip
    Japan: Hokkaido
    “Take your snow experience in Japan to the next level with Sherpasride, they find you fresh lines...
    pp/night from US$ 310
  • Sherpasride – Freeride Camp Hokkaido
    Japan: Hokkaido

    Come and spend a week exploring and skiing Hokkaido and see first hand the best snow in the wo...

    pp/night from US$ 247
  • Ski Hakuba Japan
    Japan: Honshu
    Discover some of the world’s best powder in this snow sure region of Japan where guests can expec...
    pp/night from US$ 300

You might not expect an island to be where some of the best powder skiing in the world is, but Hokkaido will prove that wrong. Hokkaido is an island in Japan where you’ll find abundant, dry, fluffy snow and lots of ski trip options. This region is the perfect choice for those skier and snowboarders who want more than just a ski trip because this trip provides an opportunity to travel to a unique place, experience a new culture, meet great people, and of course, to try new things.

Perfectly located where the Sea of Japan brings in cool air from Siberia dumping piles of powder on the island, Hokkaido is known for some of the best snowfalls in the world. Every year the island receives a massive annual snowfall, sometimes as much as 20 meters a year. But in Hokkaido it’s not just about quantity, it’s also quality, and this snow is of the highest quality, always light and dry, perfect for powder hounds. The terrain on this mountainous island is as good as the snow, with lots of open slopes, steeps for daredevils, exciting tree runs, and cliffs for those who like to enjoy a little freefalling.

On Hokkaido we offer mainly backcountry trips which are especially perfect for those skiers and snowboarders who want to go out and explore. Our Hokkaido ski trips are also ran by some of the best backcountry guides on the island so you’ll be sure to find the greatest snow and have an amazing time. Although it’s halfway around the world for most of us, this little island in the sea is a cultural melting pot, and travelers from everywhere will have a fantastic time skiing here. Our ski trips in

Hokkaido are popular for solo travelers, groups, party people, and adventurous skiers and riders. Because our trips in Hokkaido are known for being steep and deep, these trips are best suited to intermediate, advanced and pro skiers and riders.

Sometimes travel to Japan is considered fairly expensive, but ski trips to Hokkaido are actually much more affordable than you would imagine, especially in comparison to skiing at many European and North American resorts. LUEX offers budget and medium-priced trips and accommodation which includes hotel or guest house stay. Don’t forget that a ski trip to Hokkaido is about much more than the snow, although the snow is the best part, because here you’ll have a chance to travel, explore, and learn about a new culture. While in Hokkaido you can taste new foods, meet new friends, and enjoy many other new experiences, and if you’re worried about being in a new country where you don’t speak the language, don’t worry this place is a favorite of skiers around the world so you’re sure to meet other travelers and you can always count on your expert guides to help you out.

A Hokkaido ski trip is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a guaranteed good time, from enjoying the epic powder, and skiing with some of the best guides around, to meeting new people and experiencing the wonderful culture of Japan, a trip to Hokkaido is all about fun, new experiences.