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Viking Heli Skiing

Find Solace and Adventure in Remote Iceland

Imagine volcanoes spewing molten rock on to lava fields, hot springs bubbling with boiling water and geysers shooting steaming liquid into the sky. Oh, and incredible mountain terrain, backcountry riding and powder for skiers and boarders. Welcome to Iceland. A place which will surely blow your socks off if not for its incredible riding, then for its dramatic landscape. Iceland is raw and rugged as if it belongs on the edge of the earth. Its small 103,000-square kilometre island carries only 359,000 inhabitants, making it the most sparsely populated European nation.

With a subarctic climate, the conditions here are exceptional for backcountry skiing and riding and hence why it’s home to a range of winter adventures. Choose from ski touring, sailboat skiing trips, heliskiing, and even an “access all areas” experience in a super jeep. Iceland is the destination for those looking for adventure and their own piece of nordic backcountry. Get in touch with LUEX to find out more.

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Be Aware

Iceland isn’t the world’s most visited ski destination (hey, some of us like it that way!). It’s far for many and expensive for some. But beneath its isolated and remote persona lies its beauty and its uniqueness. And unfortunately, its difficulty to navigate without good planning.

Failing to properly plan your Iceland ski trip may mean a few things: you could overspend on unnecessary travel expenses; you could book with subpar operators, and you probably will miss out on the best Iceland has to offer.

But the guessing game is over when you book with a knowledgeable travel company. Here at LUEX, we have genuine experience with Iceland’s local regions and operators. Save yourself from a few travel planning no-no’s and book your ticket to Iceland with LUEX. Get in touch today for more info.

What our customers say

"It was exhausting, but totally worth it. Iceland is such a wonderful country."

(Yellow Travel Touring and Freeride Camp Iceland)

"The mix of fantastic guides, a great fully remote location and a magical playground make this experience on of the most enthusiastic one!..."

(Viking Heli Skiing)

"...Skiing and views were incredible. Food was amazing. Mood and location were extraordinary..."

(Arctic Heliskiing)

"...West Fjords is amazing and ski touring through untouched nature was breathtaking. Service on the boat was incredible. Food was delicious.."

(Aurora Arktika)

Four Reasons to Visit Iceland’s Winter Playground


Iceland is remote and uncrowded

France, Switzerland, Canada and the USA… those globally popular destinations are too easy for you. You chose a challenge. Somewhere new and untamed. Your reward for the extra effort and a few extra travel miles? A lot of space and time to yourself on the slopes. Iceland’s tourism boom started a little while ago. About 2 million people visit the place every year. But compare this to the 60-80 million annual visitors to the Alps. Iceland still remains untapped for most of the skiing world. The mere fact your buddy dropped her jaw when you said you were headed to “Iceland!? Really?”, is proof the Nordic island remains, in many eyes, a unique destination. So enjoy Iceland’s vast, empty terrain... while it lasts.


Epic heliskiing in Iceland

If you want to experience all of Iceland’s backcountry splendour, then consider a heliski trip. Viking Heliskiing and Arctic Heliskiing are the two leading operators in Iceland for exploring backcountry via a heli. Both have been around since the Viking era (okay, well, for a long time) and know the land as locals should… intimately. A week with one of these operators will see you hit the best features of Iceland’s mountains, ride in regions where very few skiers and boarders have before, dine on premium meals in a luxury cabin, and even experience the electric glow of the northern lights. Packages and pricing vary, so get in touch with us for more information.


Tailored terrain - Perfect hills for alpine riding

Wait… the terrain is tailored to suit skiers and boarders? Well, kinda seems like it. The hills in Iceland are perfect for alpine skiers and riders. Before you reach the finish line at the bottom of your run, the stunning Arctic Ocean, you’ll have plenty of line options to play with. Expect some of the longest vertical drops and challenging features. Or if chilled is your thing, levitate on virgin powder across wide open glaciers. There’s nothing boring about Iceland’s terrain. Sure, it’s sometimes rugged and vicious, but most of the region is beautiful and shreddable. From steep and deep riding to laid-back cruising, you’ll find there’s something for you in Iceland’s impressive pocket of the backcountry world.


Consistent and heavy snowfall

Powder hounds, whet your lips on this. The consistent ski season conditions in Iceland give a healthy downpour of snow, right into spring, so you skiers and snowboarders can have confidence your edges are on soft stuff from mountain peak to base. The snowfall has been so heavy in certain years that it's even locked locals indoors.

Ólafsfjörður in Iceland’s north is renowned for heavy snowfall throughout the winter season (not to mention its impressive landscape) and well worth a visit. Its open slopes reveal untouched powder for you to slay, and gives you the chance to pick your perfect line early. Nearby in the north is Tröllaskagi, with several peaks reaching over 1,000 meters above sea level. The neighbouring fjords bring a healthy basket of powder each year and enough for visitors to find virgin snow on their backcountry adventure, even into spring. Powder hounds will love the consistent and weighty snowflakes that hit this winter playground.

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